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Fall 2021


"It's all dead in here. The whole place seems to smell of death. No, I can't stay here."

- Paula


"Suppose we make it a new house, with new things, with beautiful things, for a new beautiful life for us?"

- Gregory


It is my firm consideration that the most evil antagonist in all of literature was Sergis Bauer. If you are a bit of a cinephile you recognize the name. Better known in the film as Gregory Anton and brilliantly portrayed by Charles Boyer, he is altogether liar, murderer, conman, madman put together with his abrasive intelligence and pathological determination make him the worst villain ever.

Gaslight is truly one of the most frightening horror stories there is. There is one that is worse, the real-life one being played out right now all around us, the one in which Sergis Bauer has metastasized into thousands of different characters all with essentially trustworthy names like Gregory Anton it is not much different than the massive army of cloned supervillains you see in just about every movie that employs the best CGI to depict it.

Some may say someone like, oh, Hannibal Lecter is worse. He was certainly massively evil, but the distinction is that Lecter was honest about what he did. In a way, let's face it, he was the protagonist of Silence of the Lambs because you intuitively knew his victims were so contemptible it was justified and because you knew he knew. Not that it was justly justified, but still. Same thing with a character like The Godfather's Michael Corleone. Does anyone repulsed by the baptism scene still not feel something of, well, there you go, it is what it is, you know?... Business is business...

Sergis Bauer is just different. It is an elevated level of evil. Sure we could have the discussion about which villain through the ages of all of literature is the worst, I understand, but there isn't enough space here for that. To get the best idea of Bauer's diabolical work, check out Cynthia Chung's piece in The Saker Blog, found at ZeroHedge and here at her substack.

The point is that tyrants through history have done Bauer's work, and today it is no different. Build a grand mythology, pound it down the populace' psyches, demand compliance by favoring the privileged for the most masterful virtue-signaling. Inevitably a legion of "resisters" do things bordering on flat-out rebellion to remonstrate against Cain's legitimate duties. In a way they're just conceding their gaslighting by confirming what they've been told is worthy of a violent reaction in whatever way that is.

The follower of Christ steeped in Scripture cannot succumb, but he or she must understand. We are commanded to. We should be fully aware of what "that fox," as Jesus calls Herod, is doing. Then what?

Minister. Be His grace and truth to them and their marks even if it means ultimately being put in prison (like Paul), exiled (like John), or even executed (like James and Stephen and...)

It is getting very ugly, however, particularly with everything revolving around the Covid hysteria and racialist gaslighting. The two are deeply intertwined. You can't get much more clear evidence of the human sacrifice that results than US President Biden's remark that because Facebook was not censuring truthful information about Covid that "They're killing people." His exact words. And think again if you believe it is really Joe Biden saying that.

So, let's get this straight: Anyone who shares truthful things is a killer. Make sure you know that if you disagree, you are a killer. If you breathe inappropriately you are a killer. In fact if you breathe near someone of color and they get sick, you're a racist killer. And Cain will be his brother's keeper and protect him from those who don't treat their overly biohazardous behavior more seriously.

Over and over and over again.

Don't believe it? Gregory Anton will keep reminding you, no matter how many imaginative ways it takes to convince you.


An illuminating revelation is the new book by Jeremy Adams called Hollowed Out. It is another horror story, another real-life one, a truth-telling frightfest you could say is like no other about what is happening to our children today but really. Let's be honest. It is the same as it's always been. I could relay much of it from personal experience but that would take my own book. When I have time I will write it. The crimes are gruesome, the perpetrators a whole commando unit of Gregory Antons authoritatively fulfilling their gaslighting commissions. Compelling reading!

The exasperating thing about these genuinely mesmerizing tomes lies in the all-too-typical concluding remarks: The climactic moment is merely another spittled bleat for more reading, more studying, more toughing it out and taking it on and all the rest of it. These are very good things, but there are already gazillions of smart and brave people who are lunchmeat to the gaslighters.

They don't have Christ! He said it Himself. When one demon leaves the body and Christ doesn't enter, it doesn't matter! The demon returns with seven more and it is worse than it was before. (See the 11th chapter of Luke.) He also said plainly if you don't have Him, you're dead already. (See John's first letter, fifth chapter.)

When will these impressive expositions share the real answer for anyone who does actually get it, and have Him:

Minister Him to young people

Oh I know some churches do really well with their youth ministries, I don't want to dismiss them. Kudos to them. But let's face it, so many Christian churches are tied to Caesar with their System-incorporated non-profit obligations, coupled with the communication technology that allows tremendous amounts of the mental pollution to captivate the attention of these young people...

I mean...

We simply are not telling them the truth. They are embroiled in the ministry of condemnation, and justifiably so. It is there for a reason, its officers doing their due diligence let's not deny it. (See Paul's letter to the Romans, third chapter.) It is about sharing the importance of repentance with wisdom, insight, and knowledge.

It is then getting deep into their business with love, care, time, energetic interest in them as God created them to be. This must involve vibrant teaching about discipline and responsibility by meaningfully identifying their own beauty and talent and engaging in their thoughts, feelings, and lives. It is sharing with them the real vibrant self-sacrificing love of Christ in ways that hammer them with the joy and power of The Kingdom yes it does start with parents, but so many others can speak mercy and righteousness and meaning into their souls.

 Instead it is the Sergis Bauers of the world, clever psychopaths who look so good and wholesome but are pounding the World into young people, a World of spectacular looking ideas and images and enticements that will kill them. Their ranks are growing and growing as much as the System is worshipped as widely as it is today, all of them knowing the best way to pull them in is to gaslight them.

You can see so much of Paula in their eyes.


I weep. I really do. I see them in real life, at my job. I even see them at the store, at the park, virtually anywhere I go. When you watch the film, Gaslight, don't you just want to scream at the screen for Paula to get it, because her demonstrative despair is just so agonizing! It is torturous how far it progresses does she ever really come out of it?

So then, besides speaking to them any time I get even the slightest chance, I can do one thing out of the sorrow.

 I pray. And when we are gaslit more with dismissals of anything related to this "God" character...


I pray even more.




  • Sergis Bauer and Gregory Anton are used interchangeably here, of course Anton when referring to the simulacra presented to make the lethal mythology more convincing.

  • The image from Gaslight is from Jim Carroll's Blog. Interestingly his post there is about psychological abuse.

  • Here is a page with some detail regarding how churches obligate themselves to Rome and in turn get caught up in the gaslighting.

  • Here is a blog post written shortly after posting this page - indeed written specifically to introduce this home page piece - that gets a bit more into the formal institutionalized gaslighting that Rome is compelled to do.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The Reality We May Know.



Winter 2022

You have said so," Jesus replied.

- From each of the four gospel accounts


Recently some remarks from friends in a conversation about Kingdom things moved me to take another look-see at the story of Jesus' sentencing, and I found something very interesting as I read it. I've reproduced it in the webzine for you to get a good feel for what happened during the episode.

I've come to realize everyone in the world is actually one of seven characters in this story. Every one. One of those seven.

Today, in today's world, some 2,000 years after this incident, every single person on the planet fulfills the duties of one of each of these characters, just like they did then. Just like they did 6,000 years ago and on every day in-between. (Well, except for that last Person there. Stay tuned...)

Forgive me if I am committing the crime of gross stereotyping, I don't mean to be. I just want to understand. Indeed things in life cannot be simply set up into neat little categories, I agree. If you can insightfully challenge this assessment, please do. Let me know. Graciously chastise me and I will accept it, thank you.

But I still want to understand.

We are each created to be the person God made us to be, and that is a glorious wonderful thing. It is better when we are redeemed to revel in His Kingdom as His adopted son or daughter, but those glorious wonderful personality traits are still there for us to enjoy. This is part of the glorious wonderful adventure God wants us to have in discovering those things, employing them for His Kingdom, and seeing His joy in watching them manifest in the bountiful life He's given us.

But in our fallen nature we can fall into any of a few specific roles we naturally portray as part of the World System's designs to manage our evildoing. Those are introduced to us most profoundly during the events of Jesus' sentencing.

  • Caesar

  • Member of the majority party

  • Member of the minority party

  • Barabbas

  • Pontius Pilate

  • Jesus' disciple

  • Jesus

You may be able to see how this is cashed out in the profoundly metastasizing culture war around us. If I may elaborate on each, the stark distinction between the World and that Kingdom readily discerned examining each of the following cast of characters.

  • Caesar. Note he is not physically present, but his character is very much evident, his stature smothers the scene. Pilate only does what he does because he knows so well he is tightly clamped by Caesar. Another reason we don't see him is it is almost impossible to ever see him as he is anyway, by design. Ultimately the only Caesar who counts is the Unseen, Unassuming, Unknown Superior who can be easily identified but mostly only by those robustly equipped with keen Scriptural discernment. Even when some more visibly appealing Caesar is presented to the populace, who really ever sees him except in his showcased simulacrum? That dressing, in fact, is significant because it does reflect the iconographic signature Caesar must have to identify his authority and power the first was awarded him by God Himself as described most succinctly in the fourth chapter of Genesis.

  • Member of the majority party. Doesn't matter which small faction, the World devotee is in the majority or minority. It is one or the other. This would include the chief priests who take on the mantle of decision-making especially when the manipulative machinations are left undetected or even fully appropriated by the membership. Compelled by a neurotic desire to ingratiate themselves with the ruling elite at any strata available, they can get tremendous mileage from the fiercest claims they are ever hoisting the glories of democracy. Note that their accusations of Jesus' crimes are based on the most specious claims that they still firmly believe are true. Oh, and Pilate's wife? A member of the majority, of course, and rabidly fearful of what would happen should they lose their power and privilege.

  • Member of the minority party. Their primary weapon is the exploitation of some victimized status and it may be powerful enough get splendid concessions from the majority. Today this includes the humanist atheist materialist "freedom fighters" rigorously educated at the Frankfurt School. If a minority member is useful for Caesar's purposes, he is fattened; if too openly troublesome he is fileted. The majority party and minority party are actually much more monolithic than is rendered, of course joining forces whenever a New York Times-reviled conspiracy whacko like Jesus starts to keep the selected insurrectionists from doing their jobs.

  • Barabbas. Every group with any weight has a professional insurrectionist on the payroll, every one of them. Whether it is a kind gentle non-profit organization or the pugalistically proficient lobbying firm, doesn't matter. This is precisely why all the talk about Trump supporters being insurrectionists is so comical. Those pushing back against them will always need to employ the services of their insurrectionist to get their way. Don't worry, Caesar will pick (as transmitted through Pilate), the winner is the one who serves Caesar's purposes for that moment. As far as who that individual is? Barabbas was freed because he was the one who looked best equipped to take a swipe at Caesar for whichever World Devotee no matter which party many of them hold very powerful positions in industry, government, finance. It is either the foolishly brash or visibly clumsy who are prosecuted for show (see Donald Trump, one of the most amusingly quaint insurrectionists in recent history). Caesar does his best work when there are scattered coteries of violent rebels he may sporadically take down with interminable pleasure. Even more sobering is that they don't even need to actually exist except in the spectacular window dressing hypnotically believed by a critical mass of the masses through the most compelling broadcast means.

  • Pontius Pilate. Any individual in a position of status and comfort is always threatened by another ruler and subject to punishment if that ruler should ascend and acquire some disfavor for said individual. Pilate and Herod become good friends during the sentencing process, but only because a World devotee needs friends in high places especially those in high places. He cares little for truth, only expediency, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the most effective sin management and, of course, the most convenient crowd control.

  • Jesus' genuine disciple. Often distanced and fearful but still hungering for truth, he joyfully experiences light, righteousness, justice, mercy... Fearful because these things appear so far away. He gives self-sacrificially, has a heart for neighbor, and will die for him just as he so knows Jesus died for him. The pull of the World is also still very strong, yet as Peter demonstrated it is good that even after a heartbreaking momentary abandonment God stills forgives and draws him back into his mighty grip.

  • Jesus. God come in the flesh only to give His life from the overwhelming love He has for each of us. He is indeed the most present individual, then, and now. Here and now through His Word, His Spirit, and in the faithful abiding ministry of His disciples (see the character just above).

Some may try to excuse themselves from the scene by claiming one of two things, generally. You know what they are, bleated constantly it is deafening!

"I'm not political," and "I'm my own person."

Nice sentiments, but rooted in unreality. When anyone does anything, it is political, period. A given statement or act may seem innocuous, but it is still political. And no one does things of their own accord each individual is following someone else and his or her ideas. Ultimately, who is that? And are the politics emerging from those commitments of the World, or of the Kingdom?

Often I read wonderful takes on the best, most righteous commitments, but they almost always end with "We simply need more contribution from the people more numbers!" Sad. They go so far, but in the end always revert to more of the same: We just need a few more on board to make our party the majority party. There may be very nice things they want to do! In fact many people dwelling in any party may be doing awesome Kingdom things, they may even be very devout followers of Christ.

But to the extent they keep flailing at trying to do Caesar's things when they should be doing Christ's, they will be stunted in their power and productivity for the Kingdom. Everything that happened in those few moments of the trial still happens today, in hundreds of different ways, sometimes wildly imaginative! Hey, it often makes for good entertainment!


One of the most ribald yet horrifically destructive ways this all plays out today is in the Covid hysteria-based policy demands. Gratuitously sworn institutionally devout leaders just shuffling responsibility up why everyone wants Joe Biden to make the decision. His mental impairment will always absolve him if something goes sideways. Meanwhile all the middling players underneath continue the Covid hysteria... how many people are wearing masks no matter what, feeling no tinge of concern for the unvaxxed dregs when boastfully waving about their health passport QR code for the sweetest consideration as one of the privileged.

Such a Catholicized country fearful people made more fearful while trying to gloat about how gol' darn good they are. None of them want to be seen as the one who makes the misstep that would get back to The New York Times who will gleefully paint the perp as the one most responsible for murdering legions with the most vicious Covid carelessness.

This is why Joe Biden is the one everyone is seeking to make the final call, and why it is not hard to see why a mentally impaired candidate was so enthusiastically embraced by the party. If he messes it up, it is understandable. If it is really bad he may simply be dismissed with the aid of 25th amendment protocols, and then even better! we may finally have that woman of color as president doing the spectacular job any stodgy old aging white male could never do! Otherwise...

"Hey! I don't have to make that call! I can just settle in with what the health mandarins browbeat me to do and say, and I'm safe! I'm looking good! I won't get in trouble! Awright!"

The System hums along perfectly smoothly.

Everyone fulfilling their role splendidly.

All diligently following the searingly enchanting dictates of The Ecclesiocracy.

One of the most profound steps toward peace with the world, with neighbor, with oneself is the acceptance of one's place here. You may still choose, of course, it is still wholly your own responsibility oh the existentialist angst is so real!

Where are you?

This is the essence of this image (please see important note below about it), clipped from Off-Guardian and originating from I-don't-know-what. Some incidental information is in the caption, but it is clear it is the frighteningly eminent consummation of a successful witch hunt sometime in history, certainly. I had to add it here, simply because in it is everyone, right now, right here, all around everywhere on today's supposedly splendidly enlightened planet. Every single type of individual is represented there. The image even has several of them labeled for precise cataloguing.

Just as in Jesus' trial, do you recognize them? They're all there, you see if you can identify them. I'll leave that for you.

But it is not hard to see Jesus right there hanging on the gallows.

Only because He loved each and every one of those people in that image.

As well as you, no matter which party your prefer or office you hold.

What is even more profound is that...

You know this.

You have even said so yourself. Jesus said as much to Pilate there at the trial.

You may try to deny you know of Christ's abounding love for you, but at some point you've confessed it is true. Sadly so many just shuffle off to the quasi-comfort of Caesar's clutches there legitimately as an instrument of temporal judgment and summary execution, harrowingly displayed in that 17th century image and in thousands of places around the World right now...


Except that...


There is the Kingdom...




  • Even though I am very aware of the notable elements of The Crucible and its implications, I do not know of the significance of women being prominently prosecuted in this particular witch hunt image. There may be a lot to that, indeed, but for now that is something to be addressed at another time. (September 2023 note: ) Recently I was introduced to the book Occult Feminism by Rachel Wilson, who explains how many women are quite susceptible to occultic or New Age beliefs, and that this history is quite long and deep mostly hidden from modern-day sentiments. This is not to rationalize anything depicted in the posted image one way or the other, except to make the point that the World has always been a stultifyingly frightening place. I have even considered removing altogether the print and remarks related to it because elements in it certainly reflect more complicated and nuanced narratives that are not addressed here. Still, the point remains. As heinous and harrowing those things were - and still are - Jesus enters every place and time to offer real deliverance from that evil.

  • The painting is Ecce Homo ("Behold the Man") by Antonio Ciseri. The image of the people being wound up is from Margaret Anna Alice at Off-Guardian.

  • A thought I'm just going to put here in a note. It may be said there is an eighth individual in those scenes - the recorder. Nah. Any recorder is either a disciple (sharing the truth of a thing in a graphic story as it is certainly the case with the gospel accounts and appears is happening with each of the images posted in the piece) or not a disciple (merely a propagandizer for the precepts of the party).

  • Here is a note about the individual who routinely arranges keeping everyone today fulfilling their roles as they did at Jesus' trial. He's the one, by the way, with the windup instrument at the very top of Alice's image. There is, of course, someone directing his actions...

  • Here is a home page piece I did with remarks about Tupper Saussy's considerations of, as he put it, "How Jesus Rules the United States."

  • Here is a link again to the page with the gospel accounts of Jesus' trial. If you do not favor the NIV, here is the Scripture page and you may read them in the KJV.

  • Here is a page with some detail about the ways churches just make themselves card-carrying members of the party.

  • While you may not be put on the gallows at the hands of some powerful System devotee, there are dozens of ways human sacrifice is employed in Cain's service. Here is a page with a few of them.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The Savior.



Spring 2022


See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we would be called children of God...

Dear children, do let anyone lead you astray.

- From the first letter of John, third chapter  


In the end the Party would announce that two and two make five, and you would have to believe it.

It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it.

- George Orwell, from 1984


Out on one of my long walks I came across this, the item in the posted photograph. It is a movie poster for the film I Still Believe, and I know absolutely nothing about it except what you see here. A nice-looking couple in some joyous embrace I got the idea it was one of those Christian-oriented inspirational films but again I just don't know. I did though catch the circumstances here.

You see, this movie release was in 2020. The discount theater upon which this is still displayed has been closed since that weekend nearly two years ago, you see it there if you look closely... its opening, Friday March the 13th, pretty much the red-letter day for the inauguration of the massive Covid lockdowns. They've left all the posters up there on the outside front walls peeking inside it looks like that day they just grabbed all the Junior Mints and Raisinets and left it. No one's touched it since, it is indeed a ghost movie theater.

A perfect metaphor for what I think many think about the status of the world today. Do you still believe it will return to its pre-Covid-protocol state? From what I see it appears many think it will at this moment Covid related restrictions are dropping precipitously in many places.

On the other hand some are markedly slithering around still endorsed with great fervor by nervous autocrats right now Justin Trudeau is doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on his obsession with ferociously ridding the world of all the nasty science-deniers getting in the way of a splendidly Zero-Covid world as a roaring legion of truckers objected quite emphatically across Canada. I can't be the only one who wonders why Mr. Trudeau is still there doing these things, why some form of legislative or judicial action is not employed to remove him or block those things. The answer is simple.

They're all in on it too. They're just as much given over to the medical tyranny opiate whupp, because Trudeau can't do a single thing without a critical mass of The People asking him to do what he does, um, there's your democracy for you.

The truth is the people's totalitarianism has always been around, and will always be around until the Last Day. When that happens no one knows except the Father Jesus said as much, even He didn't know! Until then, the most wonderful totalitarian protocols will be firmly in place with the most vibrant enabling by the populace. The Covid thing has just been another among thousands of imaginative ways The Society administers its sin management program. We are repulsed by the past ones we've seen result in so much carnage don't worry, there'll be many more to come. Just wait and see what they'll be doing with the latest advances in biotech engineering the budding metaverse is just the first level of the latest spiffiest hell-on-earth infestation.

Think a pending social credit system is scary? You haven't been paying attention some form of that has been around for eons. What do you think confessionals are for? Now you can just do it through your cell phone everything about you is everywhere for all to see anyway, what of it? Think the move towards financial deplatforming is alarming? Naaah. Get over it. Been done, for centuries in... how many different ways? You don't think the soaring inflation right now isn't simply a form of officially rendered wealth expropriation? Get thee back to thy basic economics textbook!

I really like CJ Hopkins and his Consent Factory work, and he made an interesting point in one of his pieces a few months ago. He said we simply cannot argue science or facts or actual numbers with the seduced Covidian cult members because they're too far gone. What we can do, however, is argue by illuminating the nature of the totalitarianism that ruthlessly victimizes them. As long as the totalitarians get exposed for what they are, we may win some minds and perhaps even some crusaders to join the fight against it.

Ehrrngh-mmm not exactly.

See, once again, the totalitarians will always be there, always, period. It is a fool's errand to try to gunk up the works, they have seven-fold strength to stop you. You can find out about how, and why, by humbly, insightfully, and prayerfully reading the fourth chapter of Genesis. It started with God allowing Cain to go out and establish the sophisticated human sacrifice apparatus through which the required administration would emanate. I've read several takes with conceptions of those through whom all that has historically transpired. The Nephilim? Noah's son Ham? Nimrod? The Rephaim? Esau? All fine considerations, but it has certainly been authoritatively manifest in any and all potentates and deep state operatives of Babylon through the Persian, Greek, Roman, British, and now American hegemonies.

I see how much some screech about "The Great Reset" yet no one ever asks about the Re- in the "Reset." They are resetting things back to what? To the way things were before in what way? What about the "New Normal?" How could something that is standard-issue normal be any newer? Is it just possible they're simply announcing, as they must, the orthodox ways Cain's Legacy works, as it has for several millennia now?

The point is whoever out there is doing the industrious work of "The City" they are doing Cain's legitimate work, authorized by God to minister condemnation to those who refuse to become a new creation in Christ, who himself or herself is translated into a minister of reconciliation based on Kingdom principles. Individuals commissioned in Cain's service include the most renowned church leaders and ministers on the planet signifying their devotion to Caesar and his lordship by tightly gripping officially documented 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit statures.

The real essence of the Ecclesiocracy is easily exposed.

I was blown away by this article from The Daily Wire detailing all the ways several of the most showcased church ministers have so brazenly cozied up to the totalitarians how great is this Covid thing, really, when it does so much to reveal the actual intentions and commitments of so many. This whole thing is definitely a "what is said in the inner rooms will be shouted from the rooftops" moment.

None of the Covid insanity would have gotten nearly as far as it has without the full endorsement and rich contribution of a fully Catholicized church network. This piece by Dennis Prager goes a long way to further demonstrate the reality of a sold-out religious system given over to do precisely what Cain was charged with doing millennia ago.

Not saying these churches are the only ones unwittingly (or very wittingly as the case may be) performing zealous acts of beneficence for the totalitarianism. Business interests have been so hypnotized to rely on government largesse for their survival that they've been on the front lines of totalitarian activity for years. Well, for centuries, it just looks better now I mean, they now have a nifty new euphemism for their newly minted dominion: stakeholder capitalism. Ooooo! It does serve to make the brazenly subtle larceny a bit more palatable!

Some may add that it is really those in charge of the businesses who are the actual enlightened despots. Uber-investment firm BlackRock pretty much owns half the world, and its CEO has explicitly shared his affection for CRT and ESG and all the other acronym-laden community-wrecking policies that make for the best virtue-signaling among the jet set. The entirety of finance-oriented ecclesia is doing it. With Covid it is all just showing its tumescent face fascism could never have a nicer look than this.

Many believe it is those teachers unions that are keeping children in a state of despair with all the severely enforced masking requirements they must endure, and when looking at stats that say better than 99.99% of all children survive a Covid episode, it is surprising that more parents aren't protesting. A few are, yes, as you may have seen in some of those viral videos of courageous rants at school board meetings, but those really just add a bit more fuel the totalitarian machinery. Still, why aren't more parents boldly insisting their principled grievances get redressed?

It has to do with grandparents being raised in the 60s and 70s and rigorously taught by The Society that they must be all about themselves, members of what is sometimes called the "Me Generation." Their now-adult children were brought up to feel incredibly guilty if they did anything that compromised their parents well-being, and now those people have their own children in schools that, with the evil Covid bug being the terrifying butcher we are told it is, have become the most frightening cesspools of the most wickedly lethal disease transmission there is.

Can you see where this is going? As a teacher myself I know first-hand. It is the parents themselves en masse who want their kids wearing masks and being disinfected and distancing themselves from those horrific little disease vectors positioned safely behind Plexiglas dividers everywhere not because of the stats or the facts or the truth about any of it or even about them or their child for that matter! none of that means a thing. The only thing that matters is avoiding the dreadfully overwhelming guilt a parent would feel if their child had contact with another filthy virus-caked child in school and he or she came home to spew the bug and murder their now-elderly mother or father.

No wonder these children's psyches are being shredded. Simply by smothering them with masks, subjecting them to manifestly dangerous "vaccines," hysterically shaming them for merely breathing bigger older people, not of few of them those hyperventilating schoolteachers, plaster them with a disposition of ill-will towards everyone and anyone, especially when they clearly see all the plain hypocrisies the Covid fixation generates.

Once again, none of any of the Covid lunacy would be happening without that very condition put in place by the people expertly trained to shove it into the minds of those ill-equipped to discern it, who must in the most proficient way possible perpetuate the totalitarianism, and who enlist any and every Catholicist-minded commercial or ecclesiastical organization to help them do it. You can never stop it. It will always be there. You are a slave to it especially if you labor valiantly to "resist," or to rebel or crusade or rage or challenge or even try to reform it or improve it or do any of that with it.

It is simply a case of too many people believing a new-fangled version of the first lie, "You can be like God." In a very real sense too many have made their family member an idol. This doesn't mean we don't robustly and charitably love a family member! Jesus talked about this, however, and elucidated the dangers of what happens when we make anything an idol, even the totalitarian regime we think we must work our asses off to eliminate. Whichever idol it is, it destroys souls.

May I? This is from the tenth chapter of Matthew. Jesus' words, they are quite sobering.


"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.

"Anyone who loves their father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for My sake will find it."


Just an amazing contrast to what we are being told by the World System about how to address the Covid thing. That's the Kingdom way we should be looking at it, and thinking deeply about jettisoning this typical and extraordinarily ugly codependent attitude we all have towards one another which actually engenders hatred and resentment and interminable bitterness toward one another.

Give up one's self, and not only get it back but get one's loved ones back as well.

I must add that not all parents, nor family members who must live in close proximity with one another not all of them are all into the Catholicist milieu. Some are committed followers of Christ, or at least have some affinity for Truthful and Gracious things. I think most struggle with knowing how all that plays out and are hurt by what has happened in public schools, indeed the entire public arena.

What about all the grand Americanist FREEDOM we thought we had and are fighting to restore? I get you, I understand. Being able to live life and have a lively livelihood to do all the things the Constitution tells us we can do are all very good things. The problem is the totalitarian rulership is still there employing every form of deception possible to make it seem like we are free when we really are not. Nice things are nice things! I'm all for them! But one consumed by his or her sin is not nice, and it is not freedom.

Everyone is a slave to someone. Acceptance of that is the first step to real freedom. You are a slave to your sin and the necessary and fully authorized totalitarian institutions that mitigate the effects of that sin it must by divine order, for divinely established purposes, be there doing its thing no matter how harrowing it is.

On the other hand, you may choose to be a slave to righteousness by turning to the narrow gate and walking through it to meet the One with the nail-scarred hands and feet, as well as a beautiful smile on His face welcoming you into the Kingdom. God then makes you no longer a slave, but a son or a daughter.

One of the best things about that is right now you may make peace with the totalitarians. Doesn't mean you don't see what they're doing with perceptive understanding. Doesn't mean you won't pray deeply for and minister meaningfully to those who could themselves be free from it. Doesn't mean you can't grasp the fact that any evil may be allowed for a distinct purpose related to God actually turning those things into footstools for the ultimate blessing of His beloved.

Acceptance is an awesome thing, much because you now dwell richly and bountifully in the Kingdom.


Thing is, you've got to let Him know you want to be there. You've got to believe on Him with everything that is in you. You've got to make Him Lord of your affairs.


Otherwise, the totalitarians already are.




  • An excellent Prager U video featuring Carol Roth gets a bit into the details of the Americanist fascism. The link is here.

  • Two days after wrapping this home page piece, here on February 21, news came that the Canadian Parliament voted 185 to 151 to approve Justin Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act. Again, this is how real democracy works - what do you do when most vote for tyranny?

  • Here's a page with some idea of the nature of the Catholicist Nation. When speaking of "The Society," it is a reference to a specific organization. Here's a brief description about a few of its leader's duties.

  • Here is a recent home page piece in which I do a bit more to elaborate on the totalitarianism that is really the Ecclesiocracy.

  • I've tried to compile a list of "All the Bad Guys" so we can more easily process who's behind everything. I'm sure I've missed quite a few there, and some on the list may be very touchy. It may go without saying that it is there not to encourage anyone to continue to rage against anyone in particular, but to simply understand, and then to pray for them and those adversely affected by anything they may do or may have done. This is an ongoing part of any vibrant Kingdom ministry, really.

  • CRT is Critical Race Theory and ESG is Environmental, Social, and Governance. It isn't that we should be dismissive of instances of genuine racist discrimination or be neglectful of genuinely and industriously caring for the environment - it is really about whether we are plugging into those things from the World System totalitarianism basing its policies on idolatrous practices - or we are much more effectively addressing injustices from the Kingdom by Christ's eternal principles.

  • The image of the family and the sunset is from Thank you. The image of the Ottawa police force against the backdrop of a declaration about freedom is by Alex Kent at Getty in an article by David Sacks from his Substack and posted by Bari Weiss. Thank you. The image of the movie poster is my own photograph. The image of President Biden and the masked children is a screenshot of an unknown street artist's work posted in Washington DC and summarily removed by a random devout Covidian - but not before photographs were taken of it (and three others) and shared widely online.

  • If there is any doubt about what Jesus says about children at home, the point of the passage from Matthew's tenth chapter is because of those adults' rejection of Jesus there will be hatred among them. He does add that should anyone deliberately teach children things that would cause them to sin, they should have a millstone tied to their neck and thrown into the sea. That by the way is in Matthew's 18th chapter. I must add that some may very perceptively state that the Covid-derived internecine antagonism is piddle compared to the nice smiley totalitarian encouragement of children to rat out their parents for perceived slights against Caesar. That too!

  • To find out more about Scripture's position on slavery - that each of us in indeed a slave no matter how much you think you have some kind of freedom - please check out the sixth, seventh, and eighth chapters of the letter to the Romans. Also take a look at what the third chapter of John says right after that amazing and well-known part about God giving His only begotten Son. Doesn't matter how much you try to excuse yourself, you're already fully subject to any and all totalitarian activity.

  • For a terrific passage about children and parents when the gospel is lived out in the home, check out the 127th Psalm.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One who is the Truthfulness and Graciousness.



Summer 2022


Your merchants were the world's most important people.

By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.

In her was found the blood of prophets and of God's holy people,

of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.

- From the Revelation, eighteenth chapter


Thought I'd take another home page piece and share a brief photo tour with you. I don't take the time to travel to many places, but just about any place I go that is "city" has grand exhibitions of Romanist power just about everywhere. I'm certain most treat these things as quaint antiquities of no consequence in today's advanced civilized enlightened progressive democratic SOCIETY, but for anyone who sees the contrast of the World and the Kingdom in addressing the vast evildoing that ravages everything in its wake, they are anything but.

For this excursion we were in Kansas City, a beautiful little city with its famous fountains and delightful greenbelts everywhere. It has a special place in my heart because my mother grew up there and my grandparents lived there for their entire lives. For a few days we toured the place, and we started at the Nelson-Atkins Gallery, where incidentally my grandmother served as a docent for several years.

Several works of art captured my attention, including this first one, very much reminding me of the statue "Freedom" that sits atop the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. Certainly influenced by renditions of Persephone or Libera, this sexually evocative depiction of "Winged Victory" by James Henry Haseltine carved just after the US Civil War features distinctive Roman iconographs: the laurel wreaths on her chest armor and the Phrygian cap symbolizing submissive revolutionary fervor out of an interminable enslavement.

Another striking painting was the propaganda piece assumed to be produced by the Cuzco School in Peru. It is titled Allegory of the Holy Eucharist, graphically depicting the meaning behind the mass. The blood red motif is jarring, but does justice to the doctrine of the Sacred Heart the Jesuits ferociously propagated particularly in South America. This painting is actually a more elaborate composition of widely disseminated prints to augment the Jesuit mission. I have to say I can't help but see the figure of a prostrate human across the top of the monstrance altar with what looks like some viviscission across its torso.

I'd love to address so many images of art works from just the Nelson think of how many there are elevating the stature of the Catholicist nation in so many other art museums just in the US, there is no way they can be treated as mere ornamental features of cultural peculiarities. Here is a fascinating one that initially appears to be just another portrait.

May I introduce you to Emily St. Claire, mistress of a British aristocrat enlisting John Hoppner to paint her in the early 1800s. She is a spirited early Americanist partier, or in this instance a bacchante, really not much different than today's youthful indulger in the music and ingestibles that artificially rev their psyches up to "11." We know this because she is indeed enjoying things in the formal and rather lively celebration of the Roman god Bacchus, who is all about stirring the passions through the most lascivious imbibing and reveling.

From Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil:


This salvational plan, or some variation of it, can be found at the core of all the secret or mystery religions cults of empire. It persists from the earliest Babylonian prototype right on down through the Great Seal. It has succeeded not because it calls for repentance from sin, but because it makes sin an asset in a process of self-deification. The Bacchic Gospel serves an economy of sin management, in which sins are forgiven upon the payment money or performance of some act of contrition valuable to society. It is about people control. Because it prospers on the addictive nature of fornication and mind-altering substances, it naturally facilitates sex and booze and drugs and all their destructive fallout in order to have a context in which to make oneself useful. Unlike the Christian Gospel, which conditions forgiveness of sins upon repentance "and if he repents, forgive him" (Luke 17:3) the Bacchic Gospel forgives upon the rendering of appropriate sacrifices to the priest of the appropriate deity. The congeniality of this gospel to secular government and Roman Catholicism speaks for itself. (Emphasis in the original)


Not at the Nelson but in an office entrance nook at the posh Country Club Plaza shopping complex nearby was this, none other than Mercury protecting the interests of the commercial class there as he is divinely commissioned to do. Another angle has him directing your attention to the rules and the schedule for things, definitely required for the best administration of a populace's Ministry of Perpetration (as explicated in the sixth chapter of Proverbs). What I like about this photograph is how the lightbulb illuminating the stairwell emanates from Mercury's fingertips and serves as that "inner light" the Gnostics worship. Essentially: "All these splendid guidelines will be the substance of your own inner light and you too will be a god."

Precisely what the serpent told Adam and Eve, a message that still resounds today through all the institutional mandates dispelled by the US Government, global finance cartel, and Roman Catholic Church heeding its directives from the authoritative word of the Gesu.

One morning we went to visit Kansas City's world famous World War I museum, and lo and behold, just down the long driveway was the Federal Reserve district bank headquarters with its entrance directly facing the museum. (That driveway was called "Liberty Memorial," by the way hmm, is there some reason we are memorializing our liberty?...)

Out front were more of the essential statuesque iconographic proclamations, and around the building enough windows to look out upon the World to see what kind of lies its dutiful employees must imaginatively assemble to convince the reprobate how valuable they must presume themselves to be. Apologies if you think me too mean I have nothing to say about the matter.

But Christ tells us the law does. One may insightfully look at the glory of the law and see no-matter-what it cannot be kept for the purpose of making one righteous before God a further honest look will show that the Fed does have the job of fooling you into believing you can, but only by God's own purposeful arrangement exclusively for those who simply won't even remotely consider dwelling in the Kingdom.


That reality and its devastating consequences can easily be understood with a modest tour of the artifacts housed in that WWI museum. As you'd expect most of them were shooting and blasting objects of various sorts. Fascinating were the propaganda pieces, several of which featured mythological figures held in deep affection by various provincial populations. Not going to get too deep into the substance, it wasn't much different than what you'd think.

What struck me was the small monument out front. Kansas City had quite a number of these heart-shaped structures strewn about town, each one with a different image emblazoned upon it.

But the image on this one.

The irony.

Welcoming the visitor into a world-class exhibition showcasing the stark brutality of man's contemptible belligerence housed underneath a pretty imposing phallic monument, was a bold admonition to get on board with perpetuating it. Never mind the grotesque QED: the monstrous ways people murdered one another by the thousands.

Sure the now ubiquitous Ukrainian colors are prominent, but the raised fist does more than give it a dramatic feel. That fist has come to symbolize the crusading injunctions of the Frankfurt School, which not so coincidentally began to take shape in the 1920s and 1930s just after WWI concluded really just an interlude of the Second Thirty Years War.


The Frankfurt School, if you are not familiar with it, is really the establishment of the presently mainstream response to the difficulties so many have with the seven-fold strength of temporal governance. This is the place that formed "Critical Theory," the idea promulgated by those richly instructed in Jesuit universities that Marxist thought could be effectively implemented as standard policy throughout society if the right kind of message was broadcast and it has been. It is the essence of the "woke" ideology that is streaming through every reputable institution right now. That message: If you are an officially classified victim of The Man, you may do whatever your heart desires as recompense you're owed! The millennia of political, social, and economic enslavement we've said you've suffered entitle you to steal, copulate, even murder in the most noble ways justice finally!

As much as it is easy to remonstrate furiously against it, I've come to realize this is precisely why it is such a magnificently effective tool in the hands of World System Ops. It is a legitimately useful weapon in the culture war you'll hear it most frequently from the myriad organizations now viciously intent on bringing down the white imperialist heteropatriarchal hegemony responsible for all the misery.

What is far less understood is it is the most potent rocket fuel to propel Cain's Legacy for more robust acts of retribution against this vibrant new form of rebellion. It is indeed why so many legislators and bureaucrats entrenched in Cain's governing institutions favor its precepts in their public policy implementations!

Never mind that the crushing anxiety and overwhelming depression experienced by so many young people shredded by the nihilistic hopelessness that spews from it all is killing them not just from increased suicides and lethal drug overdoses but the slower forms of destroying themselves through overeating or spending beyond their means or allowing communication technology streams to scrape off brain cell after brain cell or even addictively laboring to find ways to be better exploiters than the ones who've been exploiting them. Get on the winning side, whichever one, of the numerous subdivisions that comprise the Ministry of Condemnation.

Hope for the best Hey, this Woke Sector looks like a good one, so profoundly righteous looking. There may be a few good-feels there, but it doesn't do anything to heal the heart condition or deliver one from the very justified claim Hell has on the individual.

They keep trying, though. Some semblance of relief from the weight of guilt comes through that expansively toxic penance, and today that almost always means obsessively virtue-signaling about how much you care about Ukrainians, people "of color," the immunocompromised, the "gender dysphoric," any ordained sufferer marketed for optimum rescuer visibility. Most importantly it includes an intoxicating devotion to the brilliant technocrats in System offices somewhere slaving away to try to make a cold dark world the utopia we all want you go, Joe Biden handlers whoever you are!


The last image there was one I could not neglect to include here. At the end of your WWI museum excursion there in otherwise beautiful Kansas City are a number of these images, and this one with Will Rogers was quite striking. There he is with one of the most profound remarks about Cain's modus operandi, right there in the middle of the gloomiest urban-soaked industrial-caked dominion. If it is a bit tricky to read, he says, "You can't say civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way."

This is the World and the product of its work through all of history. It has always been about human sacrifice in the name of keeping Cain's Legacy thriving.


I know I've concluded home page pieces like this a dozen times before, but it is always worth it. Forgive me...


There is the Kingdom.


Please know. There is that.


And Him.




  • All the photographs posted in this piece were my own.

  • The noted vital information about each of the art works addressed in this piece was provided by the Nelson-Atkins Gallery. Their website is here.

  • Here is a home page piece from two years ago that speaks a bit more to the Frankfurt School, especially in light of its metastasized influence through the burgeoning Covid hysteria.

  • Here's a page with some idea of the nature of the Catholicist Nation, and here's a brief description about a few of its Unknown Superior's duties.

  • A page with the ways human sacrifice is carried out in more protracted ways is here.

  • Here is my Tupper Saussy page, with several links to his works and a few of my own takes. Here is the one that gets you right to Rulers of Evil. Flip over to Chapter 20 for much more on the Bacchic Gospel.

  • The establishment of Cain's Administration is described quite lucidly in the fourth chapter of Genesis.

  • I invite you to read all of the Revelation for the full summary of the World System's destiny, particularly Chapters 17 to 20 for the best context of the opening text.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Invites You To Dwell Eternally In His Kingdom.



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