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        Tupper Saussy was the writer of several books, including Rulers of Evil, the most telling exposition of the World's powers and principalities outside of the Bible. He passed away in March of 2007 at the age of 70, but much of his work can be found at his website. (For unknown reasons, his website was made unavailable some time during the summer of 2016. Here is a link to the Wayback Internet archive site, you may find it there.)

        I have assembled this page for a firm central link page to items related to him and his work.


Rulers of Evil - An introduction to his book. Here is the entirety of the work on PDF.


"Abiding in Religious War" - His web series written shortly after 9/11 that was the genesis of the never-published Gods for the Godless.


Rulers of Evil synopsis - At the end of 2006 shortly before his death, Tupper made a request that I write a general synopsis of ROE for publication in Wikipedia. After sharing it with Tupper, I presented it but they refused to publish it (even though they do have a page with his biographical information). I then published it at Amapedia at Amazon, and it lasted there for a while until Amazon disabled that service. I then submitted it as a new "Knol" feature at Google, but as of April 2012, they've disabled that service. This synopsis is now at my WordPress site


Honest Things - He got the blogging itch for about a year in 2005. Here it is, with this link to his first entry, "Death of a Salesman."


"The Most Powerful Man in the World" - A brief job description of the top string-puller.


Facebook Group for further discussion of the way the World works.


"The Legend Rousseau" - My attempt at replicating Saussy's quite inimitable style of historical elucidation. I don't even presume to get close to matching Tupper's skill, but I do touch a bit on yet another unknown American founding father, one Francisco Suarez.


Remarks on Tupper's unpublished "How Jesus Rules the United States."


Reconciliation - In a very profound sense, this is the mission statement for those deeply and sincerely desiring to be ungrafted to the World. Shouldn't say a thing about it, really. Check it out for yourself.


What ROE Teaches Us - Some thoughts from 2003 about the essential elements of Tupper's work.



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