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"You have said so," Jesus replied.

- From each of the four gospel accounts


Recently some remarks from friends in a conversation about Kingdom things moved me to take another look-see at the story of Jesus' sentencing, and I found something very interesting as I read it. I've reproduced it in the webzine for you to get a good feel for what happened during the episode.

I've come to realize everyone in the world is actually one of seven characters in this story. Every one. One of those seven.

Today, in today's world, some 2,000 years after this incident, every single person on the planet fulfills the duties of one of each of these characters, just like they did then. Just like they did 6,000 years ago and on every day in-between. (Well, except for that last Person there. Stay tuned...)

Forgive me if I am committing the crime of gross stereotyping, I don't mean to be. I just want to understand. Indeed things in life cannot be simply set up into neat little categories, I agree. If you can insightfully challenge this assessment, please do. Let me know. Graciously chastise me and I will accept it, thank you.

But I still want to understand.

We are each created to be the person God made us to be, and that is a glorious wonderful thing. It is better when we are redeemed to revel in His Kingdom as His adopted son or daughter, but those glorious wonderful personality traits are still there for us to enjoy. This is part of the glorious wonderful adventure God wants us to have in discovering those things, employing them for His Kingdom, and seeing His joy in watching them manifest in the bountiful life He's given us.

But in our fallen nature we can fall into any of a few specific roles we naturally portray as part of the World System's designs to manage our evildoing. Those are introduced to us most profoundly during the events of Jesus' sentencing.

  • Caesar

  • Member of the majority party

  • Member of the minority party

  • Barabbas

  • Pontius Pilate

  • Jesus' disciple

  • Jesus

You may be able to see how this is cashed out in the profoundly metastasizing culture war around us. If I may elaborate on each, the stark distinction between the World and that Kingdom readily discerned examining each of the following cast of characters.

  • Caesar. Note he is not physically present, but his character is very much evident, his stature smothers the scene. Pilate only does what he does because he knows so well he is tightly clamped by Caesar. Another reason we don't see him is it is almost impossible to ever see him as he is anyway, by design. Ultimately the only Caesar who counts is the Unseen, Unassuming, Unknown Superior who can be easily identified but mostly only by those robustly equipped with keen Scriptural discernment. Even when some more visibly appealing Caesar is presented to the populace, who really ever sees him except in his showcased simulacrum? That dressing, in fact, is significant because it does reflect the iconographic signature Caesar must have to identify his authority and power the first was awarded him by God Himself as described most succinctly in the fourth chapter of Genesis.

  • Member of the majority party. Doesn't matter which small faction, the World devotee is in the majority or minority. It is one or the other. This would include the chief priests who take on the mantle of decision-making especially when the manipulative machinations are left undetected or even fully appropriated by the membership. Compelled by a neurotic desire to ingratiate themselves with the ruling elite at any strata available, they can get tremendous mileage from the fiercest claims they are ever hoisting the glories of democracy. Note that their accusations of Jesus' crimes are based on the most specious claims that they still firmly believe are true. Oh, and Pilate's wife? A member of the majority, of course, and rabidly fearful of what would happen should they lose their power and privilege.

  • Member of the minority party. Their primary weapon is the exploitation of some victimized status and it may be powerful enough get splendid concessions from the majority. Today this includes the humanist atheist materialist "freedom fighters" rigorously educated at the Frankfurt School. If a minority member is useful for Caesar's purposes, he is fattened; if too openly troublesome he is fileted. The majority party and minority party are actually much more monolithic than is rendered, of course joining forces whenever a New York Times-reviled conspiracy whacko like Jesus starts to keep the selected insurrectionists from doing their jobs.

  • Barabbas. Every group with any weight has a professional insurrectionist on the payroll, every one of them. Whether it is a kind gentle non-profit organization or the pugalistically proficient lobbying firm, doesn't matter. This is precisely why all the talk about Trump supporters being insurrectionists is so comical. Those pushing back against them will always need to employ the services of their insurrectionist to get their way. Don't worry, Caesar will pick (as transmitted through Pilate), the winner is the one who serves Caesar's purposes for that moment. As far as who that individual is? Barabbas was freed because he was the one who looked best equipped to take a swipe at Caesar for whichever World Devotee no matter which party many of them hold very powerful positions in industry, government, finance. It is either the foolishly brash or visibly clumsy who are prosecuted for show (see Donald Trump, one of the most amusingly quaint insurrectionists in recent history). Caesar does his best work when there are scattered coteries of violent rebels he may sporadically take down with interminable pleasure. Even more sobering is that they don't even need to actually exist except in the spectacular window dressing hypnotically believed by a critical mass of the masses through the most compelling broadcast means.

  • Pontius Pilate. Any individual in a position of status and comfort is always threatened by another ruler and subject to punishment if that ruler should ascend and acquire some disfavor for said individual. Pilate and Herod become good friends during the sentencing process, but only because a World devotee needs friends in high places especially those in high places. He cares little for truth, only expediency, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the most effective sin management and, of course, the most convenient crowd control.

  • Jesus' genuine disciple. Often distanced and fearful but still hungering for truth, he joyfully experiences light, righteousness, justice, mercy... Fearful because these things appear so far away. He gives self-sacrificially, has a heart for neighbor, and will die for him just as he so knows Jesus died for him. The pull of the World is also still very strong, yet as Peter demonstrated it is good that even after a heartbreaking momentary abandonment God stills forgives and draws him back into his mighty grip.

  • Jesus. God come in the flesh only to give His life from the overwhelming love He has for each of us. He is indeed the most present individual, then, and now. Here and now through His Word, His Spirit, and in the faithful abiding ministry of His disciples (see the character just above).

Some may try to excuse themselves from the scene by claiming one of two things, generally. You know what they are, bleated constantly it is deafening!

"I'm not political," and "I'm my own person."

Nice sentiments, but rooted in unreality. When anyone does anything, it is political, period. A given statement or act may seem innocuous, but it is still political. And no one does things of their own accord each individual is following someone else and his or her ideas. Ultimately, who is that? And are the politics emerging from those commitments of the World, or of the Kingdom?

Often I read wonderful takes on the best, most righteous commitments, but they almost always end with "We simply need more contribution from the people more numbers!" Sad. They go so far, but in the end always revert to more of the same: We just need a few more on board to make our party the majority party. There may be very nice things they want to do! In fact many people dwelling in any party may be doing awesome Kingdom things, they may even be very devout followers of Christ.

But to the extent they keep flailing at trying to do Caesar's things when they should be doing Christ's, they will be stunted in their power and productivity for the Kingdom. Everything that happened in those few moments of the trial still happens today, in hundreds of different ways, sometimes wildly imaginative! Hey, it often makes for good entertainment!


One of the most ribald yet horrifically destructive ways this all plays out today is in the Covid hysteria-based policy demands. Gratuitously sworn institutionally devout leaders just shuffling responsibility up why everyone wants Joe Biden to make the decision. His mental impairment will always absolve him if something goes sideways. Meanwhile all the middling players underneath continue the Covid hysteria... how many people are wearing masks no matter what, feeling no tinge of concern for the unvaxxed dregs when boastfully waving about their health passport QR code for the sweetest consideration as one of the privileged.

Such a Catholicized country fearful people made more fearful while trying to gloat about how gol' darn good they are. None of them want to be seen as the one who makes the misstep that would get back to The New York Times who will gleefully paint the perp as the one most responsible for murdering legions with the most vicious Covid carelessness.

This is why Joe Biden is the one everyone is seeking to make the final call, and why it is not hard to see why a mentally impaired candidate was so enthusiastically embraced by the party. If he messes it up, it is understandable. If it is really bad he may simply be dismissed with the aid of 25th amendment protocols, and then even better! we may finally have that woman of color as president doing the spectacular job any stodgy old aging white male could never do! Otherwise...

"Hey! I don't have to make that call! I can just settle in with what the health mandarins browbeat me to do and say, and I'm safe! I'm looking good! I won't get in trouble! Awright!"

The System hums along perfectly smoothly.

Everyone fulfilling their role splendidly.

All diligently following the searingly enchanting dictates of The Ecclesiocracy.

One of the most profound steps toward peace with the world, with neighbor, with oneself is the acceptance of one's place here. You may still choose, of course, it is still wholly your own responsibility oh the existentialist angst is so real!

Where are you?

This is the essence of this image, clipped from Off-Guardian and originating from I-don't-know-what. Some incidental information is in the caption, but it is clear it is the frighteningly eminent consummation of a successful witch hunt sometime in history, certainly. I had to add it here, simply because in it is everyone, right now, right here, all around everywhere on today's supposedly splendidly enlightened planet. Every single type of individual is represented there. The image even has several of them labeled for precise cataloguing.

Just as in Jesus' trial, do you recognize them? They're all there, you see if you can identify them. I'll leave that for you.

But it is not hard to see Jesus right there hanging on the gallows.

Only because He loved each and every one of those people in that image.

As well as you, no matter which party your prefer or office you hold.

What is even more profound is that...

You know this.

You have even said so yourself. Jesus said as much to Pilate there at the trial.

You may try to deny you know of Christ's abounding love for you, but at some point you've confessed it is true. Sadly so many just shuffle off to the quasi-comfort of Caesar's clutches there legitimately as an instrument of temporal judgment and summary execution, harrowingly displayed in that 17th century image and in thousands of places around the World right now...


Except that...


There is the Kingdom...




  • The painting is Ecce Homo ("Behold the Man") by Antonio Ciseri. The image of the people being wound up is from Margaret Anna Alice at Off-Guardian.

  • Even though I am very aware of the notable elements of The Crucible and its implications, I do not know of the significance of women being prominently prosecuted in this particular witch hunt image. There may be a lot to that, indeed, but for now that is something to be addressed at another time.

  • A thought I'm just going to put here in a note. It may be said there is an eighth individual in those scenes - the recorder. Nah. Any recorder is either a disciple (sharing the truth of a thing in a graphic story as it is certainly the case with the gospel accounts and appears is happening with each of the images posted in the piece) or not a disciple (merely a propagandizer for the precepts of the party).

  • Here is a note about the individual who routinely arranges keeping everyone today fulfilling their roles as they did at Jesus' trial. He's the one, by the way, with the windup instrument at the very top of Alice's image. There is, of course, someone directing his actions...

  • Here is a home page piece I did with remarks about Tupper Saussy's considerations of, as he put it, "How Jesus Rules the United States."

  • Here is a link again to the page with the gospel accounts of Jesus' trial. If you do not favor the NIV, here is the Scripture page and you may read them in the KJV.

  • Here is a page with some detail about the ways churches just make themselves card-carrying members of the party.

  • While you may not be put on the gallows at the hands of some powerful System devotee, there are dozens of ways human sacrifice is employed in Cain's service. Here is a page with a few of them.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The Savior.


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