All The Bad Guys

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Okay, finally, for all who really want to know who's really at fault, here's the exhaustive list of all the Bad Guys who've really conspired to really wreck our lives and destroy our freedoms. We must make sure we are really really angry with them.


Adam Weishaupt


Agenda 21 sponsors

Aleister Crowley

Alfred Kinsey

Alice Bailey

American Civil Liberties Union

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Antonio Gramsci


Archbishop of New York

Aspen Institute

Bank for International Settlements

Bank of England

Banking cartel (Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, etc)

Benjamin Creme and Maitreya

Berkshire Hathaway

Big arms lobby

Big finance lobby

Big gun lobby

Big media conglomerates (Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, etc)

Big oil lobby

Big pharmaceutical lobby

Big tobacco lobby

Bilderberg Group

Billionaires funding political endeavors (Maurice Strong, George Soros, et al)

Bloomsbury Group

Bohemian Grove

British Royalty

Business Roundtable

Cambridge Apostles

Carlyle Group

Cecil Rhodes

Central Intelligence Agency

Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs)

Club of Rome

Cold-hearted plutocratic members of Congress

Colonel Edward Mandell House

Communist China

Council on Foreign Relations

Covert Psy-Ops (Psychological Operations)

David Spangler

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Department of Homeland Security

Drug Enforcement Administration and their war on drugs

Earth Charter & Earth Summit sponsors

European Union

Fabian Society

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureaucracy

Federal Court System

Federal Reserve System

Federal Trade Commission

Federalist Society

Fidel Castro or other Latin American leaders (Vicente Fox, Hugo Chavez, et al)

Food and Drug Administration

Ford Foundation

Foreign investors


General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade sponsors

General Motors

Georg Hegel and consensus

Georgetown University

GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network)

Golden Triangle Universities (Oxford, Cambridge, etc)

Goldman Sachs


HAARP operators (High Frequency Active Auroral Research, a program to manipulate weather)

Harvard and its ultraliberal faculty

Helen Blavatsky

Henry Kissinger

Henry Luce family

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn


Intelligence community

Internal Revenue Service

International Monetary Fund

Islamic terrorist groups such as al Qaeda

"Islamofascist" countries such as Syria or Iran

John Dewey

John Maynard Keynes

KGB (Soviet/Russian police agency)

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Malta

Knights Templar

Kyoto Protocol sponsors

Led Zeppelin

Leo Strauss and the Neocons (Neoconservatives)

Liberal court judges

Liberal eastern establishment

Liberal education elite

Liberal media

Lucius Trust

Marx, Darwin, and Freud

Mikhail Gorbachev

Military-industrial complex

Monsanto and any unabashed food modification company


National Education Association

National Organization of Women

National Rifle Association

National Security Agency

New World Order

New York Times and Washington Post

Noam Chomsky

North America Free Trade Agreement

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Office of Strategic Services

Opus Dei

Order of the Garter

Order of the Quest

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Patriot Act legislators and enforcers

People for the American Way

Peter Drucker and human management

Planned Parenthood


President of the U.S.

President's Working Group on Financial Markets

Priory of Sion

Project Echelon

Project for the New American Century

Radical environmentalists

Radically liberal members of Congress

Ramsey Clark

RAND Corporation

Religious right-wing moralists (Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, et al)

Reverend Moon network

Rockefellers and the Rockefeller Foundation


Rothschild family and bank

Rupert Murdoch (or any other excessively influential high profile media mogul)

Sierra Club

Skull and Bones Society

Social Security Administration

Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

Theosophical Society

Think tanks that set agendas (Brookings, Cato, Heritage, or whatever others with pronounced ideological bents)

Thule Society

Tides Foundation

Trilateral Commission

UN Secretary-General

United Nations and UNESCO


Wall Street financiers who secretly fund revolutionaries, Communists, Fascists (hedging bets on both sides of any conflict)

Working Group on Financial Markets

World Bank

World Court

World Economic Forum attendees at Davos

World Health Organization

World Trade Organization

Zionist Israel

Finally, mention must be made of the thousand or so extraordinarily powerful World Operatives who are so good at what they do that to appear on this list would be an insult to them and their deft ability to sustain brilliantly opaque obscurity.


     The truth is that each one of these individuals or organizations is* irrepressibly committed to draw people to their cause and ultimately to the Agency of Cain at the expense of one's residence in God's Kingdom. It must also be underscored that these entities execute their duties faithfully in Caesar's service because people enthusiastically demand exploitation as much as they are sinners and willfully remain so.

    The extent to which they rebel against those with whom they've contracted is the justification for retribution exacted against them by these powers. As long as people require their services, the "Bad Guys" will be there to work their machinations and no amount of censure or admonition or impassioned negotiation will change that, at whatever level—from the grassroots efforts in the small town school room to the elaborate diplomacy in the king's palatial conference hall.

    After the conspiracy alarmist of whichever ideology spouts about how much we should revile his Bad Guy of choice, it can always be asked, "Then what?" What if you successfully rid the world of ___ Bad Guy? Then what? The answer to that question will always be that you'll still have sinners running around, perhaps even more profusely destroying the lives of those around them.

    The only answer to the "Large Powerful Institutional Bad Guy" problem is Jesus Christ, and walking with Him completely out of this realm. This does not mean scurrying off to Montana to form a remote commune and militia. It is merely to be someone who loves, right here, as an ambassador of the Kingdom.

    It cannot be denied that to some degree, somewhere in the highest reaches of geopolitical interaction, all of the Bad Guys are engaged in systematically virulent duplicity. But faced with the reality of this, one has only three choices. Submit, and continue to practice exploitation however mildly obsequious one's manner may be. Rebel—which is what many suggest—and get sucked into the maelstrom of endless violent conflict (hey, seasoned Catholicists thrive on this, so if that's their thing, what of it?)

    Or get out altogether.

    Again, the only way that can happen is with Him, the One who died to take out the sin that made all this "Bad Guy" stuff happen to begin with. Really, without Him, everyone is just a small-time Bad Guy. So then, when you complain, what of it?




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   *Certainly some of these individuals are long dead, some organizations impotently benign or completely defunct at this point in time. Their ideas, as mythological as they may be, still pervade the universal cause of tikkun olam, which is really what all of these people and groups are trying to do—fix the world outside the blessings and provisions of God.


    (By the way, if you think I've missed any of the most powerful "Bad Guys"—however much they try to conceal their identity or actual maneuverings—then please email me.) (Until I fix it, please email me here. Thank you.)




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