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Fall 2019

Like heat by the shadow of a cloud, the song of the ruthless is silenced.

- from the 25th chapter of Isaiah

There are a few places in the Bible where God reveals Himself in all His glory in pretty magnificent ways. The chief one is the Resurrection, and there is Creation for sure. There are a number of places in Revelation that are pretty major, the Transfiguration in the gospels is a good one, Ezekiel had visions that were pretty spectacular, and Jesus was as brilliant as the sun in confronting Paul on the Damascus road. There may be really good examples elsewhere that I missed.

One of the most compelling to me is not only how God introduces Himself to Isaiah in his sixth chapter, but what He says right after that, something that is repeated in all four gospels, in Acts, and again in the letter to the Romans.

After Isaiah is overwhelmed by the glory of God in contrast to his own sinfulness, he tells Him that he is willing to carry out any task God gives him. Here's the task: "Tell these people, the people of My nation: 'You could understand, but don't. You could see, but don't. You could listen, but don't. You could be healed, but your hearts are too hard.'" Yes, this is not a literal translation, but go see for yourself, that's cool. This is pretty much it.

Now in the context of the gospel accounts of Jesus' reference to this charge, it makes perfect sense. People are too stupid to get that everything they want is right in front of them. Essentially, "I'm here to heal you and save you and give you life, but, eh, you don't want it, and that does break my heart, but, well..."

The "Well..." part is simply that God isn't going to give us all the beauty and wonder and joy that is His Kingdom unless we see it for what it is, not in the abject reprobation of our sin. As long as we refuse to see it, we will only want to destroy it. We must come to God on His terms, not ours. We can only come to the Tree of Life by the blood of Christ and in His righteousness, not by our feeble counterfeits.

This is precisely why, after Isaiah asks God, "So, for how long should I tell them to continue to be stupid?" (really, that is what this is about) God replies, "Until they look and get it. And the only way they can is if they see..." and here it is, right from the King James  


Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, and the Lord have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land.

Now certainly this applied to those in Judah, who were about to be summarily dispossessed at the hands of the Babylonians, I got that. And I note that the chapter closes with the promise of a returning remnant, I know. But it wouldn't have been mentioned so much in the New Testament if it wasn't a significantly relevant message for us today.

You will continue to be stupid unless you let God show you the breadth of your destruction, and then firmly decide to take in healing and restoration and salvation in Him.


I watched one of the most frightening horror films I've ever seen a couple weeks ago. It is the perfect metaphor for this very prevalent, prominent, and quite present human condition.

It was Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, and really, it was a horror film. It wasn't just that a whole bunch of people were hypnotically captivated by an immature sideshow salesman (now serving a six-year prison sentence), it was that so many people, mostly Millennials, paid gobs of money merely on the insatiable desire not just to have fun but to neurotically virtue-signal through social media as the most masterful partier ever.

All of them, the whole batch of them, worshipping the god that is their stomach. Just like the slasher-film victim of the marauding chainsaw wielder was the Bahamian restaurateur who wept for all she did for this defrauder humbly, willingly, industriously only to receive massive bills to pay and the most crushing ingratitude. I really wonder about those people involved in the debacle and interviewed for the film what were they thinking when beholding the expanse of the desolation that was Fyre? Really, what are they thinking?

Can they not see the need for Someone Who Is Truth to come and not only share with them both truth and grace but courageously defend those things with His very life?

For you see the Fyre incident was the smallest microcosm of the way things are going out there in the real economic, commercial, political, and social world. Those who got scammed by the whole Fyre thing?

There are millions more just like them. Calcified in their benighted lifestyles clutching empty promises of the most dazzling attention in cyberspace. Captured in an endless loop of the most grotesque plausibility disconceptions. Convinced there is no devil laboriously offering his services as their top "influencer."

This last point, the one about the devil as influencer? It is not hard to tell who is helping them dismiss the devil as a real, live, personal entity who speaks through powerful interests to keep as many in the infernal gulag as possible. Recently the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church, announced that the devil is not real, and that he is only a symbol of the evil that is out and about in some people.


It is one thing to dismiss the devil as fantasy and get a Fyre Festival, what about all the other horrific things propped as solutions to the abjection?

Recently Facebook announced it will put out a currency of its own, hey bitcoin can't get all the cred. It is called Libra, a splendidly fitting name as it is the scales for keeping everything even and just. "Honest weights and measures" can't be more secure! Excccept...

Facebook is already in hot water because of its obsessive desire to gaze into private lives, but that is precisely what autocratic potentates do. Whuh? Facebook isn't a government is it? Well, yes it is. In fact it is more than that. It is a nation. With all the blithering about whether or not Facebook is actually a private company and permitted to do what it wants with its business affairs, or a public utility and subject to regulation such as that required for municipal electricity and water service, no one identifies its true nature.

It is a nation, all unto itself. It has a citizenry and a list of laws and bylaws to which every citizen has acceded. Its army is comprised of the brilliant tech wonks sauntering through the highest levels of corporate power using the best Sun-Tzuan tactics to bend its citizens' will to its purposes. With information technology the way it is today, national borders are practically obsolete and virtually obliterated. You may be dual citizens in any number of nations, Google, Apple, Amazon also among them. The tricky part is that nations are still subject to the perfect judgments of God, and unless they acknowledge Him and His eminent reign over all things, they will be doing their work outside of His presence as divisions of Cain's legacy. Whatever the case, all are footstools of God, set out to fulfill His purposes in the ways He directs.

It is funny, I recently came across a web writing that has gotten some attention, and no wonder with a title like, "The Most Important Problem in the World." Hmm, what could that be? The most important problem? No, the most important problem is when people stridently insist that the devil isn't real. That's really the one. Sure there are problems and issues and incidents and sometimes the most horrifically tragic events. But it is the devil who convinces people he's not deeply involved in gripping you tightly in a vicious stronghold and pulling you far away from a God who wants to grab you and hold you and embrace you like a Father no matter what happens to you.

Anyway, this widely experienced power-broking fully embedded insider, James Gamble is his name, says the most important problem today is that there are quite a few evil people on corporate boards. Yeah, that's it. Please know I'm not saying I'm surprised by this what I am noting is that so many others are surprised by this. We see a mortifying graphic depiction of a goofy music festival gone awry at the hands of some youthful Svengali what would it look like if the cameras were on the behavior of those board members?

Oh no worries. This guy's got it all down, the piece is rather lengthy. We also see it sometimes in the newspapers, can't miss it. But because those people are given so much sway over our lives we give them a pass. Hey, they do have to sell us a decent product. They do have to make us believe they are actually behaving on the up-and-up, I mean, our middle-class life of convenience depends on them, our jobs depend on them my retirement depends on them.

So we're really too fascist (technically: too much corporate power) then in come the enraged marauding socialists to rescue us yay! Or yeah! Maybe we're actually too socialist (technically: too much "public" power, but with nice smiley autocrats helping out, you know) then coming on over are the exceedingly patriotic seething crusaders to, to, um, to...





Just before Gamble's section titled "The Seduction is Viral" I still look at this in amazement and wonder why these people dismiss the power of the devil... whupp, well, wait, they are so readily seduced by the Father General, and it is quite viral, what else could "Catholic" entail?... so yeah, it does make sense anyway, Gamble bleats the pathetically typical "They're only interested in the bottom line" talking point, then adds:


Corporate persons live among us and exert a powerful influence over how we see and interact with the world. The decision not to address morality and fairness at the corporate level infects real people and contributes to the self-centered actions of individual and society at large.


Really now.

Does he have the slightest clue about who's influencing them?

So how about more law? "Let's just make better laws!" is always the gleefully hopeful conclusion of System pundits such as Gamble, I never see any other. Sure enough: "We could create corporate conscience directly through a legal requirement that all..." yada yada. "The first act... is the drafting and adoption of an ethical code..." bappity boopity. Don't get me wrong, laws are very very very good things, but only so we can fully recognize what intractable assholes we are, nothing else. At that point we need Someone to save us from ourselves, period. Lesseeee mention of Christ, mention of Christ... mnnn... yeah. Didn't think so.

We can even peek a bit at Facebook exec David Marcus' comical appearance before Congress on Libra to get the best feel for how ridiculous it is, ultimately, to just worship the law oh, every World inhabitant does it, they must. Naturally almost every question he was asked was about how Facebook would regulate the currency so it would actually, truly, really, in actual true reality be an honest weight and measure of people's productive value.

He hemmed and hawed and shared how zealously Mark Zuckerberg and company were on board with Caesar's enforcement apparatus, but in the end he could only waffle it was painful to watch. Don't misunderstand, the gold standard and the PhD standard are just as exploitive as the algorithm standard. As you cannot get blood from a turnip you cannot get righteousness from the law. When it gets down to it only dissembling, equivocation, and confusion spews from attempts to rationalize this idolatry. From the comprehensive Los Angeles Times piece on the hearing, Marcus merely "alluded to the regulatory gray area that Facebook's digital coin could occupy."

These guys are about to roll out the accepted standard currency issue for their superpower nation, and they don't even have a clue about what they're doing. They may insist they'll get it all down, I mean, come on, they've got all the latest fat protocol protections lined up, please!...that's gotta be good!


Deaf and staying deaf. Blind and staying blind. Dumb and staying dumb. As God told Isaiah about them, quite sadly it must be that way.


Until they allow Christ to open their eyes and ears and minds.




  • Here's the story from Rome's own news organization about its most powerful officer telling the world to dismiss the reality of the devil. For a bit more on that officer, look here.

  • That piece by James Gamble is here, at

  • The most recent news on Libra is that France is now blocking its development there. In the news item I saw they're calling it a "stablecoin." I learn something new every day - always enjoying the amusing entertainment. Here's a previous home page piece that touches on the abject folly of cybercurrency.

  • The image of Mark Zuckerberg was of his appearance before Congress in April of 2018. David Marcus appeared in July of this year.

  • Much of my efforts involve looking at the financial and economic conditions as a graphic identification of the rank reprobation among us. Certainly that is borne out in the way we consider value and the commensurate interactions related to it. Here is a page with some thoughts about that.

  • I thought later I really should put in the piece something critically important: the only actual way to make a business righteous. First it must be done in the heart then in the community, and then in the organization. Otherwise "the most important problem" will continue to ravage society. The reason people see this multi-faceted but extraordinarily simple solution as so radical is because, again, they refuse to know how much the devil influences them, then to repent of their own role in his work and come to Christ on His terms.

  • The very best book on the contrast is Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussy. Ultimately the winepress is God Himself utilizing the powers exerted by Cain as a footstool to fulfill His purposes. It is a challenging premise to grasp, but God is willing to share insightful understanding with one who wants it. Check out the 63rd chapter of Isaiah for more.

  • Feb 2020: Here is a link to a brief blog post from a widely respected legal pundit about exactly the thing addressed in this home page piece.

  • Here are some thoughts about The Only One who can protect you from the devil and the destruction wrought by those who regularly listen to him.




Winter 2020

Worthy are You to take the book and break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.

- from the fifth chapter of Revelation

As you may have grasped from previous elements of this work, I enjoy periodically stopping by the public libraries in my area and browsing the new stacks. It has become so much less gratifying because the thought and exposition in most volumes is getting so much more vain and vapid. Quite disappointing. But what can one expect with legions of entrenched World inhabitants spewing drivel with so little grasp of the verities in God's word.

I would like to share with you one recent occasion when I saw these five books, pictured on the right, placed just like this, as the only ones on this particular shelf.

The first is Prepared, and all I saw was the title and the subtitle on the cover. From what I gather it is yet another tome describing the ways one should bring up their children, to prepare them for the adult world. I know nothing about its substance it may be Scriptural or secular, it may be pious or prosaic. It may have many splendidly helpful suggestions in it, it may indeed. Volumes of these kinds of things have been around for eons, however my mother read Dr. Spock, millions of moms did.

The second is American Epidemic, and sure enough it is about the opioid medication addiction ravaging the country. There is certainly a crushing amount of pain out there, and it isn't just physical. I've mentioned often before, Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nine men in ten are suicides." There is so much in that observation dismissed so perilously by so many.

The other three, however, overwhelm the field of vision here. They are typical paeans to sodomist behavior, and the world is now overrun by the idea that you must celebrate someone's commitment to sexual impropriety or immorality or you are the worst pariah on the planet. You cannot avoid it, it is now so entrenched in the American psyche that you may even be lawfully prosecuted for your justifiably righteous censure of such massive dissipation.


After a bit of a presently non-threatening skin cancer scare and a new encounter with the reality of my mortality, I've thought more about this place we call home this planet, the lives of those around me, my nation and its future especially with regards to the livelihoods of my children and grandchildren. My true home is heaven, but I still care about those who clutch these places with some manic fervor. In looking at life through what is called the ROE Filter, I've realized that the programs of socialism, racialism, and sodomism are quite legitimate ways God has authorized potentates to govern the reprobate populace who refuse to dwell richly in the Kingdom by Christ.

The World System was set into motion to constrain people who'd incessantly live in rejection of Him, for the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to see the evil for what it is and in turn discover Him and embrace Him and revel in the Kingdom He gives us to overflow.

I've spent much webzine and blog space elucidating the horrors of socialism, racialism, and sodomism. My latest consideration of socialism is that it merely allows Cain's minions to bellow, "Look at how good I am, look! I will use my power to rescue you, even if it means committing human sacrifice against others to do it." It really isn't much more complicated. As much as one feverishly clenching the capitalist creed rails against it, socialism works. It is brilliantly utilized as a tool in the ministry of condemnation, something God says is perfectly fine for such purposes look there in the third chapter of the second letter to the Corinthians.

Racialism is a way for government to prosecute unrepentant sinners by making the hatred they have for one another all about race it is so much easier to adjudicate that way. You may not actively hate, but all sin is separation from God and His Kingdom, so it makes no difference. All whites are guilty, all persons of color are victims nice and tidy culture war conflagration to concuss with all due prejudice.

Sodomism is the key thing, in my view, that leaves the largest swath of destruction, at so many different levels. This is another form of "Look at how good and wholesome and righteous I am by cheerfully giving you permission to express yourself in ways that are so radically unconventional that not only will you overcome that aggravating self-awareness of your insecurities but you'll be deliriously applauded for the courage you've had to affirm it so brazenly."

At its core anything related to LGBTQ+ involvement or approval is the ruthless disengagement with that which truly gives one relational meaning family. Even God wants to adopt you and be your Father making you as His son or daughter an heir to all that is truly meaningful. Note how the people running the most stridently expansive sodomist organizations labor valiantly to try to make themselves the replacement for those most vital and vibrant relationships we may have. They even employ the various strands of government to engender and disperse their disinformation about the nature of sexuality and identity.

Cain so wants to be his brother's keeper.

Want out? You're spinning your wheels if you are bent on upending what some desperately crave furiously conducting assassination plots and disruptive crusades to sabotage his devices. Such violent remonstrations only bring the worst trial and turmoil. He loves it. In thousands of different ways he gushes, "Bring it on!"


Really, I so want to get much more into all of this idea, but it is too much to tackle in one home page piece. I've done a bit of it a number of times previously. Here I just want to introduce a page with a profound elucidation about much of how all this coalesces into the way things really are. It is something Tupper Saussy wrote just after the 9/11 tragedy in 2001, what I consider not only the seminal part of his "Abiding in Religious War" but really his entire work. It features what I call the ROE Filter Engine, the key to understanding how Rome justifies its use of those tools to regulate the affairs of those interminably "in need of salvation."

ROE stands for Rulers of Evil, a book by Tupper Saussy about the way temporal governance really works. I encourage you to read it. It is online, and I have a page with a bit more of Saussy's works.

I invite you to look around, peruse this webzine for a bit more. This has only one purpose and one purpose only:


That you may find that bountiful, beautiful salvation in Him.


Before you take a look-see at The Engine, I'd like to share an anecdotal story that adds a bit of booster fuel to the machinery. We like to pass through Palm Springs in our travels and one time while strolling through the art faire we crossed the street to browse in this shop, the one pictured. Inside were all the trappings of the most robust sexual immorality you could imagine, very upscale though, very tasteful mind you. A sample of its offerings is in the other image on the right, it is quite comprehensive.

What was so striking was among all the books for expert instruction in making your concupiscence that much more sublime was a shelf of books about the Roman Catholic Church. They were the more hip ones, you know, more about the fashionably spiritual aspects of the craft. But you'll note, as you can see for yourself in the photograph, that they were distinctly about Rome.

Why? I didn't have the wherewithal at the time to ask the proprietor, maybe I will step in again to do so next time we pass through. It could certainly be that the Palm Springs clientele and those like-minded are very committed to the best ways to have absolution when they misbehave, I got that I mean after all, Pope Francis is the best Jesuit confessor there is. But could it also be that they're firmly acknowledging the impetuous truth that so desperately in need of salvation, they sincerely recognize where they must go for the most proficient management of their evildoing?


Moms and Dads are the earthly ministers of Christ's love to their children. It isn't even that for those without earthly parents there aren't people who love with Christ's love to be the caretakers, caregivers, care-overwhelmers there very much are those people. But if these rich soul-lovers don't step up and do it, Cain will always replace them with his people, and it is always brutal. As socialism racialism sodomism are further employed in this task, as legitimate as this is, the world will get darker, more sinister, more destructive of body and soul even in the depths of all the "Things aren't so bad right now!" bleating. Scripture emphatically warns when everyone is saying "Peace and safety" watch. Just watch.

Ironic, isn't it, that opioids are dished out as the antidote to pain and they cause so much more of it. The deliverance from whatever is causing the pain is Jesus Christ, and until people start identifying the forces that keep them going, "Nah, it isn't Him gimme another pill," they will never find the contentment they seek, much less the joy that can only be found in Him. I can't help but add how extraordinarily sorrowful it is that a number of the books on that Palm Springs shop's lower shelf were about death also quite telling, I think.

I just saw an article in the Los Angeles Times, right as I was finishing up this home page, about suicide hotlines now losing their callers in droves because the helpline organizations are now required to play that ubiquitous "This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes." Makes sense. Why would you spill your heart when everything you say will be analyzed by Big Brother? Even still, why should callers trust counselors who aren't being held accountable for the things they may share?

Why in the world are these people expected to replace a mother and a father who, grounded in Scripture, may bring up their children with the most rigorous and righteous understanding of the way things truly are even in and around the most gruesomely wrenching fear?


I want to close with a transcription of a scene from the rather well-known dystopian feature film Soylent Green.

After one of the protagonists, Sol Roth, joins with a number of other "Books" (scholarly elderly people) to discover the secret that the Soylent Corporation uses new human corpses to produce food products, he says this.

"Good God."

One of the Books responds, "What 'God,' Mr. Roth? Where will we find Him?"

Roth replies, "Perhaps at home. Yes, at home."

To Roth this meant going to a euthanizing facility and expediting his desired entry to heaven.

As I watched this scene I thought of home in the more immediate sense: a place where a true, real, caring and giving and sacrificing family reside, a father and mother sharing the love of Christ with their children. With Cain taking over that role, no wonder we're starting to see the result of that condition, spoken of in Scripture: "A man's enemies will be the members of his own household." This from the tenth chapter of Matthew, something Jesus said and I know of fewer things that are more harrowing.

Yes, Jesus also said we should love God even more than a mother or a father, but He never said don't love them! He emphasized that we should love each other with the same passion, but if it is authentic agape it means self-sacrifice that is truest love. Other-sacrifice is the way of the World, and if you use this test you can tell the Living Word from the institutional winepress...


The Kingdom from the World.




  • Here's that page with more from Tupper Saussy. Here is a link again to "The ROE Filter Engine."

  • Here is my video that is a bit more of a graphic arrangement of the contrast between the Kingdom and the World.

  • I've put together a page with links to all the institutions that do Cain's authoritative and legitimate work. It is here. I urge you to proceed with caution. May you do it prayerfully.

  • What is all this with Cain? Here's a response from this webzine's FAQ, but you can go right to the primary source for the best answer, here, in Scripture.

  • There are a number of places where I discuss the whole socialism racialism sodomism triumvirate. Please peruse the Archives Menu, and also the Site Map to begin your journey.

  • In stating that socialism works perfectly fine as a tool in Cain's arsenal, I am not in any way saying it isn't viciously lethal. Here is a page that speaks of the transcendent nature of reconciliation, also by Tupper.

  • Here are some thoughts about The One Who Is True Joy.




June 2022 note: Going through some old photographs in my computer files I came across this, a shot I took back in 2016 when visiting the same shop addressed in the home page piece here. I was even then intrigued about why these tomes were offered for sale in a place that was so brazenly oriented to the most grotesque lasciviousness. Again I can't see how it isn't related to the psychological consideration that a Jesuit confessor in such a powerful position is such a wonderful development because he will only require the most delightful penance after one engages in the things promoted by a society proudly showcased here. If you can't read the title of the book on the far right, it is This Saint Will Change Your Life. It features the characteristics of 300 saints who if you pick the right one will be on your side no matter what you do.


July 2024 note: On the way back from Arizona I thought I'd stop by again, to stretch my legs for a brief walk down the street and back, but to see about the latest in this very elegant shop. It continues to "evolve," though not from the luridly libertine nature of its merchandise. It has, ironically, added even more books to become something of a bookstore, and very much for the wealthier set. At the entrance is a small table with the very best in LGBTQ chic, mostly books. The place still caters to a very special clientele of sodomist-minded Epicrurean sophisticates, and along the north side are very stylish art books, some priced at $1,000. It is quite an interesting exhibition, a museum of sorts, reflecting the whole Palm Springs environment, and I told the storekeepers that. They seemed to be flattered.



Spring 2020

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels." For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, "Peace be within you." For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your prosperity.

- from the 122nd Psalm

One of the most powerful chapters in the Bible is the ninth chapter of Jeremiah. It may not be the most important, but it is top ten. Yeah you've got Exodus 20, Psalm 23, John 3, Romans 8, I Corinthians 13... all those are critically important. Every chapter in Scripture is, really.

But that ninth chapter of Jeremiah's prophetic book.

I'd venture to say most haven't the faintest clue about what that is about. As it is with most of the Old Testament prophets' writings, much of Jeremiah is about how extensively Israel is being judged. Oh how much ouch. This ninth chapter has much of the same but it just has a more visceral feel to it, it just does. But that's not what is noteworthy.

It is what bookends the judgment.

At the very beginning of the chapter Jeremiah is being characteristically disconsolate, but it is particularly pronounced, even to the point of tearfully seeking retreat to a distant lodge in the wilderness where he may fellowship with faithful, caring, spiritually intelligent people. You know he so longs for that last attribute in his lodge mates because he speaks of how contemptibly stupid people are.

I can't say I don't relate.

At the very end of the chapter God speaks. He too speaks from a position of grievance, because it is clear He loves these people like crazy. And what does He say? He essentially answers the question of all questions: What is it exactly that God wants?

Please don't get me wrong. It is unequivocal: Everyone asks that question, even those who say they don't have a god. Oh, they do. Everyone has a Jesus, even if they insist they don't. The question What is it exactly that God wants? is precisely the same question as What is it my Jesus wants me to do? often simply expressed as What in the world am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Every single person is striving to please their Jesus. Sure many give up and slowly kill themselves with some kind of destructive obsession, or quickly kill themselves after allowing the people holding Cain's legacy to put them on the altar of institutionalized human sacrifice but they only do so because they are overwhelmed by the shame of displeasing their Jesus.

Or more poignantly, they may even be shattered by the harrowing realization that a straw-man feel-good Jesus of any kind is no Jesus at all, and no amount of existentially severe waddling through that despair can make it any better. They'll try really hard, but genuinely confronting the destiny that is Hell itself is always crushing.

There is a real Jesus, and it really isn't hard to understand and know Him.

That's because this is precisely what He wants.

It is right there at the end of that ninth chapter. Here, from the King James even, you can't miss it:

"Let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord."

I share all of this because I want to mention one brief thing in this home page piece that I've discovered is a truth clouded by the virulently reigning humanist mentality. I confess, even I am captivated by that mentality at times I too am indeed a recovering Catholicist.

It is this truth:


No one really wants there to be no bullying out there. Everyone just wants a bigger bully than the other guy's.


Very well-meaning people living by the World frequently screech "Let's make a world without bullying!" Some of them are the most wholesomely religious people you could see. The critical problem is, what bully will you conscript to vigorously persuade the stubborn detractor? And please, the bullying isn't just physical as much emotional and spiritual violence is comprehensively devoted to the endeavor.

The brutal truth about the STOP BULLYING campaign is that to execute the thing you do need someone with more strength than the recalcitrant objector. It is yet another certain truth the humanist propaganda splatterer will vehemently rail against: In order to have true justice against a lawbreaker you must ultimately, somewhere down the line, be willing to shoot him or her dead.

You can almost see the apoplectic reaction from the World devotee who ferociously desires your civil election vote. "You can't do that! Just elect me and I'll talk things out to make everything better. Because I'm a kind, generous public servant I will never shoot anyone... um... with the sole exception of those who know what justice truly is, know there should be a serious price to pay for violating the law, and will call me out on my administrative ineptitude, yes I admit those we'll shoot."

Ahh, yeah.

This is definitely the position of most people with some authoritative stature. The best example of this is the rampaging position that people must be considered criminally misled if they firmly hold to the following conviction: Sexual health and integrity is only that shared between one man faithfully married to one woman anything else is categorically a sexual assault crime, period. Don't sycophantically believe there are a number of gender identities and sexual expressions and libertine revelries? Don't comply? You are now fully liable to summary prosecution by the state. This is indeed the new heresy, subject to more and more severe penalties.

I really like what Matt Walsh and Jennifer Roback Morse have written about this veritably benighted state of Cain's domain.

On December 5 2019 Walsh wrote an excellent piece about the dismantling of traditional masculinity. It was a sobering challenge to the idiocy of "toxic masculinity" that informs so much of the humanist's war against men. Walsh articulately lays out the case that men were made by God to be strong, aggressive, protective, physically energized it is the natural state of the divinely assembled human being we generally call male, and he is supposed to be that way for righteousness to prevail in a community. If the male's traits are put to good use, they are very good things.

Sorry, whimpering humanists, but men are made to be bullies.

Now, can a man be sinful? Can he be, as they say, a boorish chauvinistic pig? Of course he can! But it has nothing to do with masculinity. If a man commits a crime, then guess what, you still need a bigger bully to constrain that. All Walsh is getting at is that the humanist elements in Cain's vast adjudication wants to and will replace fathers, and they will do it with all the social justice, identity politics, gender preference blather they can mercilessly spew forth. It is indeed part of the extraordinarily destructive present-day Lysistrata movement, and so many otherwise resilient, courageous, principled men have been so woefully seduced by it.

Five days after Walsh's piece, Morse wrote an eloquently scathing piece called "The Sexual Deep State," about how the political calcification of the sexual revolution in today's culture has reached its zenith. Essentially, the government is now fully vested in protecting and advancing the principles of sodomism. It has done so by effectively codifying the three ideologies that have undergirded it for the past half-century: Contraceptive (separating sex from babies), Divorce (separating both sex and babies from marriage), and Gender (eradicating the significance of differences between men and women).

After providing this exposition, she echoes the proud deceit revealed in the fifth verse of Genesis' third chapter: "We might say that this is the defining feature of the entire Sexual Revolution: human will can override physical realities of sex and reproduction." (Emphasis hers) Really, again, everyone wants to be a bully in their own right, or at least join up with the one who will positively acknowledge and actively preserve their own personal identity-defining characteristics no matter how desolately evil they truly are.

Both authors are the best expositors of the massive dissipation that's obliterating society. What is particularly sad is that both, as Roman Catholics of some stripe, simply can't elucidate The Solution. Much of this is happening simply because Rome makes it happen, arranging things to keep people seeking out Caesar as the only source of rescue there is. As eye-opening as Walsh and Morse are, the reader is merely left with, umm, okay, how much can we just, well, bully them back?

Walsh writes about those venomous sexual confusion policy hysterics all the time. Ironically he even has a new book out, Church of Cowards. Walsh's whole M.O. is to lambast people who don't uphold healthy morality please, not an unworthy cause. But the problem isn't as much that people are cowardly, it's that they are Catholicist too ill-equipped to understand the breadth of God's power and too beholden to the World System for their salvation. They abjectly refuse not only to understand the Roman Catholic Church is the authorized ecclesiastical branch of Cain's bullying enterprise, but to recognize its seductive compulsion by non-profit tax exempt institutions as subdivisions of that hegemony.

Morse herself even has a fine organization called the Ruth Institute providing aid and relief to those hammered by the effects of the sexual revolution also a remarkably worthy enterprise! I don't want to be presumptuous at all, but I really don't think Morse fathoms how much Rome engenders those virulently destructive conditions against which she ministers so ardently! Because her organization is indeed a 501c3 it is fully obligated to Rome for management of its affairs.

Much of the problem is there are so many like Walsh and Morse we have a nation full of Savonarola's incessantly bleating about these profoundly serious issues. I read a piece just yesterday about how wrong it is to call pornography a "public health issue" rather it must be considered flat-out wickedness. Terrific! A good word for transcendent moral standards! Okay, then what? Caesar can't stop it because we now see how readily he's enabling it. Whatever Jesus they think they know is just a fairy tale character, so, umm, then yeah, I guess the humanist wins. The author of the piece suggested democracy. Yeah, really since we're a democracy we need to rally just that many more people into not liking pornography.

In fact I caught another recent chunk of punditry bellowing that since we've lost the academia, the media, and the powerful corporate interests again they all go insane stridently endorsing sodomy all we have left is elections. So yeah, go vote to end the evil! It is certainly true many Americans voted for Trump because he does look like a bigger badder bully than the leftists have.


It may quite reasonably be asked, "Waaait a minute here. Aren't you misusing the term bully? Aren't you just confusing bullying with legitimate authority, proper use of power, or compelling leadership? A bully is someone who uses their advantage of strength, usually physically, to exploit another unjustly!" Yes, I get that. But if you speak with an entrenched humanist, you'll find they simply don't see the nuanced distinction.

Which leads us to clearly define another term. Humanist. Humanism is the idea that all things start with man, and man should be free to express his own will to decide his own identity and destiny. It often comes with the claim that any expression of a belief in a supernatural being as having any impact on things is simply a delusion even if graciously permitted in polite company.

Scriptural truth declares that all things start with God, and you may either enlist in His realm the way He has things or you may shuffle about making your own hapless way through life. The preeminent component of that realm is His love manifest bountifully in the shed blood of His Son, and if humbly appropriated by faith one may live in the most joyous fellowship with Him in the Kingdom forever.

The Christian humanist will often blap that they don't really believe in that crotchety "Old Testament" God. Rather the nice gentle "New Testament" one is who we should revere. The problem is that sin still reigns in the heart of a man, the horrors of its effects still ravage the planet and God loves enough to address it with either judgment, or yes, mercy. But that is up to you.

Take a look at the first chapter of Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians. That's in the New Testament, and it is indeed one of many passages that tell of God taking no prisoners when it comes to sin. Check it out, the whole thing. Here're just the sixth and seventh verses:


God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well.


Kapowwie. Sounds like a bully to me. I agree, I chafe at applying the term to God, but to the Christian humanist it is downright objectionable no matter how true and just God's decision-making is. That is the key difference. The Christian humanist foolishly dismisses the suffocating evil all around, or is terribly dishonest to say he doesn't need a bully when Cain's legacy of divinely imbued seven-fold retribution already does the work for him perfectly well.

Thomas Hobbes was so right. The natural state of man is to destroy one another. God knew that eons ago when he sent Cain out of His presence to be the temporal bully to anyone who would challenge his authority. Every single kind of Cain's bullying utilized in the World is either a provocation or a response from the certified government, the ordained church, or the protected financial and commercial conglomeration to stir rage into either protracted rebellion or heartier fealty to the temporal lords. All of it perfectly rational. The real question is whether or not it is righteous.

Thing is, God still reigns. God is still on the throne, His power demonstrated most brilliantly in Resurrection signifying the deepest abiding sacrificial love there is. And His only begotten Son gave His life so that people wouldn't be bullied anymore, but the Son is now seated at the Father's right hand and, from the first chapter of Ephesians, "far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked not only in the present age but also in the one to come. And God placed all things under his feet and appointed Him to be head over everything..."

Look at that. Jesus sitting there, with the head of anyone claiming to have some kind of authority or power, wow under his foot.

So yeah.

You have a bully, really. You want there to be a bully on your side.

Face it.

That's the truth.

All your bawling about no-more-bullying is pointless because you'll try to employ the services of a bully to get people to buy in to that idea that there should be no more bullying.

The real question is, Who is the one who is your bully?

Is it the first human-sacrificer God sent out to build a city constructed just for bullying, more imaginative bullying, and the commensurate response to bullying ad nauseam?

Or is it The One who had the power to send an army of angels to kick our asses for very good reason! but didn't, and instead was a sacrifice for you so you could have the truest, richest, fullest identity and destiny in who He made you to be, who He redeemed you to be, and who He'd be overjoyed to smile upon and walk with and hold tightly so you may rapturously enjoy His Kingdom forever?


I must add in closing that in all of what I see and read out there, I weep it is why Jeremiah is the biblical character with whom I connect the most. I not only weep for those he tries to talk to so much like people today but I weep for myself because I can't deny Jeremiah is speaking to me. Oh how much I need to see the value of repentance, the meaning of constant prayer, the beauty of steadfastly entering into His presence with worship and communion of the saints.

It is not easy. So, so many are given over to those World precepts so rampant, so raging, so devastating. Jesus even said if you love Him, they'll come after you if they hate you, it is because they hated Him first.

They're exceptionally ruthless bullies.


Thank God, Jesus is The Lodge.





  • Matt Walsh's piece is here. Jennifer Roback Morse's is here. I simply do not remember where I happened to catch the other two pieces suggesting "democracy" as the thing which would bring moral restoration.

  • The posted painting is from 1524 and presumed to be Girolamo Savonarola. It is called "Portrait of a Dominican" by Moretto da Brescia. Savonarola was tried by the church and convicted essentially for excessive moral rabble-rousing. For punishment he was hanged and burned.

  • Here's a list of some of the Jesuses promoted by the World. Here is a page with the specific ways Rome engenders sexual immorality and does so as a matter of firmly institutionalized procedure.

  • The opening quote is quite meaningful to the extent that when God restores creation after the last days, He will dwell with us in the New Jerusalem. The fullest shalom joy will be there, and it will be wonderful. There will be no more pain, no more tears, and yes, no more bullying... and it'd be truly awesome if many of the former bullies in Cain's domain were there too - that's much of the point of the passage. Please check out the 65th chapter of Isaiah for much more.

  • For the part in Scripture when Jesus says He could have an army of angels sent to rescue Him, it is Matthew 26:53. For a graphically visual display of God's military potency, check out 2 Kings 6:17. Please read each verse in its entire context for the full understanding. In this light I'd also recommend looking at the entire second chapter of Ephesians, right after that part about Jesus putting anyone of authority under His feet. See who else is there with Him, and what their commitment is, right now. You can't miss it.

  • Jesus is identified by many things as biblical metaphors, The Door, The Vine, The Bread among others. Though not explicit, there is no doubt He is also The Lodge. After all, the first part of the Song of Ascents is "Let us go to..."

  • (January 23 2021 note: I couldn't help but add a link to this Townhall article about an interview former NYT journalist Bari Weiss did with Megyn Kelly. The notable part: "Bullying the right people is not just okay there, it's kind of like a virtue."




Summer 2020

In truth, facts today are deemed controversial if they deviate from accepted narratives, and professors must self-censor out of fear of being condemned and losing their jobs.

- Debra Soh, York University neuroscience researcher

The Globe and Mail, Nov 28 2018


Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with...

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

- Alfred, in the major motion picture The Dark Knight from 2008


Look at what has happened over the past several months.

First there was the raging coronavirus hysteria designed implicitly to further tighten Caesar's grip by enforcing the most excessive lockdown protocols so public officials can appear to be doing something. Then there was yet another incident plastered across the imperious media domain when a white police officer used a savage measure of force against a black man inflaming public sentiment that had already been infused into its collective psyche by, by... what exactly?

This web endeavor has been going for 16 years strong, and every few months I've put up something here on the home page for robust rumination. I say this because there has been something new I've been learning about, and I'd like to share a bit of it with you now. I think it has a lot to say about why exactly the coronavirus and racialist conflagration is happening.

What I've learned isn't a new thing, it has been around for about a hundred years or so, but I've discovered it is instrumental in forming the rigidly entrenched thinking of so many people. It is captivating more and more as you read these words.

You see its effects in the violent rioting going on right now, the result of that thinking finding its fully expected fruit not only in the rage displayed in big cities around the country, but in the rabid social media cheerleading that accompanies it. We see much of the physical violence but forget that there is even more emotional and spiritual violence exploding across the globe.

I've spent these many years working at seeing the basic substance of that benighted condition, and recently blogged about the truth that often God must allow people to see the harrowing effects of their willful folly, because only then may they truly understand what they're doing and authentically turn to Him for forgiveness, redemption, deliverance, restoration, salvation, and entrance into the Kingdom where true joy and freedom prevail.

So in that sense, this thing isn't really new at all. It is new to me, it has been around for millennia merely as one of the many manifestations of Cain's legacy of ruthless law enforcement established to constrain those who refuse to call on the name of the Lord.

I am a college educated gentleman, indeed, and growing up in that milieu I'm surprised I never really caught on to what was pushing against my soul. Oh I do know about the pressure from this thing, but that I wasn't aware of its origin is not surprising because I'm sure the thousands of rioters, the millions of lockdown girders, and the hundreds of millions of zealous supporters of these crusades don't have the faintest idea where the rationale for their actions was birthed.

Once again, there is a much deeper source of the precepts that came from this place, but one of the most powerful forces in today's political environment is indeed something called the Frankfurt School.


I'm not going to be able to cover everything about it, so forgive me, but one of the first things to note is how they use vague euphemisms and technical jargon to hide what they are truly about. The first is that it is never first referred to the "Frankfurt School," it is always this thing Critical Theory. Just that epithet alone gives them cover because it sounds so objective, so advanced, so scholarly. Who is against good, righteous critiquing of things to make life better?

At its core, however, is the following basic idea. And something real quick, this basic idea is really it. Critical Theory proponents will screech there is so much more, but it is ponderously excessive and often ridiculously illogical scholarese to make it seem like they've done all this erudite activity to justify their claims. There may be merit to some of it, but it is largely vapid hifalutin hokum to dwell richly in the skulls of potentates of every stripe.

That basic idea:


Throughout history white people have taken over the world through commandeering both culture and the communication technology through which to spread their conception of culture, and its sole purpose is to rigidly sustain the unjust oppression of targeted minority groups and those seeking their own particular sexual expression.


Really, that's it.

Now if I've missed something I'm great to know about it. They do include calls for rebellion, revolution, indeed a wholesale razing of the system and remaking it in their image. Look at how loud the hollering is for defunding and disbanding all police forces everywhere nope, no anarchist insanity in that public policy recommendation. Certainly these peerless detractors do indeed adopt the Frankfurt School precepts as the rallying cry for their frenetic behaviors, no question.

Lots of fun terminology is used to give Critical Theory cachet: There is always a lot of sanctimonious Marxist sentiment, but that's augmented by turgid references to colonialism, imperialism, alienation, deconstructionism, patriarchy, hegemony... newer ones crop up all the time. That last one cited there is actually a perfectly reasonable one I've even used it quite frequently because there is one thing the Frankfurt people got right:

There is a hegemony.

It was set in motion by God Himself millennia ago for the expressed purpose of regulating the conduct of habitually sinful unrepentant humans. For it to succeed in its task it needed seven times the strength of any usurper, and to administer it all the first ordained superintendent of the System went off to build a city, an apparatus to make it easier for him to prosecute those he's prodded and provoked and enraged so he could show everyone how bad-ass he was. The only way he could do that is to keep people in a state of evildoing and continue to commit acts of human sacrifice claiming that he finally can be his brother's keeper.

Don't think this isn't the way things are?

Have you been paying attention to what's happening in the cities right now? The cities? Stuff that actually happens all the time, but sometimes with a bit more convulsive emphasis, like right now? There is nothing inherently wrong with cities, some are beautiful. But that is some of the point, they must draw people to their main purpose: more proficient management of their sin within the boundaries of a place signified by the word "see," as in "Holy See," specifically referring to the authority of Roman Catholic ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

I like how some who see its surface manifestations will say "There's a hidden agenda somewhere!" No, there really isn't. It is really all there for anyone to understand, there in the instruction book. It is not hard to get.

The reality of System operations was described in great detail in the fourth chapter of Genesis, in the most reliable history book of them all, the Bible. By the way, that's another thing to note about Critical Theory, its interpretations of history must be fully considered and rigidly adopted no matter how questionable, spurious, or flat-out erroneous. Let's see what we can achieve with broad inaccurate claims about historical events to fit our agenda, you know, because Bible believers have generally been part of the hegemony crushing dissenting opinions of what history means.

One of the best examples of this at work is in The New York Times recent Pulitzer-winning piece called, "1619." Essentially it was a completely fantastical version of U.S. history supporting the now fully entrenched idea of systemic racism, and I can't believe it wasn't a catalyst for the present state of urban violence. The writer even confessed, "My ultimate goal is that there'll be a reparations bill passed... I write to try to get liberal white people to do what they believe in. I'm making a moral argument. My method is guilt."

Guilt is a tremendously powerful weapon, one of the best in Caesar's arsenal especially when it is a critical part of the Institutional Deceit. The crusade is so enticing something to live for, a cause to fight for, a penance to achieve, a coterie of people gushing over me, a way to seize recompense and if that means looting the rich fascist corporate powers, then so be it.

To see them burn after all the things the Frankfurt School has told me they've done to me, well so be it!

Of course being nowhere near God's presence, including His wisdom and understanding and truth, they can't fully grasp how fully they themselves are employed by Cain's legacy. Yes, the truth is as much as they rail and rage and roil against the oppressive power structure...


They are just as much part of it as their oppressors.


They've been set up, all of them, from the indigent people of color to the rich liberals living in Claraboya. But this is the way it works. Because Rome is indeed the hegemony, and the revolutionaries the necessary foils for Rome to do its job of seven-fold retribution, it is indeed all one huge, monolithic, oppression organism.

The Frankfurt School and its "new" hegemony is just as fascist as the fascists they encourage you to revile. The oppressed are just as oppressive as the tyrants they despise. When the schools pour even more taxpayer dollars into their "equality sensitivity centers" for maximum guilt prosecution, will they welcome white people suffering from the discriminatory oppression of being told they're intractable racists? No? Ahh, I see, it only goes one way that sounds like justice to me.

Look at a phenomenally sinister thing they're doing now: seducing your very own friends to insist if you are silent about the racism you are the worst kind of racist unless you're not silent about it. It is as fine a witch hunt as there could be the clear intimation is you must make some official proclamation in favor of the benighted things they think or you're a criminal. One observant commentator called it "moral blackmail," but it only works if the enterprise has a critical mass of supporters, all spawned by World ops sworn to make this seep and fester everywhere.

Think about it, if Caesar wanted to he could end this carnage right now with the standard-issue force required to uphold the law and actually protect citizens' lives and livelihoods. But he doesn't, simply because the Frankfurt School infection is more profitable. Think about this too, how many in their hearts know this exploding climate of class, sex, and race-baiting victimology is so lethal but say nothing or feel they must endlessly spew obsequious apologies for being white or male or just plain ignorant simply because the governing mandarins are so ruthlessly intimidating?

That doesn't come from mild-mannered professors in some far-off German college, much less from people just hopping up one morning to take their "Silence = Violence" signs to the demonstration. The Frankfurt School is now and has been for some time the Jesuit-administered university system informing everything U.S. political, commercial, financial, excursive, and religious authorities decide to do, all of it heavily absorbed into the Americanist bloodstream.

Feel good about being part of The Resistance? One pundit recently mentioned he'd heard from someone in a highly regarded news organization who told him his boss admitted his job wasn't to share truth but to take down Donald Trump. Does that make you feel really good inside? Is your hatred of Trump so fully calcified it is impossible to live happily without the delightful seething against anyone who doesn't quite see things the proper way, the twisted joy believing this colossal disruption will convince enough voters to reject Trump, the ribald gratification of seeing "social justice" finally achieved when the impenitent white man finally gets his come-uppance?

It is most likely you are simply doing what the Frankfurt School has told you to do, which is what Rome has told you to do, which is what huh, who has told you to do? Who is that?

Do you know?


So much to address here in a small home page piece, I will simply have to get to more of it in blog posts or subsequent home page pieces. I'm also worn out. I've been wrestling with difficult professional issues at this season of my life, but God is so good. In light of having to behold a so widely Catholicized nation of people doing insanely foolish things that even go beyond the current coronavirus and racialist hysteria, it can be daunting.

I look at Jeremiah, as I've shared before my favorite Bible character, simply because he is so courageous and yet he feels it just the same. I find great inspiration in his example, but I can't close without making mention of The One he worshipped: The Word, The Bread of Life, The Lodge that One Individual with whom you may easily and readily consider approaching and embracing to leave the body of death that is the vast Frankfurt School network.


I recently came across a song that I'd heard a few times before, and this time I actually listened to the lyrics. It popped up on my radio, and I was intrigued. One reason was because it was a song that appealed to that alternative milieu cherished by so many Millennials, Gen-Z'ers, all the young people so hypnotized by Frankfurt School curricula, and, by the way, who are getting more and more important work in critical areas of the System because they can be paid so cheaply.

The song was "Time to Pretend" by MGMT, from 2005 a lifetime to its youthful listeners. And those lyrics, they were so haunting...


This is our decision to live fast and die young...

I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world...

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end...

We were fated to pretend...


Other verses just as much illuminate the perspective of these people I remember what it was like when a young adult. The feelings about life and relationships and meaning and destiny were so intensely visceral. Youth is the most fertile pasture for Frankfurt School stuff, and a firmly Catholicized nation with little connection to God's words, ways, and mercy provides the rich soil for it to grow.

Even more striking about "Time to Pretend" was the official video. Thought I'd watch it after thinking about the song, and it is filled with wild images of primitive ennui, rituals involving burning items, and most notably human sacrifice featuring not only bloodied bodies but people appearing to take mass just as they do in Catholic Church services.

As much as they so definitively showcase the very real horrors of this life, these people all still heed the fiercely disseminated instruction of their lords:

"Stay inside or your possible infection will kill someone else!"

"Go outside and frantically howl against racism!"

"Human sacrifice of another is perfectly fine to further the cause."

"Adopt this revolutionary new idea (since last month's is so old) so you can pretend life has meaning."


So many more.

They listen and obey with such enthusiasm.

But again, I have nothing to say.

That is the hegemony God set in motion long ago and is always in the hands of Cain's minions.

It serves its purpose for World devotees who ask it to do so.


But then...


There is The Living Word.



Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares.

If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city.

- God to Jeremiah, his book's fifth chapter




  • The quotes from the writer of "1619" were cited in Carol Iannone's May 28 piece at the American Greatness site.

  • The screenshot image of the story about the police joining the protestors is from the Townhall site.

  • I used the term "excursive" to refer to all the media communication magnates which comprise not only the four major mass media dissemination companies (AT&T, Comcast, Disney, and ViacomCBS) but includes any and all social media and the big tech companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon) that facilitate it. The term seems now to be the best descriptive one to use in this instance.

  • Also, just for review because the term is not widely used but quite appropriate: While racism is about hating someone because you don't like their skin color, racialism is about hating someone because you are convinced he or she is a racist particularly when it is based on a System-generated deceit employed to destabilize society. The racialist tries to explain everything through race, largely based on the instructions they've received from the Frankfurt School. "All white people must be racist" is the best example, and indeed it is not only racialist but just as racist as well.

  • There are many gods the World promotes to keep people pretending their lives have some transcendent meaning. Here's a list of some them.

  • Here's a page with links to the branches of the System, all its administrators taking their instructions from the one titled "World Operative Development." This piece from Tupper Saussy gets a bit into the MPMW who ultimately directs the whole enterprise.

  • The most important history to know besides that in the Bible is in Saussy's book, Rulers of Evil. Unlike the "1619" fable, he veraciously details the not-so-secret arrangement of the Roman hegemony designed specifically for the U.S. If you have a few minutes it's well worth your while to look into. The chapter starting on page 205 in the PDF is particularly relevant for these purposes.

  • What is this "Catholicized nation"? I try my best to explain here, hope it helps. I've also assembled a few observations about this thing human sacrifice. Here's a previous home page piece that may also be of interest.

  • I wrote a home page with nine more of the most diabolical precepts held strongly by so those who've learned from the Frankfurt School. It is here.

  • Here's a previous home page piece on the now authoritarian woke culture, here's another one, and one more (it seems I have touched on these items quite a bit). The preface in the latter does have a bit of an honest revelation about my own fears being misunderstood, but I've learned there are many you simply cannot convince they've lived by The Lie for so long. Why abandoned trust in The Truth is so critical, really.

  • (June 29 note:) Recently I came across this piece by Dinesh D'Souza about the Frankfurt School's role in the formation of the racialist sodomist socialist nexus - it is worth a read. The key thing he misses is that the American university system had already been richly cultivated by the Jesuits for the implicit purpose of achieving exactly the kind of virulent disruption that is happening now.

  • In Jeremiah's ninth chapter he longs to go to the lodge in the wilderness where he may find relief from the pandemic violence. Jesus is identified by many metaphors, and I consider He is also The Lodge. I've been enjoying tremendous rest in visiting the delightfully satirical Babylon Bee, and this article is one that says it all so well.



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