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In truth, facts today are deemed controversial if they deviate from accepted narratives, and professors must self-censor out of fear of being condemned and losing their jobs.

- Debra Soh, York University neuroscience researcher

The Globe and Mail, Nov 28 2018


Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with...

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

- Alfred, in the major motion picture The Dark Knight from 2008


Look at what has happened over the past several months.

First there was the raging coronavirus hysteria designed implicitly to further tighten Caesar's grip by enforcing the most excessive lockdown protocols so public officials can appear to be doing something. Then there was yet another incident plastered across the imperious media domain when a white police officer used a savage measure of force against a black man inflaming public sentiment that had already been infused into its collective psyche by, by... what exactly?

This web endeavor has been going for 16 years strong, and every few months I've put up something here on the home page for robust rumination. I say this because there has been something new I've been learning about, and I'd like to share a bit of it with you now. I think it has a lot to say about why exactly the coronavirus and racialist conflagration is happening.

What I've learned isn't a new thing, it has been around for about a hundred years or so, but I've discovered it is instrumental in forming the rigidly entrenched thinking of so many people. It is captivating more and more as you read these words.

You see its effects in the violent rioting going on right now, the result of that thinking finding its fully expected fruit not only in the rage displayed in big cities around the country, but in the rabid social media cheerleading that accompanies it. We see much of the physical violence but forget that there is even more emotional and spiritual violence exploding across the globe.

I've spent these many years working at seeing the basic substance of that benighted condition, and recently blogged about the truth that often God must allow people to see the harrowing effects of their willful folly, because only then may they truly understand what they're doing and authentically turn to Him for forgiveness, redemption, deliverance, restoration, salvation, and entrance into the Kingdom where true joy and freedom prevail.

So in that sense, this thing isn't really new at all. It is new to me, it has been around for millennia merely as one of the many manifestations of Cain's legacy of ruthless law enforcement established to constrain those who refuse to call on the name of the Lord.

I am a college educated gentleman, indeed, and growing up in that milieu I'm surprised I never really caught on to what was pushing against my soul. Oh I do know about the pressure from this thing, but that I wasn't aware of its origin is not surprising because I'm sure the thousands of rioters, the millions of lockdown girders, and the hundreds of millions of zealous supporters of these crusades don't have the faintest idea where the rationale for their actions was birthed.

Once again, there is a much deeper source of the precepts that came from this place, but one of the most powerful forces in today's political environment is indeed something called the Frankfurt School.


I'm not going to be able to cover everything about it, so forgive me, but one of the first things to note is how they use vague euphemisms and technical jargon to hide what they are truly about. The first is that it is never first referred to the "Frankfurt School," it is always this thing Critical Theory. Just that epithet alone gives them cover because it sounds so objective, so advanced, so scholarly. Who is against good, righteous critiquing of things to make life better?

At its core, however, is the following basic idea. And something real quick, this basic idea is really it. Critical Theory proponents will screech there is so much more, but it is ponderously excessive and often ridiculously illogical scholarese to make it seem like they've done all this erudite activity to justify their claims. There may be merit to some of it, but it is largely vapid hifalutin hokum to dwell richly in the skulls of potentates of every stripe.

That basic idea:


Throughout history white people have taken over the world through commandeering both culture and the communication technology through which to spread their conception of culture, and its sole purpose is to rigidly sustain the unjust oppression of targeted minority groups and those seeking their own particular sexual expression.


Really, that's it.

Now if I've missed something I'm great to know about it. They do include calls for rebellion, revolution, indeed a wholesale razing of the system and remaking it in their image. Look at how loud the hollering is for defunding and disbanding all police forces everywhere nope, no anarchist insanity in that public policy recommendation. Certainly these peerless detractors do indeed adopt the Frankfurt School precepts as the rallying cry for their frenetic behaviors, no question.

Lots of fun terminology is used to give Critical Theory cachet: There is always a lot of sanctimonious Marxist sentiment, but that's augmented by turgid references to colonialism, imperialism, alienation, deconstructionism, patriarchy, hegemony... newer ones crop up all the time. That last one cited there is actually a perfectly reasonable one I've even used it quite frequently because there is one thing the Frankfurt people got right:

There is a hegemony.

It was set in motion by God Himself millennia ago for the expressed purpose of regulating the conduct of habitually sinful unrepentant humans. For it to succeed in its task it needed seven times the strength of any usurper, and to administer it all the first ordained superintendent of the System went off to build a city, an apparatus to make it easier for him to prosecute those he's prodded and provoked and enraged so he could show everyone how bad-ass he was. The only way he could do that is to keep people in a state of evildoing and continue to commit acts of human sacrifice claiming that he finally can be his brother's keeper.

Don't think this isn't the way things are?

Have you been paying attention to what's happening in the cities right now? The cities? Stuff that actually happens all the time, but sometimes with a bit more convulsive emphasis, like right now? There is nothing inherently wrong with cities, some are beautiful. But that is some of the point, they must draw people to their main purpose: more proficient management of their sin within the boundaries of a place signified by the word "see," as in "Holy See," specifically referring to the authority of Roman Catholic ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

I like how some who see its surface manifestations will say "There's a hidden agenda somewhere!" No, there really isn't. It is really all there for anyone to understand, there in the instruction book. It is not hard to get.

The reality of System operations was described in great detail in the fourth chapter of Genesis, in the most reliable history book of them all, the Bible. By the way, that's another thing to note about Critical Theory, its interpretations of history must be fully considered and rigidly adopted no matter how questionable, spurious, or flat-out erroneous. Let's see what we can achieve with broad inaccurate claims about historical events to fit our agenda, you know, because Bible believers have generally been part of the hegemony crushing dissenting opinions of what history means.

One of the best examples of this at work is in The New York Times recent Pulitzer-winning piece called, "1619." Essentially it was a completely fantastical version of U.S. history supporting the now fully entrenched idea of systemic racism, and I can't believe it wasn't a catalyst for the present state of urban violence. The writer even confessed, "My ultimate goal is that there'll be a reparations bill passed... I write to try to get liberal white people to do what they believe in. I'm making a moral argument. My method is guilt."

Guilt is a tremendously powerful weapon, one of the best in Caesar's arsenal especially when it is a critical part of the Institutional Deceit. The crusade is so enticing something to live for, a cause to fight for, a penance to achieve, a coterie of people gushing over me, a way to seize recompense and if that means looting the rich fascist corporate powers, then so be it.

To see them burn after all the things the Frankfurt School has told me they've done to me, well so be it!

Of course being nowhere near God's presence, including His wisdom and understanding and truth, they can't fully grasp how fully they themselves are employed by Cain's legacy. Yes, the truth is as much as they rail and rage and roil against the oppressive power structure...


They are just as much part of it as their oppressors.


They've been set up, all of them, from the indigent people of color to the rich liberals living in Claraboya. But this is the way it works. Because Rome is indeed the hegemony, and the revolutionaries the necessary foils for Rome to do its job of seven-fold retribution, it is indeed all one huge, monolithic, oppression organism.

The Frankfurt School and its "new" hegemony is just as fascist as the fascists they encourage you to revile. The oppressed are just as oppressive as the tyrants they despise. When the schools pour even more taxpayer dollars into their "equality sensitivity centers" for maximum guilt prosecution, will they welcome white people suffering from the discriminatory oppression of being told they're intractable racists? No? Ahh, I see, it only goes one way that sounds like justice to me.

Look at a phenomenally sinister thing they're doing now: seducing your very own friends to insist if you are silent about the racism you are the worst kind of racist unless you're not silent about it. It is as fine a witch hunt as there could be the clear intimation is you must make some official proclamation in favor of the benighted things they think or you're a criminal. One observant commentator called it "moral blackmail," but it only works if the enterprise has a critical mass of supporters, all spawned by World ops sworn to make this seep and fester everywhere.

Think about it, if Caesar wanted to he could end this carnage right now with the standard-issue force required to uphold the law and actually protect citizens' lives and livelihoods. But he doesn't, simply because the Frankfurt School infection is more profitable. Think about this too, how many in their hearts know this exploding climate of class, sex, and race-baiting victimology is so lethal but say nothing or feel they must endlessly spew obsequious apologies for being white or male or just plain ignorant simply because the governing mandarins are so ruthlessly intimidating?

That doesn't come from mild-mannered professors in some far-off German college, much less from people just hopping up one morning to take their "Silence = Violence" signs to the demonstration. The Frankfurt School is now and has been for some time the Jesuit-administered university system informing everything U.S. political, commercial, financial, excursive, and religious authorities decide to do, all of it heavily absorbed into the Americanist bloodstream.

Feel good about being part of The Resistance? One pundit recently mentioned he'd heard from someone in a highly regarded news organization who told him his boss admitted his job wasn't to share truth but to take down Donald Trump. Does that make you feel really good inside? Is your hatred of Trump so fully calcified it is impossible to live happily without the delightful seething against anyone who doesn't quite see things the proper way, the twisted joy believing this colossal disruption will convince enough voters to reject Trump, the ribald gratification of seeing "social justice" finally achieved when the impenitent white man finally gets his come-uppance?

It is most likely you are simply doing what the Frankfurt School has told you to do, which is what Rome has told you to do, which is what huh, who has told you to do? Who is that?

Do you know?


So much to address here in a small home page piece, I will simply have to get to more of it in blog posts or subsequent home page pieces. I'm also worn out. I've been wrestling with difficult professional issues at this season of my life, but God is so good. In light of having to behold a so widely Catholicized nation of people doing insanely foolish things that even go beyond the current coronavirus and racialist hysteria, it can be daunting.

I look at Jeremiah, as I've shared before my favorite Bible character, simply because he is so courageous and yet he feels it just the same. I find great inspiration in his example, but I can't close without making mention of The One he worshipped: The Word, The Bread of Life, The Lodge that One Individual with whom you may easily and readily consider approaching and embracing to leave the body of death that is the vast Frankfurt School network.


I recently came across a song that I'd heard a few times before, and this time I actually listened to the lyrics. It popped up on my radio, and I was intrigued. One reason was because it was a song that appealed to that alternative milieu cherished by so many Millennials, Gen-Z'ers, all the young people so hypnotized by Frankfurt School curricula, and, by the way, who are getting more and more important work in critical areas of the System because they can be paid so cheaply.

The song was "Time to Pretend" by MGMT, from 2005 a lifetime to its youthful listeners. And those lyrics, they were so haunting...


This is our decision to live fast and die young...

I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world...

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end...

We were fated to pretend...


Other verses just as much illuminate the perspective of these people I remember what it was like when a young adult. The feelings about life and relationships and meaning and destiny were so intensely visceral. Youth is the most fertile pasture for Frankfurt School stuff, and a firmly Catholicized nation with little connection to God's words, ways, and mercy provides the rich soil for it to grow.

Even more striking about "Time to Pretend" was the official video. Thought I'd watch it after thinking about the song, and it is filled with wild images of primitive ennui, rituals involving burning items, and most notably human sacrifice featuring not only bloodied bodies but people appearing to take mass just as they do in Catholic Church services.

As much as they so definitively showcase the very real horrors of this life, these people all still heed the fiercely disseminated instruction of their lords:

"Stay inside or your possible infection will kill someone else!"

"Go outside and frantically howl against racism!"

"Human sacrifice of another is perfectly fine to further the cause."

"Adopt this revolutionary new idea (since last month's is so old) so you can pretend life has meaning."


So many more.

They listen and obey with such enthusiasm.

But again, I have nothing to say.

That is the hegemony God set in motion long ago and is always in the hands of Cain's minions.

It serves its purpose for World devotees who ask it to do so.


But then...


There is The Living Word.



Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city.

- God to Jeremiah, his book's fifth chapter




  • The quotes from the writer of "1619" were cited in Carol Iannone's May 28 piece at the American Greatness site.

  • The screenshot image of the story about the police joining the protestors is from the Townhall site.

  • I used the term "excursive" to refer to all the media communication magnates which comprise not only the four major mass media dissemination companies (AT&T, Comcast, Disney, and ViacomCBS) but includes any and all social media and the big tech companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon) that facilitate it. The term seems now to be the best descriptive one to use in this instance.

  • Also, just for review because the term is not widely used but quite appropriate: While racism is about hating someone because you don't like their skin color, racialism is about hating someone because you are convinced he or she is a racist particularly when it is based on a System-generated deceit employed to destabilize society. The racialist tries to explain everything through race, largely based on the instructions they've received from the Frankfurt School. "All white people must be racist" is the best example, and indeed it is not only racialist but just as racist as well.

  • There are many gods the World promotes to keep people pretending their lives have some transcendent meaning. Here's a list of some them.

  • Here's a page with links to the branches of the System, all its administrators taking their instructions from the one titled "World Operative Development." This piece from Tupper Saussy gets a bit into the MPMW who ultimately directs the whole enterprise.

  • The most important history to know besides that in the Bible is in Saussy's book, Rulers of Evil. Unlike the "1619" fable, he veraciously details the not-so-secret arrangement of the Roman hegemony designed specifically for the U.S. If you have a few minutes it's well worth your while to look into. The chapter starting on page 205 in the PDF is particularly relevant for these purposes.

  • What is this "Catholicized nation"? I try my best to explain here, hope it helps. I've also assembled a few observations about this thing human sacrifice. Here's a previous home page piece that may also be of interest.

  • I wrote a home page with nine more of the most diabolical precepts held strongly by so those who've learned from the Frankfurt School. It is here.

  • Here's a previous home page piece on the now authoritarian woke culture, here's another one, and one more (it seems I have touched on these items quite a bit). The preface in the latter does have a bit of an honest revelation about my own fears being misunderstood, but I've learned there are many you simply cannot convince they've lived by The Lie for so long. Why abandoned trust in The Truth is so critical, really.

  • (June 29 note:) Recently I came across this piece by Dinesh D'Souza about the Frankfurt School's role in the formation of the racialist sodomist socialist nexus - it is worth a read. The key thing he misses is that the American university system had already been richly cultivated by the Jesuits for the implicit purpose of achieving exactly the kind of virulent disruption that is happening now.

  • In Jeremiah's ninth chapter he longs to go to the lodge in the wilderness where he may find relief from the pandemic violence. Jesus is identified by many metaphors, and I consider He is also The Lodge. I've been enjoying tremendous rest in visiting the delightfully satirical Babylon Bee, and this article is one that says it all so well.


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