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But the anointing you have received from Him abides in you,

and you have no need that anyone should teach you.

But as His anointing teaches you about everything, and is true, and is no lie -

just as it has taught you, abide in Him. (ESV)

- From the first letter of John, second chapter


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.

Everything else is public relations.

- George Orwell


The fires of Hell are lapping up everywhere, higher and higher. The heat can get a bit uncomfortable at times, what is with that? It'd be nice to seriously consider how to slide away from them, but sadly I believe too many just like warming themselves at its hearth.

A couple of huge blasts emerged from the Infernal Cottage this past Thursday. A gentleman pretending to be a woman and insisting everyone else celebrate his folly sat in a US Senate hearing room fielding questions about his qualifications to be a top public health official. When a senator asked about the breadth of his unique policy considerations, the gentleman simply offered to hold a consultation about those things in his office sometime.

He could not share openly for the record the extent of his relationship with Hell, things anyone with any conscience already know extraordinarily well.

The second major blast came from the House of Representatives, which passed a bill that if enacted into law would require everyone to assent to the previous gentleman's folly or face stiff federal penalties. The intentions of the inordinate number of "Equality" Act supporters are to completely obliterate the distinction between male and female by government dictate, and if the absurdity of that idea doesn't resound loudly enough then yes, this country as a whole is in dire peril.

Understandable. Many believe quite insightfully that God's judgment on the US has already been established. It is definitely further fulfillment of the prophecy in the third chapter of the second letter to Timothy. "In the last days people will be lovers of themselves..."

This conception has already exploded in the still-raging Covid hysteria. Authorities continue to pound their chests and boast about how much they are doing to protect the simpering masses, that everyone must acknowledge how magnificent they are in destroying the livelihoods of so many in the name of heroically stopping dead in its tracks a bug that is for the most part laughing at them.

This is what Cain does, however, so no worries. The extended reaction from a dread-injected populace much of which now sporting two or three facial diapers is what devout Catholicists also do — they like it when Cain commits acts of human sacrifice against others to ensure they have another few years of a mostly besotted existence to plod through.

I once thought this Covid thing was really bad.

But it was only the undercard for the main event...

The Equality Thing.

It is running ramrod through everything anyone once held dear. Many see it forming as "The Great Reset," and they aren't wrong, its progression accelerating quite well. I enjoy seeing observant posts that call it things like "The Plutocratic Oligarchy," not bad — or one of my favorites, "The Techno-Feudalism," that's a fine one as well. Whichever one is the trendiest ugliest epithet for the current hegemony, World Devotees have always been under the hypnotic powers of what is best called the Ecclesiocracy.

Starting with Babylon and carrying its authoritative strength through any number of political entities including most recently the "clay mixture" of Britain and the United States, Rome has faithfully administered the World System for the past 2,000 years — still does today. The Vatican may be the most visible seat of government in this divinely ordained arrangement, but it is really the Church of the Gesu from which everyone is issued their lifestyle instructions.

Please note that the Latin ecclesia does not exactly mean "church" but is better rendered "discursive community." Thus the contrast between the World and Kingdom may be summarized in this way.

Kingdom dwellers live by the words of the Theocracy, which the World interprets as government by state-approved religious leaders. To the genuine follower of Christ the term simply means living under God's bountifully manifest love and enthusiastically expressed purposes. He is obedient to God and His ways because He worships God and honors his neighbor from the depths of his heart.

The World devotee is under the power of the Ecclesiocracy, which is merely the ultimate rule though the deepest channels of sin management authority showing itself through any number of storefronts: ingratiated non-profit church, ministry, and community organizations, chartered financial institutions and commercial enterprises, the robust university networks, the ferociously strident journalistic behemoths, and of course formally registered government offices at every strata.

It is all still the Ecclesiocracy, and as the World's discursive power it utilizes all sorts of Narrative Mythologies about the way things are supposed to be considered. Modern forms of media and communication technology make the propaganda spectacular and compelling. Remember, the World devotee lives by the principle of pathodicy, or in other words "justification by Psyche." Everything truth and rightness comes from one's feelings.

The Kingdom, on the other hand, is about the theodicy, or "justification by God." Anything that happens in life is because God is working great wonders in the lives of people. Even in suffering and death, if one is giving his or her life in His service because of love of Father, friend, and even enemy, he or she will experience resurrection into eternal life not because of anything done but because Christ already justified one by His saving work on the cross.


In thinking about how to respond to the rampaging sodomist dominion, I ponder what to say when someone says, "I should be free to decide my own ___ (fill in the blank with whatever insane identity pronouncement the profoundly insecure must clench to try to get people to tell them how courageous they are)." The answer came to me when on my long walk.

On this particular excursion I came across a small pond and in and around it were mallard ducks, about twenty of them. As I gazed upon their beauty for a moment, I thought, hmm, the distinction between the male (the one with the bright green head) and the female (with the speckled brown pattern) is pretty obvious. It should also be quite obvious as to which human is which also.

But again, what of the microphone-drop response the progressive persuasion always has to that position, "People should be free to decide for themselves so back off!"

It is simple. It is one of the simplest logical truths around, and when employed it cannot be rejected except by a simpleton or lunatic — yet sadly we know so well how many of them have been shoving their way into positions of major public decision-making.

Here is it. When they question the male/female distinction is true by saying "Nothing is really true unless the individual says it is (and any given individual should be able to choose their gender)," merely ask,

Is that true?

The point is people who "choose their gender" are appealing to subjectivism, that they may determine truth. If that is the case, then they themselves are making a truth claim. Put more simply, they are saying "It is true you must believe my truth that there is no truth binding on all." Obviously this is nonsense, they are logically violating their own claim. The truth (ouch) is no one lives by the precepts of subjectivism. It is impossible, even though the excuse is bleated any time someone wants to squirm out of their logical predicament.

Another way you'll hear it is the stupendously ubiquitous, "Don't judge me!" Wow, yeah, that's harsh. But the fact is we all judge. We can't help it. For someone to say in the name of some goddess named Tolerancia that I must concur with what they say about a thing  — many times that they are some gender identity of some sort — is to make a judgment. Against me! A pretty severe one too! Now the government is involved in some pretty fierce judgments about, about...

What things actually?

This is significant because anyone saying anything is making a truth claim. The real question is whether or not that claim is actually really truly objectively transcendently teleologically


To simply concede the point is wisdom. To interminably continue the discussion as if it is still in question is folly. Yet this is the way of the World, and more specifically of the Hegelian discursive propaganda that animates the Ecclesiocracy's designs. It doesn't mean we can't have the conversation, the follower of Christ is willing to give his life to share the Living Word. In contrast Rome must have its way with people who refuse to see Christ for Who He Truthfully Is, and how ironic that its conception of truth is as draconian and oppressive as it is.

We now cannot help but confront this sodomist law the Ecclesiocracy has passed — and whether it is ultimately enacted, the idea is still quite metastasized in the mainstream. We must believe that a man is a woman and a woman is a man. And war is peace and freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

Those enjoying a richly enraged life under the Ecclesiocracy will be enslaved endlessly to the discursive edicts they've been hypnotized to follow. This is a right and proper thing, Cain's legacy can do nothing else.

Real freedom comes by Christ and humbly acceding to truth — well, Truth, as well as Grace. It is about knowing one is in His embrace and thus never having to worry about the things man, his princes, his chariots, or anything else under Heaven can do to him. People do see, very clearly, the wounded duplicity of a hifalutin man trying to be a woman and then rallying his cohorts in academia and media to enlist Caesar to coerce us into affirming that. But what to do?

The concluding paragraph of a recent book review of a tome titled Escape from Rome is worth citing here:

Americans are always fretting: Are we Rome? [The author's] response would be: Who cares?... The famous quote by Gibbon about the period of the "good emperors," Nerva to Lucius Verus, being the happiest in human history. Nonsense. Marcus Aurelius may have been a philosopher, ...but he was also capable of extraordinary violence in the name of the state. Statists gonna state—and Rome was the biggest and most statist of them all. The main thing is to move past empire and get back to human freedom. Don't emulate Rome. Escape from it.

Thuh end. That's his final word.

Really? Escape how? How exactly?

In fact the Ecclesiocracy's "escape" is merely a trap door that goes right into another part of the World System, like one of those nightmarishly dark multi-dimensional labyrinths in the worst fantasy horror movies. One place may look like Candy Cake & Colorful Sprinkles Land but it is really just rotten through and through. The next room at the end of another foreboding passage looks spectacular and novel, but it too is grotesquely decrepit when the embroidered tapestry is pulled up.

Oh but how much I can be still be shrill in the loud pathodic discourse! It is so invigorating!

No, the only escape is to stay, accept Rome for what it is, yet do one simple thing.

Put hearts on your knees.


You see, when I was out on another long walk, I happened upon a girl, about seven years old, who tumbled out of the back seat of her vehicle parked there on the curb in front of her house. I noticed she had hearts on her knees. Little hearts there, just the size of her kneecaps, sown on to her jeans.

She had hearts on her knees.

Just a very small observation, but one that made me think deeply, that I could richly ponder of the love I may share with my Lord as I enter His courts and kneel before Him simply out of Who He Is — His character and His sacrificial love for each one of us. He died for me and my sinfulness, as well as for the man who thinks he is a woman and anyone who thinks that's just fine. How awesome is that. At that point we may fully be far away from the hellfires the World System stokes and enter into His joy forever.

As for now, I just want anyone and everyone I encounter to have that too.

We must reside for a bit somewhere in the Ecclesiocracy labyrinth.

The eternal Kingdom may still be our home.




  • Among the things the Equality Act does are penalize organizations for refusing to admit or hire people who prominently exhibit their sexual identity confusion in some manner - this is the essence of sodomism and why that term is used here. It also penalizes medical practitioners for refusing to provide abortion services claiming it is a discriminatory act against women. Wonder how that'll work for all the female babies aborted.

  • The image of the tweet is a retraction of one put out by the World Economic Forum trying to convince the faithful that lockdowns were good things. Notice they still use deft casuistry to rationalize their claim. The WEF is simply a collaboration of System-administering powers comprised of all the major players from the entities listed there in the piece.

  • The book review was by Jason Morgan at the Mises website of the book by Walter Scheidel. It was titled "The Greatest Thing the Roman Empire Did Was Go Away," which caught my attention because of course, it hasn't.

  • I had been planning to add some thoughts about the characters in the biblical story of Jesus' sentencing, but that will have to wait for another time. I think I'd like to flesh that out a bit more, we'll see. I mention this because the people in that story are merely the same people mentioned in this home page piece, or in any activity where people formally interact, really. Look at those gospel accounts, you'll see it there.

  • I have to add this news story, about a Catholic priest disgusted with the things newly minted US President Joe Biden has been doing. Take special note of his observation, "Georgetown Jesuits celebrate with elation his Mass attendance as President."

  • Here is a terrific and very short piece that brilliantly elucidates the idea that someone who says there is no truth is actually saying there is truth.

  • Here is a page with a list of all the Jesuses people have been convinced there are to follow. Nice selection! The way good wholesome churches enter into contractual obligations with Cain's legacy to effectively enable these horrific evils is here.

  • Here is a home page piece I wrote recently on the concept of pathodicy. I'd love to see more elaboration on it by solid thinkers, please engage if you find it worthwhile.

  • Orwell's propaganda slogan from his novel 1984 has already been seen for what it is over 2,000 years ago, in the book of Isaiah - check out the fifth chapter, 20th and 21st verses.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One who anoints an individual with Truth and Grace and the rich understanding of what the Kingdom is all about. Cf. Jeremiah 9:24.


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