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To a Church Pastor,

    This site is devoted to drawing leaders into Scripture to find Jesus Christ, the One who does beautifully phenomenal things for those who believe in Him, who believe in Him so authentically that they actually do what He says. Yes, I firmly believe that most individuals in Christian leadership today have sold themselves out to the World and, yes, as servants of Cain do not do what Christ says.

    Since I make what may be considered quite an audacious claim, you may consider credentials have some weight: I have been enveloped by mainstream Protestant thought and practice for my entire life. I have held a number of sustained, prominent church leadership and ministry positions. I have a Master's Degree in Social Sciences from a major mainline evangelical university.

    My standing does not rest, however, on worldly qualifications, but on proclamation of the Word of God. My only desire is to share things I truly believe God means in His word, things that many pastors, ministers, and elders have abjectly dismissed or willfully reinterpreted so they may anxiously gird their little God clubs. The issue is not at all what I say, but what He says, and those words are the ones that pass the test. They are there for anyone to see -- they are not esoteric in any way.

    All I want to do is humbly point people to those words. That's all. I firmly consider, however, that the faith once given to the saints has been terribly corrupted, and the leaders of most "churches" today have brashly allowed the World to dictate what they say and do. This short-circuits what God would do to bring people into the Kingdom through those who name His Name. My heart breaks every time I hear the all too common complaint, "The church is no different from the world." I really think I know why people say this.

    I'd like to extend an invitation before you read further. Whatever you think about my assertions, I would like to ask that you share with me the best critique you have, however brief or elaborate it is. If what I say here about God's word is true, then moving heaven and earth won't make it any less true. If what I say is wrong, a million angels saying I'm right won't matter. I'd like to be fully honoring His word, but if I'm not, I'd like to know why. If you think I'm wrong, if I'm missing something, please let me know. My email address is right here. Thank you.


    May I begin by offering an illustration. A married pastor of a church is having a lengthy adulterous relationship with another woman but it is kept so secret that no one else knows about it. He preaches, he ministers, he counsels, he administers the affairs of the church, and he does so deftly in all regards. All the while he never intends to end the relationship with this other woman, and vigilantly maintains an impregnable fašade.

    During this time his congregants claim to be inspired by his powerful words, touched by his deep caring, instructed by his insightful wisdom, and captivated by his devout example. From 9 to 5, six days a week he is indeed a man of God doing godly things.

    Now, what do you think about this individual, knowing what you know? Furthermore, what do you think about what is going on in his church? Does it matter what he does in the darkness as long as people are receiving salvation, building their faith, getting their souls stirred?

    If you answer no, it doesn't matter, then what I bring up here may be meaningless. I believe that a pastor with such a view will continue to wallow in his own rationalizing interpretation of Scripture, worshipping his own Jesus who keeps him feeling good about the associations that keep his God club humming, and shrugging about the pain and despair he may still wish he could do something about.

    If, however, you answered yes, it does matter, then maybe you genuinely desire that understanding. Of course you may be wondering, "What is the point of the illustration if I'm not in an adulterous relationship?" Well, the fact is, just about every church leader of any rank may be in such a relationship. Pastor, minister, elder, board member -- while it is not with an individual not his or her spouse, it may very well be with the World.

    In Scripture, God equated adultery with a woman and adultery with the World so many times that it is very hard to miss. But what does that mean, "adultery with the World"? The fact is, any time someone enters into a contract with someone to provide something that God would otherwise fully provide, that person is betraying his belief -- his very trust and faith in God.


    There are many examples of such contracts, and they are perfectly legitimate for those who are still sinners and require the force of law to manage their evildoing. I am not contesting their value for such individuals in any way. World System contracts are beneficial and even necessary for those without Christ. But they are detrimental for the follower of Christ.

    The one I would like the pastor, minister, director, elder, or board member to think carefully about is the 501c3 contract his church has made with the government. All I can ask a church leader to do is to think carefully about it, and reconsider its merits as a redeemed child of God by the blood of Christ. I have an entire section in my website that covers many of the issues regarding a 501c3 contract. You may go directly there by clicking here.

    Again, if a church leader believes it is no big deal that the pastor hide his adulterous relationship, then this will likely be readily dismissed. I understand, a church leader properly considers non-profit incorporation necessary for the sin management of the organization's leadership and congregation. That's what a 501c3 is there for. It is indeed dangerous for a group that is not under the protection of Christ to abandon it, for such persons must have these rules in place to steer their behavior.

    I should add respectfully that if a church leader is firmly and volitionally convinced the organization must be registered as a subdivision of the Roman Catholic Church (which is what a 501c3 essentially signifies), then this letter is not intended for you in any way. I do not presume such an individual is committing adultery, as he is faithfully wed to his beloved, merely doing what he has vowed to do and wishes to continue doing.


    On the other hand, if a church leader believes the follower of Jesus should actually live by the Truth and Grace that is Jesus Christ, if he or she thinks protection and provision of all things should be 100% from the God who gives freely and bountifully, that there are actually people who would really desire to love one another in an Acts 2 community, then take some time to deliberate thoughtfully, prayerfully, Scripturally, and corporately about this. Think hard about what it really means to be a friend of the World in ways that most church leaders just slough off as the cost of doing business. Any way that makes an individual a friend of the World, no matter how traditionally wholesome, is still a way that makes him an enemy of God.

    Finally, many church leaders wonder how they could get out of a 501c3 when they are convinced it is a vital part of their livelihood. They consider that people wouldn't give money to support them if that 501c3 wasn't there. I always ask them, "Is it really true that God won't provide for you from the generosity of loving people if you, or even they, aren't contracted with the World? Is that true? Do you really dismiss His giving and sowing that easily?"

    Ultimately this issue is much less about any given church leader, but about Him and trusting in Him fully to provide all good things. Furthermore, it is about those with whom they have been entrusted to care for on His behalf. They listen to them, and they listen to them whether they are engaged in adultery or not.

    I humbly ask, how would you rather it be?


    Someone who merely desires fellowship with Matthew 10 individuals


"Return, faithless people," declares the Lord, "for I am your husband... Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding." (Jeremiah 3:14-15)


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