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On legitimate Romanist activity

On the anniversary of a major world event no one celebrates

On an important Truth Rule

On the Emperor and the Breaker

On the thing they gush over calling A.I.

On the Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar


On gaslighting

On Jesus' trial and those present

On children and their insight

On a few profound Catholicist items in a small American city


On the pathodicy

On the Kraken vs "Great Reset" Battle Royale

On the Ecclesiocracy

On the reality of death and its aftermath


On Libra and the social media superpower

On Living Books

On the calcification of sodomism

On the Frankfurt School


On a tour of a robust Catholicist community

On fascism

On Epicureanism and the devil in our phones

On the plausibility structure of the Inclusivity Gauntlet


On the newest terminology

On the phenomenal success of Inter Mirifica

On racialism as a strategy for reprobation

On the horizontal and the vertical

On fear in the college classroom

On the biggest short of all


On Christian universities and the "City of God"

On trigger warnings for the Agenda

On a post-truth society

On Tupper, Narnia, and the New York Times

On the Qualified Victim

On Caesar's "liberation" of the church


On the Financial Singularity

On religious liberty

On cordyceps and microaggressions

On information and access to it

On paying attention

On learning to love the hate speech laws


On Monty Python's exposition of The Great Folly

On inclusion

On trimming and those darned extremists

On the presentation

On Jesus Charlie & the loving, caring government

On the death penalty

On the Genius Bar and real degeneration

On financialization

On bitcoins and the Brutal Reality Limit

On bullying

On Willie the Word Decider

On the reality of meaningful scientific inquiry



On the World's Lords

On sowers and growers

On violence

On the most proficiently extractive finance

On being a good philosopher, or economist, or...

On disinformation


On the social cure

On the answer matrix

On hell

On behavioral economics

On The Hunger Games and real tribute

On obedience to the understanding



On how Jesus rules the United States

On finding what is truly valuable

On the difference between sowing and extracting

On who it is you follow

On flying in a Global 5000

On position



On Caesar's Arts

On the U.S. Constitution

On market failure

On respectable vampires

On honesty

On the not-so invisible gorilla



On rage and failure to understand

On Watchmen and catastrophizing the imagination

On the meaning of a dollar

On rationality

On the people as "too big to fail"

On Truth



On the law and pod-people enforcement

On Catholicist articles

On folly and Darwinism

On value extraction as human sacrifice

On the reality of value assessment

On Washington D.C. and dead bodies



On the imagination and "creating value"

On government identification

On saving Darfur

On truth, clarity, and regret

On war

On immigration



On terrorism and fear

On reducing poverty

On perfectly acceptable racketeering

On jihad and crusade

On humanist propagation in popular films

On joining forces with the World



On the 9/11 Commission Report

On the 2004 presidential election

On embryonic stem cell research

On Social Security

On Rick Warren and the Saddleback mission

On the League of the Shadow



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