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      When I was in the throes of richly comprehending the expansive contrast of the Kingdom to the World System in August of 2003, I assembled this simple progression of the key things F. Tupper Saussy teaches us in his book Rulers of Evil.  When I look over this, I see it is pretty rudimentary, but still something to have in the forefront of our hearts and minds as we wrestle in the Spirit with the powers and principalities of this age.

What Rulers of Evil Teaches Us  August 16 2003


Each of the following goes from what we know the most through to what we seem to know the least.  While the Bible clearly tells us about all of the following, the extent to which we are Catholicized keeps us from seeing them.  Indeed, in large measure, that can certainly be one of those “well-kept secrets” that the Company* so deftly attempts to conceal:  the Bible indeed has this all laid out in its pages.


1.     That man will do things either for God, or for himself.  The “himself” includes all the material items that glorify him over God—this is, of course, Mammon.  Essentially, The Self and Mammon are one in the same.  Even though God revels in man enjoying Him and His creation, the key is that man chiefly puts himself in the place of God, and this will always involve some denial of God even if the behavior is extremely pious.


2.     That there are forces at work whose job it is to persuade people, in any number of ways, to glorify themselves, to live out their lives in denial of God.  These “forces” are made up of brilliant, insightful, clever individuals in positions of great power—whether of standing or not—who actively live and work to get man to worship himself.


3.     That those forces can be identified and, by the nature of their position, are required to identify themselves.  With sound Scriptural understanding, one can easily identify these forces not only by their iconographic signatures but also in examination of their highly Catholicist* works.


4.     That those forces have discovered that one of the very best ways to bring those in the world to doing things for themselves in denial of God is to claim that they are really doing it for God.  The best way to accomplish the Catholicist end is to boldly sell its counterfeit.  Nobody would be sold on a mere alternative view, it must look as close to the real thing as possible.  And since the gospel is the most powerful—indeed it is the power for life, of salvation to all people—mimicking it as finely as possible is the number one tack of the rulers of evil.


5.     That God has given the World System administration over to these forces, ironically to mitigate the effects of their own evil, and as a “footstool of God” they are employed to further His interests in bring people to reconciliation with Him.  Never does God condone any evildoing, but when man chooses evil He turns it against its own designs to benefit those He cherishes.


6.     That having at least some understanding those forces and their designs is a critical part of living out the gospel as “light and salt” to a dying world and sharing His Truth and Grace with those who truly want freedom.  It is imperative that the follower of Christ sees the Catholic Church as the prime religious institution of the World System, and that Christ’s kingdom is wholly “not of this world.”  This involves acknowledgement of God’s assigned role of that institution as a ministry of condemnation from as far back as Cain, and being willing to extend to it the proper tribute, but no more.  Indeed this understanding can be a bountiful abiding wisdom, merely by immersing oneself in Scripture, worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth, and discovering His agape love in action.


* "The Company" refers to the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church. "Catholicist" describes the institutionalized effort to subvert all of culture through commitment to the first cause:  Get man to glorify himself in some measurable denial of God.




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