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     The following is from Tupper Saussy's "Abiding in Religious War," a web piece he wrote shortly after the 9/11 attacks. He had planned to turn it into a book "Gods for the Godless," but he passed away in March 2007 before he had that opportunity.

      I have personally given this particular writing the title "The ROE Filter Engine," because Saussy occasionally spoke of the ROE filter, the way of insightfully looking at the World as a collection of duty-bound forces working valiantly to keep a reprobate populace in check as the legacy of Cain, with the full authorization of God that it do so. Here he powerfully elucidates the contrast between the World and the Kingdom with the requisite attention to Rome's role in World governance.

      This is indeed the engine that powers that filter. Or really, it is a Person...

The ultimate authority in religious war is the Roman Church Militant.

The Church Militant still enforces the declaration made in 1302 by Pope Boniface VIII that "To be subject to the Roman Pontiff is to every human creature altogether necessary for salvation." If you disagree with this proposition, you are subject to conversion or annihilation— unless your disagreement is expressed in a form useful to the Church, such as influencing others to disagree with the proposition, or downplaying the Bible. If you agree, you are required to live in obedience to the law of the Church. These would seem to be the only available choices.

But there is a third, one that agrees with the proposition yet excludes you from obedience to Church law. The third choice hinges on an objective determination of who is in need of salvation.

One cannot need salvation unless one is lost or endangered. Therefore, human creatures for whom salvation is necessary are those who are lost, or otherwise at peril. The Bible and the Roman Pontiff agree that all mankind is lost, in that we all fall short of the perfection required by God's justice to avoid the horrible consequences of sin, first brought to flesh by Adam's disobedience.

The Bible and the Roman Pontiff also agree that any who desire to be spared these consequences have only to immerse themselves in the safeguard, the salvific process, established by God before the foundation of the world. The process involves admitting one's sinful nature and seeking and receiving forgiveness and perennial guidance from the spirit of Jesus Christ. Until saved, according to the Bible and the Roman Pontiff, human creatures are lost from God, in great peril, terribly endangered.

All ways of life but the Christian deny the necessity of salvation. Ironically, their mere denial places them in the sphere of the Roman Pontiff. In the eyes of both Bible and Roman Pontiff, denying the necessity of salvation constitutes an admission of the need to be saved, which the Roman Pontiff correctly sees as a grant of jurisdiction by operation of law.

Thus, the adherents of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Deism, LDS, Astrology, Agnosticism, Pantheism, Atheism and all other spiritual disciplines, by their denial that Christ saves or that salvation is necessary, make themselves subject to – and can be legislated, judged, and executed upon by – the Roman Catholic Church. That this condition is widely unperceived is owed, in my opinion, to the extraordinary military skills of the Jesuits.

Once a person is saved, of course, it would seem salvation is no longer needed, and that the Roman jurisdiction would atrophy. A truly saved person is no longer lost, imperiled, endangered. His body is now the habitation of Christ's holy, self-ruling spirit with its fruit of “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance – against which there is no law” (Galatians 5:22). This is so with many saved people, but not within the Church Militant.

The Roman Pontiff sustains general jurisdiction over Catholics by asserting that the salvific process can only be completed by pious works that must be performed throughout one's lifetime and beyond. This, despite the Bible's affirmation that salvation is completed only by Christ himself, and that pious works are merely evidence that one has been saved. With its doctrine of relative or incomplete salvation, the Church Militant keeps its congregations absolutely in need of salvation.

The Roman Pontiff and his administrative hierarchy openly display the seals, titles, and ceremonial sacraments authorizing them to rule every unsaved human creature. These are not paraphernalia of ancient Christianity but of ancient Babylon. (For example, the papal distinction Pontifex maximus – “sovereign bridge-builder”– is a Babylonian term bequeathed to the Roman caesars and never contemporaneously applied to any disciple or apostle of Jesus.) In fact, abundant evidence suggests that this Babylonian link originates in the mark God placed upon Cain. This mark gave Cain, and apparently his spiritual descendants, immunity from, and sevenfold vengeance against, assailants — an obviously practical reason for Jesus to command his followers to love their enemies.

In concert with their delegates in the secular political sphere, the hierarchy of Church Militant do indeed function in “the way of Cain” for the preservation of order and justice in an evil world. The attack on America appears to have been a disciplinary action meant to recruit the dedication of more human creatures, more human resources, in this task.

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(All bold emphasis is by the author. "ROE" stands for Rulers of Evil.)


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