Epiphany at Walk-For-Life

The Catholicist Nation

     The following is a journal transcription of the first time I fully realized the extent to which the militant operatives of the Roman Catholic Church have drawn the world into worship of the Legacy of Cain. I willingly share it so others may perhaps better recognize the pandemic culture of the World System, and how pervasive it is even in the depths of the most “Christian” churches and ministries.

       It is an intensely personal account, filled with various thoughts strung together with a common thread: the utter vastness of the Catholicized Nation. It contains some key questions for which I still seek answers. With the exceptions of some minor editing and proofing, it is here in its entirety. Many entries in my "Catholicist Nation" journal have followed, and as I move forward with this website I hope to feature some of those entries. Endnotes help identify many of the references made throughout.

March 9, 2002                                                                                    

We participated in the Walk-For-Life1 event today and it was standard procedure. We arrived, checked in, turned in our pledge money, met up with a friend or two, went on our hike around town stopping to pray at an abortion clinic, came back, listened to some worship music, heard some inspiring words, talked to a few more people, and had a couple hamburgers—all cooked up by the Knights of Columbus. Earlier I had looked over there and saw some old guys sitting there and thought, hmm, how nice of them just to be here to support us. Well, they supported us all right. They provided all the lunch stuff, the Knights of Columbus did.

After the emcee named several of the people who were instrumental in all this, my wife said, “Most of these people are Catholics.” I think now of earlier overhearing a bright, open, strong man boldly shake the hand of another guy handing out water and oranges at the break spot and saying, “You’re the new superintendent of our schools! It’s good to have a good Christian—” at which moment I smiled inside until he finished with “—Catholic in charge.” Then I shook my head inside.

After my wife made her remark I started thinking. I thought about sharing in an email with someone I know who knows about the Catholic Church and its cultic nature, someone who goes about exposing the Catholic Church for what it truly is— I wanted to ask him one of the questions I have about the Catholic Church and see what he’d say. That question:

What is the deal with Catholics being so committed to the pro-life cause, so good and true and right and given over to it, while the Catholic Church itself is so violently aberrant? And yet we can barely get any Vineyard2 people out to this thing? What is going on?

As I thought through it I got a good blast of reality.


Some of it came as I looked over the videos at the library. Scanned through and saw Pleasantville with Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, William H. Macy, and Joan Allen about a couple of teenagers who discover color and bring it to a black-and-white 1950’s world. The teenagers are mature, of-the-world, sexually advanced with-it kind of people, while the 50’s people are stuffy, snotty, old-fashioned and narrow-minded. I thought of how much Christians reviled that film because of how it maligned traditional values. My question with that is if Catholics are so prominent then how can so many be so against this kind of film and yet it still manages to get out there? Then I noted The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves and thought of the question, how can Catholics be so much against the devil and yet, in reality, be so off from what the Bible really teaches? —Questions similar to those were raised regarding the pro-life-Catholic involvement inconsistency problem.

All of this started to come together when using the ROE Filter3 and understanding how institutionalized sin management works.

That’s it, right there.

Catholic instituted sin management on the widest reaching scale possible. The powerful Romanist (political—not just government but all power brokerages) and Catholicist (social / cultural) system woven through all of society creating and provoking and then challenging over and over again. Convulsively generating more and more, voraciously seeking a never-sated legitimacy.

It is in everything.

For these purposes, it is in the pro-life efforts. All of it. The Catholic Church tempting and tempting and like the pagan institution it is manipulating sexuality to drive people into its service. Today at the event they had an abstinence group demonstrating what they do to teach abstinence to high schoolers, with some high schoolers themselves doing drama and such. After a prayer I noticed a couple of them crossed themselves afterwards. Another thing that just made me shake my head.

Abstinence is great stuff to teach, but as sin management it is chastity for chastity’s sake. One of our home group Bible study members walked with us today—she’s a wonderful Christian missionary worker, very wise. We were talking about the Christian efforts to share the gospel with people in Asian culture and how to approach those who so want to worship their ancestors, and she said you can’t tell someone not to do something unless you replace that with something as compelling—something to that effect.

Same here. The Catholic system is to get people immersed in whatever activity—even if it has God in it—to keep them away from God. It is to keep them driven in some noble activity, some noble cause—even if it is for God—to keep them managing their sin. It seems the best way for them to do that is through the age-old pagan way—use sexuality as a social conditioning device. For these purposes I think of all the stuff about sex at this Walk-For-Life thing—all the abstinence stuff. And I think of the continued response to it. Sex-abstinence. Sex-abstinence. Sex-abstinence. It is the way the Catholic Church has operated for centuries. Here it is just secularized for common American consumption. A marvelous tool for sin management, comprehensively promoted.


Last week at the Norton Simon4 I looked carefully over a portrait of Ignatius de Loyola, author of the Obedience to the Exercise.5 It was a flattering portrait, him looking up in regally ecclesiastical attire, a glow cast upon him, and the description mentioned the maxim of the Jesuit order he founded: “To the greater glory of God.” This disturbed me tremendously. This is exactly what our directive is as Christians. How dare he.

But the Jesuits’ is warped. It is man’s. It is man’s desires carried out for man’s purposes. It is a lie. It is humanism—man’s works however glorious—covered in God-painted frosting. I can almost see the serpent’s words in the Jesuit maxim: “Did God say?…” and “You shall be like God…” Essentially, “You can have His glory.”

It is sexually compelling people—I noted a video at the library among those I scanned that featured a picture of a gal not wholesomely clad, her legs drawn very sensuously. I just saw the title of the video and remembered from years before the image on the cover without even seeing it again. The Jesuit theater / media showcase in operation all over me.

Catholicists sexually compelling people over and over to draw them into obedience to the Bacchic gospel,6 drawing people into sin over and over, then emerging as the champions of goodness— being on the forefront of fighting things like abortion. Giving people something to live for—the cause.

My goodness, even fighting this Romanist Catholicist demonocracy is a glorious cause, a crusade to champion the name of God, to save that name from degradation by the evil ones.

How presumptuous! How arrogant! How much gall we have! We are doing the devil’s work!

We are doing driven things not called things. We are working in Obedience to the Exercise, not living the free redeemed life in Christ.

Does everyone in the Vineyard know this and is that why few join us in pro-life efforts like today’s? I told my wife, I would really like to ask all the people at our church: Why don’t they come to Walk-For-Life and other events to save babies’ lives? And really get the most honest answer from them.

What would they say?

Would they say they are on to the Catholicist workings? Or would they really just say they’ve got chucks to cut? I really think it’s the latter. And I don’t know which is worse—that they don’t really care enough or that they don’t know about what the Catholicists are doing.


Thing is, this whole country has been so Catholicized that we can’t even see it. We may not be Catholics but we’re Catholicized. I couldn’t even fully see it until today and that was with Robbins, Saussy, Phelps, Winburn et al.7 We have been so paganized that we don’t even know what we are to do to bring the gospel to wretchedly dying people. We keep in Obedience to the Exercise. Always always always. In everything.

In our schools Christ cannot be uttered except in authorized but marginalized places. He’s just another god.

In movies he is not ever addressed except in cinematically appropriate moments for effect. And that is rare—just as the Catholicists like it. I thought, this is just like it was in the Middle Ages before Gutenberg. Just keep the Scripture from their eyes.

They’re doing that now. Who reads Scripture every day? Hardly anyone. Who even memorizes it. I don’t even do that. Shame on me.


Another question: how is the Catholic Church—the Jesuits—going to pull an Iagoan victory8 out of these priests who are being highly publicized as child molesters? I got it. I got it now. It is part of the plan.

Part of the whole show. The whole game.

Just demonize the ones they can afford to lose as a tool to get everyone into Obedience to the Exercise again. Fighting the crusade against child molesting stuff. Joining together in more massive sin management.

It scares me to death to think my very best friends at Vineyard just shrug—some making their pledge for the crisis pregnancy centers (and for that we are grateful)—and consider that the pro-life cause is in good hands with all us Catholicist workers. When really all the while the Catholicists are glad it’s only us—not any more real committed to the gospel called out warriors of God who’d really save babies.

Laurence Richey9 put this “democracy” together to fill it with Catholicists. If there really were enough un-Catholicized full-on gospel-living Christians out there, we would stop abortion in a second.

I think of this show I watched last night, First Monday about Supreme Court guys. I watched a couple of episodes on abortion, and in the second the Court was going to decide on a case about whether or not a website that endorses “eliminating” abortion doctors or pro-abortion judges should be left in the Internet. One site featured a swing-vote judge’s image being hanged in effigy. Turns out the site was put up by a pro-choice guy in order to get the swing-vote judge to vote against pro-life sites.

In the same way the Catholicist program uses the radical selfist agenda10 to stimulate more and more sinful activity for more challenges to which the Catholic Church can come to the rescue. In this case, get more and more pro-choice arguments out there to water down the activity of real Christians who come to believe it’s really no big thing. And they really ultimately do squat, for think what they would do if instead of pre-born children it were one year-old toddlers that were being killed by their own mothers.

More and more leftist propaganda allowed to be disseminated most importantly to legitimize the never-ending efforts of the Catholic Church—keeping it viable, valiant, championing everyone’s cause. Its work never ends until the Protestant extirpation is complete.

We are so Catholicized now it isn’t even funny.


Thinking this through I thought of The Cider House Rules, thinking of Tobey Maguire in that earlier mentioned movie. I think of that movie. Remember it?

Everyone said what a horrible pro-abortion movie it was. I thought, they’re wrong. It really shows the horrors of what abortion is. Really look at it. Unwittingly they really are showing what they don’t intend, I thought. I proudly thought I’d really made a discerning observation.

Not. I was played with the same fiddle everyone else was. Iago got his way yet again, and he always will in a wholly Catholicized nation like this one.

The Tobey Maguire abortionist triumphed in the spasms of alternately having adulterous sex with the beautiful woman (Charlize Theron) then aborting the incestually conceived baby of a victimized black woman. Both morally repulsive in and of themselves but in the sexually ionized pagan-stimulated society created by the Catholicists viscerally compelling. Beneficial both for provoking and for challenging. For stirring the culture war and for mobilizing against it. The formula works over and over again.

The cathartic feature of The Cider House Rules is in the Tobey Maguire character’s reflection of all the powerful dramatic elements of his time in Maine (including a medical tutelage with the ether dependent mentor played by Michael Caine), all artfully and impeccably designed principally to achieve Catholicist purposes, whether wittingly or not.

I was played, have always been played, as are all Americans drawn into this richly Catholicized country. We eat it up—it is distinctive icon-laden enchantment in the highest. Even the best Reformed gospelites are deceived, sitting back in their Calvinist cushy chairs making the most piddly objections to the cultic practices of the Catholic Church and neglecting to fire up the dry tinder for revival. (I should not be so cynical—I know there are millions of cutting edge Christians who are active in really sharing and living the gospel. I am just appalled so few would prayerfully desire a better understanding of the enemy’s true designs. Are they not assured of the power of Jesus’ blood—and in that more harrowingly: are they relying too much on their own efforts?—there’s that Catholicized Obedience again.)


What is going on here is exactly what Hitler did for the Catholicist powers in the most highly civilized country of its day—Germany. But they have learned their lesson. Here it is taking much longer. The steady descent into its pagan clutches is much more steady—indeed beginning as far back as Laurence Richey’s original design for the U.S. in the 1760’s. It continues today and will continue until, as some have faintly presumed, the U.S. is annihilated and thus the distinct absence of its mention in Biblical end times narrative is corroborated.

Its use as a tool of the agency of Cain will have been fruitful for the Catholicists and as long as people stay comfortable muddling through their jobs, watching their Thursday night sitcoms, hauling their kids to this soccer game and that, and checking up once in a while on how many points we scored in the war on terrorism. As long as the Catholicist system is in charge of our sin management we’re set. We don’t even need the Catholic Church for that, just the kind benevolent Catholicist system.

The extirpation of Protestantism will have been accomplished. Then when Rome gets nuked on the last day, the U.S. will likely go up with it—or merely be spit out as the lukewarm church Jesus ultimately encounters. The lukewarm church that dismissed the more outspoken gospel proclaimers and allowed them to be so marginalized that their effectiveness for the kingdom was dramatically stunted. Calvinists may reject this assessment, but in that I can’t say they aren’t allowing themselves to be unwitting tools of the Catholicists themselves. For my part I won’t be presumptuous.

For to what extent in all this are the rulers of evil ordained in whatever way to bring about God’s purposes? This is still a mystery to me. If the answer to this question is a very Calvinist “they are ordained, so let God do what He will,” does that mean we can then neglect to sound the clarion call about the Catholicist designs, to be ordained instruments of sending His gospel to the lost? With that conviction shouldn’t we then be ablaze in response to His calling? Isn’t the number one reason God uses the rulers of evil is so we can get the message of Christ and the cross to the lost? And if so, wouldn’t a fully engaged Catholicized influence then be a profound detriment to that task? But then aren’t the rulers of evil—Rome—and the Catholicized influence one in the same? Aargh!

More discovering to do. And all this could very well be a self-indictment—perhaps I shouldn’t try so hard. I confess, it could be very Catholicist of me. Double aargh.


I still think of that Walk today. I think after all this of the time we walked across the street from the abortion clinic. I stopped with my wife and our son and our home group friend and I prayed. As I prayed I thought about how I was across the street asking God to reclaim that land for Him. Across the street. Why wasn’t I over there? On the land?

Much more, why wasn’t I over there in the building telling mothers about their babies? It is because I’m so abjectly Catholicized, and those who would be beside me are too. I’m ashamed.

And I think of the moments as we were walking toward the clinic. I noticed about three or four older people out front by the entry drive. They had big pictures up of aborted fetuses—good for them I thought. “Sidewalk counselors” out there really doing the dirty work, I thought. Good.

But then as one of them, an elderly lady looked out at us, she gave us the peace sign and then crossed herself. I thought little of it then but think more of it now, and my spirit groans.

It was like Disneyland, now that I think of it. Where you’re just on a ride. Going through the motions. Treated to a grand Walt Disney simulation. These people were like those animatronic people they have on the “E” rides.

Out there faithfully doing their Catholicist thing on the sidewalk, doing whatever they do to make a showing for those in the cars that drive up but never really saying anything—the agents of Cain are there to be sure they don’t go within 50 feet of the clinic’s doors or something like that. So then most if not all abortion patients can see how crazy those religious fanatics are. And the ones who may be influenced by the pictures (for in many ways the pictures are a legitimately effective form of influencing mothers to save their babies—but alas perhaps not to love them as God wants them too) will just join the cause after they’ve been converted by the pictures.

The game goes on.

March 10 Addendum

Thought about a whole bunch of other things related to yesterday’s thoughts. I don’t think this thought-grinding is going to end. It’s a mill.

On the way to and from the Walk drove past a small church that had on its marquee: “There is no right way to do a wrong thing.”

Wow—I think about that in thinking about those thoughts. About a Catholicized country where wrong things are done all over the place and yet made to look right to keep people in sin management. Widely wholesale woven-in-every-societal-crevice institutionalized wrong things. To keep people away from Jesus and heading towards the Pontiff. And if not towards the Pontiff, that’s okay because they’re his anyway.

Just away from Jesus.


Saw a movie last night while my wife and son went to a friend’s house. It was In The Bedroom, a movie that was a combination of Ordinary People and American Beauty. That whole cathartic thing was in there. It was indeed powerful. And I thought, not a mention of the One who Saves anywhere in any of those three movies. Not a one. And I really liked Ordinary People and American Beauty, even though the latter was a big-time manipulation piece for the Catholicized leftist voice.

There was a priest in In The Bedroom. A guy who gives solace to the grieving mom. Of course, he’s a good guy.

Was also thinking about Focus on the Family, a ministry I really respect. But thought about how given over it is to the Catholicized program. The Jesuits just love Dobson.11 He says nothing, ever, about the Catholic cult, and yet stirs people up to fight the culture war with a passion few others have. I don’t mean to disparage the genuine concern Dobson has for the poor people of this nation. But what would happen if he really took it to those most responsible for the problems he desires so much to solve? He’d be taken off the air, or you’d see real revival miracles on a massive scale. Could the Catholicist strength be so powerful at this stage that the former would be assured?

I think about the guy out on the street at the Ontario Convention Center a couple years ago when we took my oldest son to a teen Focus event12—I forget the name of it. We had a good time, but when we were waiting in line to get in, there was this guy, out there on the sidewalk, shouting out to the people in line—I think he even had a table and a sign. I couldn’t make out any of it. Most seemed to think he was some nutball to be ignored—and in a way I did too; who could argue against what Dobson does here? But in the back of my mind I thought I’d sure like to go find out what his take is. Didn’t because I was afraid I’d give him credence just be walking over there and I’d feel stupid if he was indeed some crackpot.

But what if he was one of those guys who knows about the Catholicists? And knew how Dobson is merely part of the convulsions giving such glee to them? Such glee, the Jesuits don’t even have to pay him. Or do they? Not to assume Dobson is willingly in with them, but why wouldn’t Jesuit money go to such a Catholicistically productive endeavor?


This morning was watching Fox News Sunday as I frequently do, and as I watched I was getting more and more of it. This is all almost unabashed on this channel. It is always being praised as the conservative alternative to the typically liberal network news. It is all decked out in its patriotic fervor, too much over the top but they don’t care. There was Tony Snow—who I thought was a good Christian guy, but really he may just be a good Christian Catholic but what does that mean except a bigoted racist remark for that’s not supposed to matter in our good tolerant and, well, fully Catholicized country these days. Anyway—Snow gives his thoughts in closing remarks about the six month “anniversary” of Nine-Eleven and it’s sickeningly rife with all that patriotic stuff about how we’ve rallied and pulled together and just dang well shown how wonderfully good we all are. After all God shared with me yesterday I just about wanted to puke.

This is not the gospel, Tony! You sycophantic Catholicized Christian! In fact he doesn’t even have to be Catholic for him to be a part of the program!

I always have to be careful with the commercials when Fox is on because they just have no scruples about what they show in their promos. Sure enough, there it was. A naked woman in bed (sheets covering her body) says to the guy next to him, something like, “It seems like all you ever want to do is have sex!” to which the guy (sort of a poor man’s Drew Carey) says something supposedly witty. Then there’s a shot of two women kissing, not some peck but a pretty good lip-connecting smoocharoo. This same guy says something else supposedly witty. The announcer follows in a gushing, ribald tone as if this show is the next great comedic event of the century.

 We all follow along with them—along that wide, spacious path.

Until the Catholicist EMT’s come to our rescue! Fox is run by Catholic Rupert Murdoch—there you go again—that question comes up: What is the deal with that? If he’s really a good, upstanding Catholic how can he let that stuff go on the air? The same way all the other good, upstanding Catholics can. It’s part of the program.


As I ponder it more—it is a ride. It is really a ride.

It is going under, then coming back up for air. Over and over again. A whole lifetime of this. The pagan way—Americanized. Contemporized. Modernized. Familiarized.

How enchanting that is. Do the forbidden thing. Get the thrills from doing it. Take it to the limit. You just know you can go to confession later—whatever that may mean for you.

It’s just that you can then get to be “absolved.” In fact you don’t only need to get the blessing of the priest—whoever that is for you—or do your penance (though that is a crucial part of the sin management program), but you can do it cathartically. You get to feel it. Sprinkle in some tearful remorse, some heartfelt once-prodigal return.

 And then when life gets boring, all that gets old, you can do it all again. Sin away, you’re just victimized anyway. Then give the 911 call to the Catholicist EMT’s and they’ll be right over!—whoever they may be for you, the Catholicists don’t care.

Just as long as it isn’t Jesus. And it doesn’t involve genuine repentance.


On the way back from the Walk, I revealed to my wife that I’d had a little back-and-forth email discussion with the gentleman who is in charge of our Lit Drops13—about the Catholic Church’s role in our pro-life efforts. I dissented from his proposition that they meet at a Catholic Church as a headquarters for the Lit Drop.

As much as I respect him and told him as much, his emails were filled with all the standard stuff: No church is perfect, we’re all sinners, the differences aren’t bad enough, and so forth. I enjoyed the discourse, but in thinking about this stuff I feel very sad for him. And all the other good smart Christian power brokers so taken by the Catholicist voice. It is as if it has seduced them. What do I mean “as if”?

We are so Catholicized.

I’m even listening to Greg Koukl,14 the best apologist out there. He is talking about abortion and how it’s portrayed on television, I shake my head—well, really he’s just addressing the merits of the arguments one way or the other. Genuinely good stuff indeed.

But he’s just as much part of the program. Convulsing heaving up and down and down and up and up and down—over and over and over again. While he has actually said solid things against the Catholic cult, he has made his mistakes about it—perhaps being somewhat sympathetic as he came out of that background, but I can’t say.

The key is that he just doesn’t have a clue. And would probably deny the Catholicist poisoning of our society. I do feel out-there. Because you know? Most would deny it. I don’t know. I’d really like to know—find out if some know this. I actually ask myself right now, “How many know what I know in this?” Besides Saussy, and perhaps some Historicists15 perhaps, and perhaps some really bright unsycophantic Reformed scholars perhaps… Or do a whole bunch of people really know all this and are just shutting up about it?

And in that, if the rulers of evil are as such a vital part of the sin management convulsing, and the forces of evil they prosecute are as vital a part of that, could those forces simply be the Catholicists at work? (“Blown cover for cover”?) If so, could the Catholicists more coordinated efforts involve shutting up those who are on to them? Or are they who are on to them so marginalized that it doesn’t matter? Sigh…

I am just going to end up gathering more and more evidences. This whole writing is a catalog of evidences, these gathered in just two days.

One thing I’ve noted is that I can’t be in this pity mode in light of all this. I know it is easy for me to be there: No one understands, so I give up.

God has shared this with me for a reason. If I consider the Catholicists have been allowed to stunt our efforts for the kingdom, the least that can happen is the work I do and the things I share with people whoever they are. God’s kingdom will be furthered through that. That is extraordinarily significant.


1 Walk-For-Life: A fund-raising event sponsored by a crisis pregnancy center. The walk is about a mile and takes place on a Saturday morning every March. Pledges are made for those who walk and the proceeds go to the center. It begins and ends in the quad of a local high school, where booths are set up by churches and ministries who have some substantive stake in pro-life efforts. Before and after the walk there is worship music and testimonies. We had participated in four such events previous to this one.

2 Vineyard Christian Fellowship: The local church I had been attending for about 12 years before this time. The Vineyard was started as a quasi-charismatic evangelical congregation in 1983 and widely expanded under the leadership of John Wimber.

3 ROE Filter: From the book Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussy, it is the idea that history is less about random, mostly incomprehensible events than it is the manifestation of definitive, deliberate designs from authoritative, covert, oath-bound, and extraordinarily powerful individuals. Seeing the world and looking at history through this filter enables one to have a deeper understanding about how and why things happen the way they do. Much of this account is a personal reflection and elaboration of what I started to see after reading ROE.

4 Norton Simon Museum: Located in Pasadena, it has a large collection of art and artifacts.

5 Obedience to the Exercise: A take on Saussy’s idea that the oath-bound operatives and their minions—the Jesuits and those they influence— are merely living out their “obedience to the understanding,” which is the principle that obedience to God means zealously following the Superior General and his dictates. My version here employs the impact of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises as the focal point in any thought or activity.

6 Bacchic Gospel: The philosophy and lifestyle embodied in Bacchus, the Roman equivalent to Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry. A profound part of its essence is the elevation of unchecked sexual activity expressed in any number of forms. In the Catholicist Nation the Bacchic Gospel is often couched in very religious terminology and imagery.

7 Robbins, Saussy, Phelps, Winburn et al: Robbins is John Robbins, founder of the Trinity Foundation, a Reformation organization that promotes the philosophy of Gordon Clark. Saussy is F. Tupper Saussy, author of the book Rulers of Evil detailing the historical evidence for the Catholicist Nation. Phelps is Eric Jon Phelps, author of the book Vatican Assassins, an exposé of Jesuit acivity through history. Winburn is Rand Winburn, founder of the website Iconbusters elucidating the core nature of the Roman Catholic institution.

8 Iagoan victory: Idea explained in Rulers of Evil, from the character Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello. Iago has manipulated events in such a way that no matter which of two disparate events occurs, he will have his desired result.

9 Laurence Richey: Also Lorenzo Ricci, he was the Superior General for the Jesuit Order before and during the American Revolution, and instrumental in forming the Catholicist Nation in the United States.

10 Radical selfist agenda: See The Culture War.

11 Dobson: James Dobson, the psychologist who founded Focus on the Family, a prominent Christian pro-family organization that actively informs its constituency about social issues and the political influences on those issues.

12 Teen Focus event: In May of 2001, my wife and I took our oldest son, then 17 years old, to a Focus on the Family conference at a convention center that featured contemporary Christian music, pro-family speakers, dramatic presentations, and break-out events for teens.

13 Lit Drops: Every Saturday once or twice a month, a dedicated group of pro-life activists meets early in the morning to distribute newspapers that describe the horrors of abortion to homes in a targeted area. I had dutifully helped with Lit Drops until the leader of the efforts decided to make their home base a Catholic Church. I graciously protested, but to no avail. My services have not been requested since.

14 Greg Koukl: Founder of Stand to Reason, a fine apologetics organization. Koukl has a weekly radio/web call-in show in which he offers ways to better articulate the gospel.

15 Historicists: The group that could be said to hold eschatological views that fall between the futurists, who believe everything predicted in places like Matthew 24 and Revelation will all happen at some time in the future, and the preterists, who believe that everything predicted in the Bible has already happened. The historicist merely treats each  prophecy or event in the exact way it should be properly considered— without trying to read too much into it—with the firm understanding that whatever happens, one's resolute hope in Christ is enough to see him or her through whatever the future brings.


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