The Catholicist Nation's Culture War

"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. You have done a foolish thing, and from now on you will be at war."  

- II Chronicles 16:9


"If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take His place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner.”

- Ravi Zacharias

    Many times good Christians are drawn into what is commonly called "The Culture War." They believe that they are fighting the good fight for goodness and all good things. In reality they are simply being exploited by powerful Romanist forces to engage in violent conflict for sustaining the legitimacy of Caesar's rule. (The violence is not necessarily manifest physically; it is most frequently emotional and spiritual.)

    To wage the Culture War, Catholicist operatives have divided their minions into two camps. While there are profound distinctions — each side must be fighting against something — both have common characteristics and designs that ultimately accomplish the bidding of those operatives authoritatively led by the Father General. Besides the weight of bellicosity focused at the other, each side also has its own peculiar, often raging conflicts within, but these are just as lucrative for the General's purposes.

    The incessantly battling regiments:


Radical Selfism Devout Romanism



Leftist agenda and its independent chapters Catholic Church and its state churches
Rejects religion (but does so religiously!) Endorses religion
Infused with “self” language       Infused with “God” language
Pretense of secular government Influence secular government
Strict libertinism Strict guidelines
Ministry of reprobation  Ministry of condemnation 
Liberal  Conservative
Progressive Traditional
Lascivious sexuality             Repressive sexuality            
License             Legalistic
Casuistry - whatever feels good Casuistry - right and wrong constructions
Politically correct behavior Sacraments
Sin management by rationalization / rejection of sin Sin management by concealment / denial
Radical minority Common-man majority
Enlightened spiritists (Hindu-oriented seminary) Ordained priests (Catholic-oriented seminary)
Eastern Western
Gaia, God-Self, Buddha, avatars, et al “Jesus,” Mary, saints, Pope, heroes, et al
The Guru The Reverend
Frequently associated with Jews Frequently associated with Gentiles
Concessionary religion Militant religion
Distolerant Intolerant
Principles of French Revolution Principles of American Revolution
Rousseau: expansive movement to rebellion Locke: protracted movement to rebellion
Populist dogma Establishment dogma
The Cause The Crusade
New World Order (“Global Community”)
Globalist agenda
Establish hegemony through socialist revolution
Catholic democracy (Bellarminian Republic)
Ecumenical agenda
Sustain hegemony through fascist suppression
Promotes God through seeking inner diety Promotes God through proximity to system
Enlighten the masses
Perpetual war rally cry: "Decolonize!"
Return to “God”
Perpetual war rally cry: "Safety & Security!"
Emphasis on glory of self, self-interest Emphasis on glory of society, social cohesion
Noble Lie: Madhouse Option Noble Lie: Totalitarian Option

Challenge to Cain (“See if you can catch me!”)

Challenge of Cain (“See if you can hide!”)
Idol of the people (hyper-democratic) Idol of the state (hyper-authoritarian)
Irony: Pronounced idol is often the collective Irony: Pronounced idol is often the individual
Captivated by hermetic secrecy Motivated by cabalistic secrecy
Chaotic creativity Ordered iconography
Philosophical mentor: Nietzsche Philosophical mentor: Plato
   (Self-rule through "will to power")    (Rule only by those with "perfect knowledge")
Cicero's flaw: "There is a good commoner." Caesar's flaw: "There is a good governor."
Epic poet: Lucretius Epic poet: Virgil
Pamphleteer: Thomas Paine Pamphleteer: Edmund Burke
Augustine’s City of Man Augustine’s City of God
Likes Jews, hates Israel Hates Jews, likes Israel
Protestants Catholics
Proudly bases polemic on authority of the state Proudly bases polemic on authority of the church
Cavaliers Roundheads*
Girondins Jacobins*


  • are condemners.

  • revile the other, and express that imaginatively and institutionally, however subtly or stridently.

  • have a substantive number who refuse to acknowledge they are in one of the camps.

  • also have a substantive number who brashly take pride in their cause, anxiously considering it to be the only way to salvation.

  • fully believe they are doing good, and feel good trusting in good works.

  • employ elaborately designed programs of industry and philanthropy for absolution.

  • labor ceaselessly because the cause is their identity (they must “repair the world”—tikkun).

  • expend large quantities of resources and incur enormous costs to feed their addiction.

  • are engaged in their particular cause to make the world in their image.

  • believe in using the powers of government to effect change for the better.

  • utilize the institutions of education as its primary means to their ends.

  • use a framework of humanism in all its instruction (“learning against learning”).

  • value autonomy as one of the, if not the greatest human characteristic.

  • employ the tactic of oppression and victimization in some manner.

  • maintain eye-popping mythologies of heroic martyrdoms, broadcast frequently to rally the faithful.

  • deftly mold public opinion through mass media — both journalism and entertainment.

  • in visible arenas use powerful religious icons, rhetoric, and myth to seek legitimacy and build support.

  • have their own particular heroes / legends.

  • are chiefly materialistic in their outlook (in service to Mammon) even if couched in exuberant piety.

  • reject at their core, in some form or another, the God of the Bible.

  • seek enchantment from Cain as the preeminent city builder.

  • strive for favor through such city-building, and that it is grand public works that cover a multitude of sins.

  • seek the glory of self above all, even if couched in God / goodness language.

  • publicly claim to reject elitist or “establishment” power, but are intensely and covertly manipulative.

  • zealously argue the merits of "separation of church and state" as a subtle way of seeking to gain their perceived dominion's advantage.

  • exhibit extraordinarily dysfunctional behavior in their core interactions with one another.

  • use utopian rhetoric for envisioning and articulating a future perfect world to rally people to the cause.

  • are in many ways exactly the same in nature and character — as one examines them much more closely the distinctions fade and which one is which gets cloudier, simply because both are so captivated by Rome's designs on them.

  • are tyrannical, but are so because their subjects demand it to be so, even under the pretense of their "liberation."

  • must ingratiate themselves to the Romanist ecclesiocratic racketeering operation in some way if they want to achieve their goals.

  • are hypnotically obedient to their Unknown Superior and his sworn operatives.

  • are regularly exploited as controlled opposition any time the deep-state powers can find a way to set them up as such.

  • must labor to employ supernatural elements to achieve their ends, and because both are far outside the presence of God that will always mean a deep attachment to the occult, sorcery, divination, and peculiar erotica activity that is mostly hidden from any public purview.

  • are corporately empowered and administered by unseen and highly spiritually connected individuals who exploit the characteristic ignorance of the populace, always playing both ends against the middle as an insidious way to get people to think they are detached from the violence but keeping them enraged all the same.

  • may be used in some measure — as full or adjunct participants in the Ministry of Condemnation — by God to bring profound good out of the horrific evil that man does.


Definition of Terms:


Radical Selfist - God made us to enjoy who He made us to be, so in that sense one cannot help but be a selfist — that is, someone who lives out who he or she is, as a created self in the very image of God Himself. What makes one radical is the belief that "self-living" can happen outside of the will and purposes of God. The Radical Selfist has made an idol of the self, worshipping it with creeds like "All you must do is love yourself" and conceptions that science is the only thing that can really save us. The fact is that each created self has turned away from God and done horrible things. He may try to excuse those things by appealing to his "nature," but that doesn't change his guilt. He is in need of redemption, or being bought back by the God who made him. He does this with the blood of Christ. The Radical Selfist generally rejects that offer by trusting in his own will and purposes.


Devout Romanist - God set in motion the World System at the dawn of mankind, expressly for the purpose of administering prosecution of evildoers. As such, the entity of "Rome" — from its manifestation in Babylon to the United States, from its enforcement by the local police force or the Catholic priesthood — is ordained by God for proper function of governance for those who refuse to believe on Christ. What makes one devout is the conception that Rome and God are one in the same. Rome is merely an instrument of judgment God may exploit, yet it can be made an idol. Frequently Devout Romanists will give away their worship by stating things like "The U.S. is a Christian nation" and a firm consideration that political activity and the force of the law are the only solutions to an individual's spiritual plight.


        Note: Some Christians may question the call to completely abandon their engagement in the Culture War, decrying such horrors as abortion and insisting that their involvement is crucial to save the lives of babies. Many beholden to Cain to stop abortion do a fine job in that particular capacity. But abortion will not end until the people doing and enabling the aborting come to Jesus Christ and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Sure some abortions may not happen because of Cain's actions — and by default the Catholic Church and the Catholicist World's actions. But there should be no abortions at all, and as long as people have the Catholicist desire for human sacrifice there will always be abortions. The more you are serving to Cain through institutions like the Catholic Church, you may win some battles but you will always be losing the war.

        At the last "Walk-For-Life" event a good friend of mine asked me to sign a petition that would put a requirement of parental notification for a teen's abortion on the state ballot. I refused to sign it, and she was surprised. I'm sure she was stunned that an ardent pro-lifer such as myself would not join the cause of ending abortion. But she doesn't realize that by signing that form, she is consenting to the use of the term "termination of pregnancy" instead of its proper term, "murder of a child." Furthermore she is also sanctioning the parent's power over an abortion decision, which may very well be assent to the murder of the child!

        The only One whom we should be listening to about abortion is God — not any parent or governing authority. Without Christ a parent is prone to choose murder, and government by definition is evil. To be in the Culture War trying futilely to really have an impact on abortion is one thing. To be loving another with His love and reconciling people to God and to the joy and freedom that comes with Him is an entirely other thing. It puts people in a position to revel in the life He's given us and that is the authentic impetus to protect and cherish and abide with all other human lives. "There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus!" It is that which will bring about a baby's — anyone's — wholeness and livelihood.


         Recent addition - May 2013: I should note that I've included in the list above "Protestants - Catholics." This merits a special remark in that Protestants' considerations about the Roman Catholic Church are indeed veritable and the basis for much of this work, but most Protestants are so Catholicized that their work for the Kingdom is so marginalized. Many of them also distort what it means to be free in Christ and consider it more license than living in His Grace and Truth. Much of this is indeed because they are so taken by the instruction of the Jesuit order. More about this phenomenon is here.




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*A brief note about the Roundheads and the Cavaliers: It may be argued that the Roundheads were about as anti-Rome as you could be, and this should disqualify them as true Romanists. The reason for this inclusion is (a) Cromwell and his Puritan forces essentially did the duty of Romanists during their reign, and (b) the two factions represented a fine example of culture warriors in action. In the same way the Jacobins were Radical Selfists, yes, but for a number of years did the work of Devout Romanists using the guillotine. Indeed, many political rivalries through history could be included on this webpage not as much to classify them with any given agenda but merely to elucidate the ways the Culture War is enflamed by operatives of Cain, and the most proficient of those belong to the Society of Jesus.




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