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How exactly the Roman Catholic Magisterium actually promotes sexual immorality, and by default, practices such as abortion

1.  The most significant way this happens is by the worship of a god that is not Jesus Christ. The god of the Roman Catholic Church is an anti-Christ. Anyone who opens his heart and mind to the words of Scripture will see that. This is the most critical reason, because idolatry always brings with it the fear that one is worshipping a false god. The demonic power of the idol grips the spirit of the worshipper in a highly oppressive way. Without the true God and His sacrificial love, the individual cannot truly know love and will always seek a substitute. One of the most common ways to try to get a substitute for love is through sex.

Human sacrifice also plays a part in this. Someone who instinctively knows that sin reigns in his life and soul and who is not redeemed by Christ will seek a "sacrifice" of his own. The World extends dozens of ways to appease this need that are outside the economy of God, and abortion is one of them. For a more thorough examination of this phenomenon, go here.

2.  Almost as important is the entire principle of sworn celibacy, which the Roman Catholic Church fully authorizes. Priests are considered the temporal representative of their Christ, and as such are revered as Jesus is supposed to be. As men who've taken a vow of celibacy, they are now seen as the paragons of virtue in that they abstain from sex. Therefore sex is seen as dirty, sinful, evil. Even married Catholics are convinced that if they don't follow every legalistic restriction in the book about sexual activity they will be condemned to hell, and many times feel terribly guilty even if they do! This serves the church wonderfully because it keeps people coming to confession and doing penances and attending Mass and all the rest of it in order to assuage their overwhelming dread.

The key is that every single human individual is an innately sexual being. This may certainly be stating the obvious, but the key is that when one can't fully integrate his or her sexuality, he or she acts out on the twisting confusion in wholly inappropriate, dysfunctional, and many times destructive ways.

3.  Because the priest has taken this vow, he must find expression of his sexuality in other ways, and many priests commit horrific acts of rape and molestation as a result. Take a moment and google "Catholic Church" and the word "sex" and look at what you'll find. (I did this to see if I could find a bit more about all this.) Virtually every hit is some story about the Church's priest molestation scandal. This is not only a stain on the church, it is a pronounced indictment of the abhorrent nature of this institution, and it has been this way for centuries.

A notable item about the Catholic Church's treatment of sex is the massive amount of casuistry, equivocation, and dissembling that occurs in and around sexual sin. Every form of rationalization is utilized throughout all levels of the clergy and laity regarding what precisely is okay and not okay. A classic example is the thinking that a priest's consideration of celibacy fits within the bounds of right moral conduct if he has sex, but merely doesn't get married.

4.  The Magisterium is the official teaching of the Church. Many of the things in it are indeed fine respectable things about treasuring the gift that is sex. Furthermore, much of the controversy over the Church and its view of sex is stirred by Radical Selfist voices that rail against many of the solid boundaries about sex that the Church speaks for. But the problem with this is that it is all wrapped up in the Law. It can easily be said this way: "Chastity for chastity's sake is still misery." The law at work is burdensome and oppressive, ceaselessly void of genuine mercy or satisfying rest. "Who will save us from this body of death?"

The suprathesis of the Letter of the Law is Truth and Grace. Scripture clearly says that Truth and Grace are themselves the very essence of Jesus Christ. The only reason one should, or even would respect the boundaries that make sex what it should be is knowing you are truly loved by the One Who Died For You Because He Loved You.

An amazing passage to help here is the letter of Paul to the Colossians, second chapter, verses 20 to 23. Note how clearly he states that all the rules and regulations cannot keep us from sensual indulgences. The Magisterium is really just another Talmud, a daunting catalog of do's and don'ts that has no flesh, no smile, no warm embrace. For sex, as it is with anything else, "the power of sin is the law." Only Jesus and those who are authentically His can offer what we really desire and move us to live joyously and bountifully.

5. Because of the Church's myriad regulations regarding sex, in a very perverse way its emphasis on sex without the commensurate understanding of truth and grace and healthy relationships with one another actually engenders more sexual sin. One of the most critical components of abortion and one that is dismissed far too readily even by the most impassioned pro-life evangelical crusaders is the prominent part sexual sin plays in it.

Much of that comes from Hollywood's treatment of sex and the rabid confusion among those watching that, on television, in movies, and within published material all widely disseminated. Before the 1960's the Catholic Church obsessively regulated what came out of the entertainment industry, to the point where people had a whiplash reaction and the sexual revolution was born. A famous apologist put it this way: "Rules without relationship is rebellion." That rebellion drives sexual sin, and in turn, the abortion industry.

6. The Roman Catholic Church is through-and-through a political institution. It not only has its hand in secular governments around the globe but it is the government. Because of the most adept dissembling it has convinced most of the world's populace that it is merely a simple religious organization, a harmless church seeking to make things good in its meek pastoral capacity.

One of the tools of the World's ministry of sin management is to enable behavior it may go after with grand elaborate measures to industriously regulate it. Rome can furthermore boldly market its noble efforts to bring about good things for everyone all around. What better evil for World inhabitants to practice regularly than abortion, so the System can sustain an imaginative public relations program about how much it is doing to end it.

7. If it is true that the government is the Roman Catholic Church, and it is the case that both judicial fiat like Roe v. Wade and state laws have effectively codified abortion as a right, then we can conclude that Rome has officially enshrined abortion as public policy. That a fully Catholicized population simply cannot move government to justifiably establish the most restrictive laws prohibiting infanticide and protecting the lives of vulnerable human beings means the church and the populace support the practice of abortion. In this sense the abysmal failure to end it is the clear evidence of Rome's tacit endorsement of it.

Furthermore if Rome regularly performs human sacrifice as a matter of its legitimate prosecutorial authority, and child sacrifice has been through the ages of paganized civilization the most common form of this commitment, then in our world of advanced medical technology, still very vibrant forms of eugenics, and rampant desires for sexual conquest and promiscuity, why wouldn't a nice, clean, sanitized form of child sacrifice, namely abortion, be widely embraced?

One more brief political note. In a very twisted sense the Dobbs v. Jackson decision of June 2022 overturning Roe v. Wade actually set in motion the strengthening of abortion legislation. The decision essentially handed infanticide enablement over to the states, and even the most reputably conservative states have failed miserably in ending abortion. The most liberal states have greatly increased their efforts to make sure infanticide is available, and thus far have been largely successful.

Only two things will truly end the infanticide horror. The first is a 13th and 14th Amendment type addition to the US Constitution that simply states "Babies from the time of conception to the time they leave the womb are human beings and no state shall deny any such human being the full protection of the law." That there are so many Catholicized individuals in the country so fully given over to their devotion to the Roman Catholic Ecclesiocracy means this is simply unviable at this time.

That second thing that would make a difference? A critical mass of people leave Rome and turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction to Christ and the Kingdom. Indeed this is the only thing that would truly work, for anything the World System does is merely the ruthlessness of law enforcement. Again, it is "Chastity for chastity's sake." Scripture tells us the law is good (which is why good laws firmly against abortion are still very good things!) but that the law cannot keep one's concupiscence in check nor can it make one righteous.

Only Christ and a deep, abiding, interactive relationship with Him and with His own can do that.

8.  As many Catholics themselves have admitted, their cycle of existence is essentially, "Sin on Friday, confess on Saturday." Catholics have an extraordinarily entrenched conception that because the Church is their one and only ticket to heaven, they are good-to-go for all kinds of sinful things and then zip on back at some point for absolution. They have no hope of breaking this cycle because it is all they know, and the Church has done such a fine job of convincing them that their Jesus is the only one there is and that any other Jesus is the same one, just being talked about at a different place.

This is not just characteristic of the Roman Catholic Church Proper, but of all who live religiously without Christ. Everyone has some form of a Jesus. It could be "Sin on Friday," and the "Jesus" is " extra hard at the office on Saturday," or "...spend more time with the kids on Saturday," or even "...get wasted even more to numb the pain on Saturday." How about this very common and not unintentionally established one: "...put a bit more in the offering plate on Sunday."

Of course one of the most abjectly horrific ones is "...quietly head over to the abortion clinic to dispose of the problem on Saturday."

Such is the Catholicist Nation.


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(I use the term "magisterium" to refer to the entire approach of the Roman Catholic Church. While it may be a term defining something very specific regarding the pope's pronouncements or the highest official teaching as such, here it is merely used to denote the entirety of thought and practice throughout the institution.)


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