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On Bullying

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Go. And behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.

- Luke 10:3

At the end of the fifth chapter of the gospel of Luke, Jesus mentions wineskins. Wineskins? I'd always struggled with that reference, until I carefully thought about what he'd said just before that and started to wipe away the thick smudges in my vision of the way things really are.

That itself is part of the meaning of the metaphor.

The old wine is the law, and the new wine is truth and grace. What happens when you try to put the old into the new? Well, I guess you can, but Jesus says people try so hard to put the old in the new that the new wineskins break. Instead of living richly by the new, they stick with the old. What good is the new when it's in old wineskins?

So let's just stay with the old. It's better after all. That's the idea anyway, still held by millions and millions of people across the globe. But that's the law. That's the brutal reality of the most proficient law enforcement.

And one thing you must understand about this necessary condition is that it always involves bullying.




You see this mostly in the enthusiastic crusade of making sure people, mostly the more youthful ones, don't go pushing around other smaller people. It's now more of a craze with all the emerging dangers of social media, there's even a word for that kind: cyberbullying. Thing is, bullying shows up in so many other places, we read about it in the news all the time, and ordinarily we just shrug.

Or get out and do some bullying ourselves dammit.

For instance the Swiss bank Credit Suisse was given the what's-what by the U.S. Senate the other day for not doing more to share financial information about its depositors seeking to evade taxes. Never mind that the U.S. has little jurisdiction in this area, the important thing is that bullying may just get the job done. Bullying has been the more obvious modus operandi for undue IRS scrutiny of 501c4's being a little too unseemly with their political proclivities. I mean when has the IRS ever not been considered a great big bully?

Then there's the United Nations scolding the Vatican for its role in the actions of sexually abusive priests. I guess it's good that august organizations like the U.N. are spitting up some kind of censure, but this is just bullying. Ironic that a creation of the Vatican itself is doing the finger-wagging, but this just demonstrates how much it is all part of the ruse the U.N. added that the Catholic Church should also stop being so mean about abortion and homosexuality, and with a pope who's on record for urging less intolerance of such things that makes it more likely that those who say stuff about that will be firmly told that, yes,


You're just a bunch of bullies.


Remember that story about the frog and the scorpion? You know, the scorpion needs a lift across the river and the frog is nice enough to give him one as long as he doesn't sting him, but the scorpion does it anyway and as they both are about to drown the frog asks him why he did that and the scorpion replies "It's what I do."

Oh well.

It's what they do.

Recently I happened to come across a book in the new stacks at the library titled A Dreadful Deceit. Don't even know who wrote it and wasn't interested because even though it declared racism wasn't really about race the book was filled with how awful racism has been. That the history of institutionalized racism is awful is not in question here. What is significant is that the book's main thrust is that the evils are all much more about the powerful exploiting the powerless in whatever way it is rationalized, and that it is done with an almost innate unquenchable desire.

The real deceit here is not that we don't get that. Too many of us all so desperately want to return the bullying with more bullying, that's easy to see. How stridently do the thousands of elitist scholars like the gal who wrote A Dreadful Deceit demand Caesar work even harder on getting more tolerance going by hammering people with how much more tolerant they have to be. Whatever. That's stultifyingly typical stuff.

No, the quite legitimate and functionally institutionalized deceit is the truth that the innate unquenchable desire is to do human sacrifice.

Human sacrifice is what they do.

Or, as some proudly announce themselves, it's natural. It's just natural: people generally bully so much and regularly enable government to bully so much for one simple reason.


If you don't have Christ and live out your life with His sacrifice as the force by which you love others, you will do things to sacrifice others on the altar of your own insatiably covetous desires.


In other words, without Christ you have to be a bully. And if you can't do that very well, you'll enlist government to do the bullying for you. How easy is that, government has seven times the strength of that other guy you really don't like very much. It's like having a big bad-ass brother how cool!

This was played out in spectacular fashion with the recent controversy about whether or not a business can refuse to provide a good or service to a same-sex couple who will do something objectionable, such as hold a wedding that prominently features that requested good or service, such as a baked cake or photograph-taking.

A law was recommended that would allow such business persons to avoid any legal ramifications for such a commitment, but the outcry from just about every quarter was so great that the law was summarily shelved.

Now, let me get this straight. Some people object to certain same-sex kinds of things, and they are merely living their lives, doing their jobs, getting on with things, and when they share their concerns they are blasted as narrow-minded bigoted homophobic Neanderthals by the most powerful political and commercial interests on the planet. Now, I'm confused here.

Who are the bullies?

Sure the language was a bit different. Those interests issued official statements that said things like, "We're for acceptance and inclusion and against discrimination and intolerance." Didn't matter. It was still bullying by saying "We're against bullying."

And you know what?

It's working.

Just yesterday I came across a phenomenal piece written by Rod Dreher about how contemptibly impotent the church is to say anything about the now raging homosexualist culture around us. The modern church has been so emasculated that whenever the challenge of the evils of sodomous behavior comes up they have absolutely nothing to say. Well, excuse me, many try to, but, hey, ehh, talk to the hand...

Churches today are only about eliciting good feelings, saying pithy things, stirring up intense emotions, or even pounding down more turgid rules to live by.

In other words, most churches are fully Catholicized.

They can only bully.

They can't articulate that the reason homosexual actions are justifiably reprehensible is because they destroy the lives of those who engage in them. There are dozens of veritable proofs that sodomy kills, at every level, emotional, spiritual, physical many of which have nothing to do with religion. In fact, this is why a law saying "People may discriminate for religious reasons" is actually itself so foolish. It makes people with deeply meaningful concerns about these things look like bullies, and it proclaims that ultimately religious reasons are worthless in the discourse, because really, religious folk are just spitting into hurricane force winds.

I wonder, what is the eventuality here? Who is most likely to endure prosecution: the ones committing the sexual crimes or those who speak truthfully about them? About a month ago U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia gave a speech at the University of Hawaii on the anniversary of the Korematsu decision. He said something very sobering in that speech, that it is very likely the Supreme Court would uphold a decision requiring certain people to be interred in camps should such an event require it.

What is the nature of that event? Could it be when people actually make the most profoundly cogent argument about the reality of sodomy as well as the homosexualist rhetoric that always accompanies it? When the detractors move more rigorously on this now wholly unacceptable dissent, will they proudly claim it is in the best interests of the country?

U.S. President Barack Obama has introduced an initiative (unrelated to sexuality issues) called "My Brother's Keeper" really, it's called that. Not only is this a direct reference to the substance of Cain's defensive exclamation after he committed the first human sacrifice ever, but it portends imminent fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy that when you are dragged away they will say they are doing God a favor.

I honestly don't think that'll happen anytime soon, however. The church is too Catholicized, with everyone just reveling in the bullying of one another. And having to haul people to some kind of holding facility is quite messy. The human sacrifice mostly happens with the fierce marginalization, the novel scare tactics from all of Cain's fronts, and the persistent pressure to shovel over the tribute in whatever forms are most mollifying.

At least for right now.

This is the World and its ways.


The interesting thing about the Kingdom is that people in it can't bully Jesus never did and they can't be bullied themselves Jesus never was. The present bullying environment is what God allows Cain's legacy to cultivate because from it people may actually see it for what it is and then find rapturous relief from the horrors of their condition by the saving work of the One who loves them enough to do something about it.

Jesus loved the one committing acts of sodomy so much that He sacrificed Himself so he'd be freed from such a harrowing reality. Scratch a homosexually minded individual and you'll find deep woundedness, scorching pain, harrowing fear just like anyone suffering from the effects of any entrenched sin.

It'd be nice if they could find the ones who aren't bullies, who actually do love but also have a vibrant spiritual intelligence to be the best elucidators of what discovering the beauty and wonder of God's righteousness is all about.

Homosexualists would surely look at that word, righteousness, and sneer "You just want to make us into one of your Stepford people! Aaagh! Perfect, regular, 'normal' people! Ighck!"

No, God just wants you to live bountifully in the way He created you, the way He bought you, with His blood He merely wants to speak gently to you and embrace you with the sweet mercy of His kindness and care, with the healing and wholeness He shares with anyone who is hurting.


And that's purely the message of that fifth chapter of Luke.

The new wine is glorious.


Where are the wineskins to put it in?



  • There is no way to get every element of the homosexuality discourse in this brief (as it is) writing. I have a goal to include a page in this webzine that's more of a thorough monograph, with every argument the homosexualists use and a firm refutation for each, but that is a work that requires some time and effort. For now, here's a blog post I wrote last year with a few of them.

  • It might also be worth defining some references I use that aren't more mainstream. Homosexualist simply refers to anyone who favors people committing sodomous acts with one another to any extent, even if they themselves are not necessarily homosexually minded. Sodomy is also a term that has practically been driven from the vernacular because its clear connotation is that homosexual acts are wrong, and the System has been successful at marginalizing anyone who believes such a thing. Therefore, the word has been made effectively obsolete for use in popular World conversation.

  • (March 8 note: Indeed just days after completing the above piece, I've discovered that even using the term "homosexual" is now considered offensive. But then, I deliberately avoid using the terms "gay" and "lesbian" because use of such terms themselves have connotations that what homosexuals do with their genitalia is perfectly fine. Thus, another clear truth emerges: the World bullies by redefining words to suit its own selected rent-seekers, and to be fair this isn't just standard procedure for the homosexualist voice; it's been happening for millennia. Funny, we used to cry "1984!" in reference to George Orwell's book about such activity, but that 1984 has long passed is testament to the fact that World bullying through word meaning rearrangement is so universal.)

  • The main way churches today are merely subdivisions of Rome is by leaning on the law instead of on Truth and Grace. Here is a page of the practical way they do that. Some of the most powerful scare tactics mentioned in the piece come from the church. No wonder so many young people and thoughtful homosexualists are driven away from the church. It's not God they don't want, it's Catholicized churches being so judgmental, hypocritical, political, and all the rest of it. The scathing truth, however, is that a church belonging to Cain must behave that way.

  • I would also like to make this disclaimer about a given church's impotence at addressing homosexuality. The point of the above piece is to say in no uncertain terms that being tied to the World keeps a church extraordinarily ill-equipped to effectively minister to any homosexualist. But this doesn't mean that there is no one who has the name of Christ on their lips who can do a fine job of ministering to them with His love. Look at this part of a page of common issues for more about this concern.

  • A terrific organization that gets deep into the destructiveness of homosexual behavior, explains its causes, and describes the way professional therapists can address it in the most gracious ways is the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. Its website is here. One of the most sinister elements of the System's bullying tactics are laws restricting what organizations like this can do to help make people sexually whole, something again that self-imposed limits on length couldn't allow in the above piece.

  • Jurisdiction regarding taxation is a complicated matter. I don't imply at all that there aren't some who may certainly be liable for taxation under U.S. law in whatever affairs are subject to that law. The point here is that even with the most legitimately justified law enforcement, bullying is always involved. As an authorized feature of World System activity, it should be. It cannot be denied that Credit Suisse certainly appreciates U.S. bullying practices on its behalf to protect its U.S. interests, and that does come with a steep price.

  • A page that gets into the myriad ways human sacrifice is here. And another definition: What's with this Catholicist thing? My observations are here. A bit more about this thing righteousness is here.

  • Rod Dreher's piece is here. You may also want to check out the March 10 issue of America, the official Jesuit publication, which pretty much puts the imprimatur on homosexual behavior. This is definitely the subject of further elucidation, but little is different from the Society's mission of deftly convincing the faithful that white is black, and black white.

  • The One Who Liberates.



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