Tests of Truth

The Catholicist Nation


"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth, and they think it's hell." - Harry Truman


Catholicist institutional forces seize anything that is genuinely Biblical and manipulate the message so that it becomes something other than what it really is. Essentially, truth is turned into untruth. Extraordinarily brilliant and clever minds work the system to draw people into the World and away from Christ, who is Truth. This doesn’t just happen, it is made to happen. The Catholicized mind is easily deceived — already molded by Jesuit designs, it is no match for these influences. Only a full, rich diet of Scripture can protect one from “being devoured.” Keep in mind the key tests that can be used to determine what is truthful and gracious: 


(1)        Is it Scriptural?  Look at the whole picture through the lens of the Bible — Hebrews 4:11-13.  Thoroughly and prayerfully read what God’s word actually says. Those covert religious operatives expertly twist Scripture to mean what it doesn’t mean, even though it sounds really good. One of the chief ways they dismiss this question is to get the Catholicist to presume that the Bible is just a book. When do we ever say that the certified medical textbook that instructs the doctor is just a book? ("Why the Bible?")

(2)        Will the house stand?  Look at the institution — Luke 11:16-18.  Vigilantly look at the whole operation, the whole “ministry.” Those forces hide the inherent weakness in the institution — look at the Roman Catholic sexual abuse/priest scandal; it is in the news a lot, convincingly demonstrating that weakness. But watch how it will be kept from collapsing by proficient casuistic reasoning that will weave its way through society. Indeed, because the Catholic Church provides a service for those who compulsively desire sin management, it can't go under, at least not until the last day when Jesus does away with it altogether.

(3)        What is the fruit of the work?  Look at the results — Matthew 7:15-20.  Identify what actually comes from their efforts. Be careful! Good works do not automatically bring saved souls! Those exploitive forces can be seen for what they are by looking closely at what is behind the smiles and wholesome façade of good works — they are doing exactly what the Pharisees did: wonderfully nice things for people but making them just as much sons and daughters of hell as they were.

(4)        Does it acknowledge Jesus as God?  Look at the words — 1 John 4:1-3.  See if what people say or do holds the deep understanding of the meaning of Jesus: who He is, what He is about, and what He did, does, and will do. In this is the consideration of the true character and person of Jesus Christ as He is, in contrast to one of the hundreds of strikingly deceptive counterfeits. ("Why Jesus?")

(5)        Is it about love?  Look at the heart — 1 John 4:15-21.  Assess the merits of any word or action by the love of God. This is not the world’s love, which is a fine imitation, but God’s — the only real, true love. Love is extraordinarily complex, but not unfathomable; a child understands it better than anyone — this is exactly why we must become as children. Love only means anything when it is offered by Jesus, because only His love perfectly fulfills our needs of relationship (knowing and being known), discovery (experiencing life), and accomplishment (living out one’s calling).


All five of these tests, employed as needed in the appropriate measure, are required to accurately discern truth!  Only one or a few is not enough. Remember the main lie is "You are a god." For many this translates as "There is no meaningful truth outside what the World System tells me."


The truth about what we truly want, versus what we truly don't want, can be laid out from a mere two verses in Scripture:


What we truly want, from Matthew 25:21

What we truly don't want, from Matthew 7:23

"Well done, good..." Accomplishment   "I never knew you..." Loneliness (no relationship)
"and faithful servant." Relationship   "depart from me..." Despair (no discovery)
"Enter into the joy of the Lord." Discovery   "you evildoers." Boredom (no accomplishment)




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This page was originally posted by David Beck at yourownjesus.net on November 7, 2004