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      The following seven points are reprinted here from a home page piece I wrote for the November-December 2011 edition of my webzine. They hold the core reasons why things happen the way they do in our society. Of course the details are much more complex, but I think you'll find everything, at its core, can be explained here. If you think something is amiss or something must be added or considered, I'd love to hear from you. For context I urge you to read the entire home page piece, as well as peruse the entire webzine.

  1. Men believe in their hearts that they are gods. They have a deep inner desire to dominate others, and everything around you reflects this truth. When things appear good because they are doing good things, they're lying. When their genuine iniquity seeps through all the splendidly charitable goodness, we're dying. Jesus himself confirmed this truth by declaring, "You believe yourselves that you are gods..."

  2. Human sacrifice is the necessary result of that desire, necessary because to dominate one must hack, carve, shave off, vacuum out, or otherwise appropriate value of another to find any gratification at all. In fact, everyone sacrifices. Every single human individual. The difference is, are you an other-sacrificer, or a self-sacrificer? The former originated in Cain's other-sacrifice of his brother for himself, the latter is modeled by Christ's sacrifice of Himself for others.

  3. The Roman Catholic Church models this behavior by compelling people to attend to services in which other-sacrifice is profoundly symbolized and rousingly modeled: in the bread pronounced a real person then eaten by the masses, through images of a dead guy hanging limp on an instrument of capital punishment, by sartorially magnificent priests holding the mantle of carrying out the requisite extraction. Any religious body—no matter how much the church assembly is "reformed," "protestant," "evangelical," or "nondenominational"—willfully embracing a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit incorporated status is simply doing the work of the Roman ecclesia on behalf of the World System.

  4. To manage its virulently lethal effects, temporal government is assigned the task of putting some boundaries around the expanse of human sacrifice. The legislatures, the courts, the executive offices, and the bureaucratic agencies are all firmly in place as the continuation of the divinely ordained administration of World affairs by Cain's city, required because without it humans would tear one another apart in a matter of days. This way it is much more palatable, spurred by the best marketing campaign taxpayer dollars can buy.

  5. The World System must operate thusly. The feds, the churches, the banks, the media, the universities, and all the institutions that gird them were set in motion millennia ago by God for the purpose of constraining man's behavior just enough that some would indeed begin calling on the Lord. The weight of World prosecution is so overwhelming that they would ultimately drop to their knees in complete desperation and look to the One who would save them.

  6. The only alternative to the World is the Kingdom. The Kingdom is about the full, rich, abundant manifestation of everything the Holy Spirit is about in the lives of everyone in community. Everyone. Those living in it have a hundred times what other-sacrificers have, even in the face of the most heinous persecution.

  7. The final answer in this strata is that to find it one must give himself over to the Jesus Who Actually Loves. He is not one of the anti-Christs, straw man Jesuses, or the storybook gods so widely worshipped. Jesus asks of everyone exactly what He did with Himself, nothing less. After dying to self, you get the Kingdom: life, joy, peace, grace, love, the deepest highest widest fulfillment of all true desire for all eternity. Jesus won't share this with any World entity, and someone tied to any of those entities simply cannot see this truth from the One Who Is Truth.



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