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July-August 2012

The following is a list of my notes related to the latest home page piece, this one on really seeing and understanding.

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  • I use the term "world" and "World" with the cap each to mean specific things. The former is simply all that is around us including whatever people occupy it, the latter refers to the overarching system that governs all that sinful men do. The terms "society" and "Society" are also distinct, and all who refuse to follow Christ in the former are necessarily and seductively enabled by those in the latter.

  • One recent and very typical "We need a new model" cry is this one from renowned financial pundit Robert Samuelson. My blog post introducing this home page piece touches on it.

  • I do not in any way endorse Larken Rose's book mentioned at the end of the video. Again, while temporal government is indeed a very legitimate operation, something Rose apparently argues against, the much more significant truth is that Rose as well as  those he reviles simply do not see The Alternative.

  • More of my thoughts about the tax issue is here. The way churches are moored to the World is explained here. The hypocrisy of trying to do Kingdom work through World means is explained here. I believe the infection of real agape community into others' lives begins with pure worship assemblies ungrafted to the System. Thoughts are here.

  • The narrative that tells of the first standard human sacrifice practices is at the beginning of the fourth chapter of Genesis, and quite strikingly the alternate model is introduced at the end of that same chapter in the last half of the very last verse.

  • A note about the prophets and kings mentioned in the tenth chapter of Luke. Jesus is indeed speaking of those sustaining the nation of Israel from which He would emerge, those who longed for His advent but knowing they would never see it. They were indeed righteous servants in the Kingdom dutifully fulfilling God's purposes. It still works, however, as a profound metaphor for the World's "prophets and kings" of the past who, exactly like those in Cain's legacy today, thought they saw but didn't.

  • I've included in this webzine a page of Scriptural support for the genuine meaning of the law. The part in Romans that speaks of every individual being a slave no matter how much freedom they say they have is here.

  • The passage on taxes from the 17th chapter of Matthew is here. Make a note that the term "exempt" is best rendered "free." It is important to read the entirety of the 13th chapter of Romans to understand tribute—it is here. Those oft cited words from the sixth chapter of Isaiah? They are here.


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