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      In August of 2003, Tupper Saussy posted a page of some of the dialogues he had with his "ROEders," those who'd been reading Rulers of Evil. All of his work is edifying in some way, but I believe the following passage is the seminal part of his web production. It was in response to a question that was about as generic as you can get government, rulers, evil. No matter, the volumes of wisdom and insight pouring from the concise response below speaks to Saussy's strength as a modern-day Philip the Evangelist.

     I can't help but confess it is a linchpin for my webzine work.

If you've read the final chapter of Rulers of Evil, you probably know that my position regarding the evils of rulers is one not of condemnation but of reconciliation.

The surest way to incur the unnecessary and inconvenient wrath of rulers is to judge them, and this is perfectly in accord with scripture: "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned."

This does not mean that I look the other way, or do nothing while evildoers prosper.

As a Christian, I must be "about my Father's business," and that doesn't include judging worldly political systems. I know the federal system was chartered, orchestrated, and brought to life by protestant zealots unwittingly doing the muscle work of the Society of Jesus so that an English-speaking protestant nation could be established on a constitution that permitted Roman Catholics to reach the highest political offices. What these people do with their government is none of my business.

What Rome did with its government was none of the apostle Paul's business, yet Paul valued his Roman citizenship because it protected his method of worshipping his God.

For ten years I lived as a fugitive. It was perfect freedom without any civil rights. I didn't vote, didn't sue, wasn't sued, had no licenses from any government but my own, which is Christ. Driving cars unregistered in any state, I was stopped no less than six times and courteously released because the paperwork I presented them, although issued by no state, satisfied their needs. Just as scripture commands, I submitted, but my submission gave them no right of action against me because (a) none of my documentation showed jurisdictional nexus to a state with which they had compacted, (b) I had violated no common law or ordinance of man, and (c) I had done nothing personally offensive to the inquiring authority.

I was also able to enjoy the benefits of the banking system, although I know federal reserve banking is fundamentally evil. The Lord says He will make of our enemies "a footstool." I take that to mean that the malevolent energies of evildoers can be, and are supposed to be, used by us for good purposes. This is impossible if we condemn governments rather than submit to them.

So, regarding the treason issue, I'm satisfied to let the charges of treason come from within the government, which ain't gonna happen. Treason charged from outside the government is a vanity because it lacks standing. There are so many proofs that the USA is an organic part of the Babylon of biblical prophecy (many will be found in Rulers of Evil) that little time has to be spent any longer trying to convince people of the fact. What's important for me is to obey the biblical imperative and "Come out of her, my people." Coming out of Babylon means looking on her wickedness sadly, because she's been judged by the only power that can (and will soon) destroy her.

Coming out of a system as complex as USA is harder than kicking an addiction. Indeed, USA is an addiction, and part of the addiction is being angry over her evils. I see many people addicted to anger. Rulers know the people love to learn of scandals and bigtime ripoffs because it keeps them angry, and reactive. Rome built the USA on patriotic anger; she built the Confederacy on the same thing, and the reconstructed 14th-amendment constitution, too. She's in the process of building the ultimate fascistic state on that same anger, and we can choose to be the unpaid construction workers by fomenting condemnation, or we can lay ourselves off.

Fortunately, the laws have always made it possible for non-playing citizens to be unmolested. This is the fundamental treasure of American citizenship. On my site is an article "15 Brienner Strasse," which shows the origins of Hitler's government as a movement to stop communism. Hitler's first major support came from the Vatican emissary to Bavaria, E. Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII. The Vatican, led by its militant wing the Society of Jesus, has historically opposed communism—although the Society of Jesus is essentially, by the dictates of its own Constitutions, a communist organism.

USA's most vigorously anti-communist prelate, Cardinal Spellman, was a Jesuit and a bedfellow of J. Edgar Hoover, a zealous anti-communist 32nd-degree Freemason. The condition of the USA today was brought about by dozens of trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives raised by men like Spellman and Hoover from Americans committed to the eradication of communism. All this wealth and tragedy now culminates in the politics of Homeland Security, which augurs to be as repressive and as deceptive as bolshevik Russia ever was. And we have the people's reaction to the summons to fight communism in a spirit of judgmentalism and condemnation to thank for it.

So I'm a little wary of calls to oppose anything. Fomenting opposition is the grand strategy of rulers of evildoers. They capitalize on the natural spirit of rebellion in all of us, and we forget (or never learn) that in God's mind rebellion is "as the sin of witchcraft." They organize the rebels into useful armies that go out and fetch what the rulers need. They did it with the congregationalists and deists of the thirteen colonies, they did it with my forebears in the deep south, they did it with the Klan and the Negroes and the communists and the anti-communists and the liberals and conservatives and workers and managers and pro-lifers and pro-choice and gays and straights and feminists and male-chauvinists, and the polarization goes on and on making, as Christ put it, "merchandise of you."

It's not that I oppose opponents of communism. I wish them well, because communism is an ugly system. But anti-communism can be just as ugly. So I wish good fortune to communists at the hands of oppressive anti-communists. The only thing I can be certain of is that I am not working for either party, except to let them know that the best government is one they have yet to try, the Lord Jesus Christ.

F. Tupper Saussy



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Personal note about the above: While as sublime as I consider it to be, I still think clarification should be made about what Saussy meant by being "wary of calls to oppose anything." At its core level it is a statement reflecting such comprehensive devotion to Christ that no animosity about anything remains in one's soul peaceful contentment knowing God has all things in His hands, in other words, when you have Christ, you already have everything. But I can't see how Christ Himself refused to oppose the two things for which He died: sin and death. He wouldn't have done what He did without that "opposition." I don't think for a second Saussy himself didn't oppose things, namely the rank ignorance about World activity, or he wouldn't have written as much as he did about it all. But I'm pretty sure he's simply reminding us that when people stridently shake and shiver about fearful things needing to be this way or that, they are usually doing it from the World. When you look at it, every evil has some opponent in the World, and most times the efforts to eradicate a given evil by the World gives birth to more evils as he himself states above much more succinctly than I do. Indeed the condemnationists manipulate that splendidly so many being made merchandise of men yet I confess I still marvel at how so many refuse to get that. The way reconciliationists behave is to live richly in the Kingdom and as such make oneself available as Saussy so pointedly declares in his conclusion to Rulers of Evil. Be gently effusive with truth, but also vigorously expressive with grace, and yes, not so much to be against the bad thing but to be for the one you love in Christ's name.




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