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Persons who are referenced in some manner in this website are indexed here. The link goes to the most prominent place he or she is addressed. To find a much more specific subject or item, go to the Search Page. For a particular topic go to the Subject Index.


Abramson, Jill  Former editor of the New York Times

Adams, Abigail   Wife of "founding father" John Adams

Adler, Margot  Correspondent for NPR radio

Aesop  Renowned fable teller

Albrecht, Katherine  Co-author of Spychips, a book about the modern world of advanced technology surveillance

Andreessen, Marc  Co-founder of Netscape

Aquinas, Thomas  Classic Roman Catholic theologian

Armoudian, Maria  Host of Pacifica radio network interview show

Ash, Timothy Garton  Historian and political author

Ashton, Kevin  Marketer of radio frequency identification technology

Asmus, Barry  Professor of Economics

Atkisson, Sharyl  Investigative journalist and author

Augustine  Roman Catholic Church promoter

Augustus  Roman emperor

Averroes  Classic Arabic philosopher


Barna, George  Demographer focusing on Christian issues

Baquet, Dean  Editor of the New York Times

Bastiat, Frederic  French economist and political theorist

Beane, Billy  General manager of the Oakland A's and subject of the film Moneyball

Beckwith, Francis  Professor at Baylor University

Behe, Michael  Biologist and author of Darwin's Black Box

Benedict XVI  Pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013

Berger, Peter  Sociologist

Berlinski, Claire  Historian, author, columnist

Bernanke, Ben  Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board

Berrigan, Philip  Political and social activitst

Bezos, Jeff  Founder of

Biro, Laszlo  Inventor of the ball-point pen

Bogle, John C.  Founder of the Vanguard Group investment company

Bono  Lead singer of the rock band U2

Bostic, Raphael  Political Science professor at USC

Bouton, Daniel  Chairman of Societe Generale, a European bank

Bove, Richard  Securities analyst

Boyd, Gregory  Author and pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota

Bracciolini, Poggio  Vatican confidant promoting the virtues of Epicureanism

Breathed, Berke  Comic strip cartoonist and children's book writer and illustrator

Brown, Dan  Author of The Da Vinci Code

Brown, Ed  Tax protestor

Budziszewski, J.  Political philosophy professor and writer

Buffett, Warren  Investor, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

Bush, George W.  43rd president of the United States


Cameron, Jim  Letter writer to Cincinnati newspaper about "becoming de-Catholicized"

Carroll, Charles  Wealthy Maryland landowner and delegate to the Constitutional Convention

Castaldo, Chris  Pastor at College Church in Illinois and author of Holy Ground

Chan, Francis  Pastor and author

Chesterton, G.K.  Writer, known for his widely popular collection of clever Christian adages

Clinton, Hillary  Professional politician

Clooney, George  Film actor and political activist

Colbert, Stephen  Talk show host

Comey, James  FBI director

Conley, Dalton  Author of book Elsewhere USA

Corrigan, Tracy  Financial reporter

Cowell, Simon  Star of American Idol and promoter of such shows

Cox, Christopher  Former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Coy, Peter Finance news show editor

Cramer, Jim  Celebirty analyst on a financial news show

Cummings, Dominic  Campaign manager for Brexit


Damrosch, Leo  Author of the book Restless Genius, a biography of Jean Jacques Rousseau

De Montaigne, Michel  French writer and philosopher from the Renaissance

De Soto, Hernando  Economist and author

deBoer, Freddie  Blogger

Dobson, James  Founder of Focus on the Family

Dolan, Timothy  Archbiship of New York

Dreher, Rod  Commentator on Christian issues

Driscoll, Mark  Pastor of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle

Drum, Kevin  Political columnist and blogger


Edwards, Gene  Author

Ensor, James  19th century expressionist painter


Feinstein, Dianne  U.S. senator from California

Ferguson, Niall  Historian, author, and professor at Harvard (More...)

Fisher, Richard  President of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas

Fox, Justin  Journalist and author

Fox, Michael J.  Television and film actor

Francis I  Pope of the Roman Catholic Church succeeding Pope Benedict XVI

Friedman, Thomas  Journalist and author


Gamble, James  Corporate law attorney and Medium contributor

Gassendi, Pierre  Catholic priest from the Renaissance

Gates, Bill  Founder of the Microsoft software company

Geithner, Timothy  U.S. Treasury secretary during Barack Obama's first term of office

Gibbons, Dave  Illustrator of the graphic novel Watchmen

Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah  Author of penetrating exposes of Rome

Gore, Al  Former vice-president and environmental activist

Goyette, Charles  Once a popular radio talk show host in the Phoenix area

Greengrass, Paul  Film director

Greenspan, Alan  Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board

Gross, Bill  Chairman of PIMCO, a major investment firm

Grotius, Hugo  17th century Protestant political theorist

Grudem, Wayne  Professor of Systematic Theology


Hagen, Sean  Director of Legal Affairs at the International Monetary Fund

Haidt, Jonathan  Author and psychology professor (More...)

Hatch, Orrin  U.S. Senator from Utah

Hauser, Kurt  Stanford economics professor

Henderson, William Darryl  Military psychologist

Heston, Charlton  Film actor

Hicks, Robert  Author

Holton, Woody  History professor and author

Hume, David  Enlightenment philosopher, famous skeptic

Hunter, Cornelius  Author of Science's Blindspot


Ice Cube  Rap musician and television actor

Ivins, Molly  Newspaper columnist


Johnson, Philip  Law professor best known for writing books articulating the case against Darwinism


Kadafi, Moammar Dictator of Libya

Kahneman, Daniel  Behavioral economist

Kaluuya, Daniel  Actor appearing in the film Get Out

Keller, Timothy  Author and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York

Kelly, Megyn  Celebrity newscaster on a cable news channel

Kerviel, Jerome  Bank employee who used billions to make very risky investments and lost it

Kessler, Andy  Entrepreneur and writer of inspirational management books

Keynes, John Maynard  Economist who famously espoused expansive government involvement in economic affairs

Kinnaman, David  Co-author of unChristian, What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity and Why It Matters

Klusendorf, Scott  Founder of Life Training Institute, and speaker and writer for the pro-life cause

Koukl, Greg  Founder of Stand to Reason and radio talk show apologist

Kreeft, Peter  Apologetics writer and philosophy professor at Boston College

Kristof, Kathy  Finance writer for the Los Angeles Times


Laurie, Greg  Author, pastor, and founder of Harvest Crusade evangelical outreach

Lazarus, David  Finance columnist for the Los Angeles Times

Lee, Robert E.  Commanding general for the confederate army during the U.S. Civil War

Levy, David  Author of Love and Sex with Robots

Lew, Jack  U.S. Treasury secretary under Barack Obama succeeding Timothy Geithner

Lewis, C.S.  Oxford professor and author of popular Christian books (More...)

Lockhart, Jeffrey B.  Director of the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight

Lord, Jack  Television actor, best known for appearing regularly in the series Hawaii Five-0

Loyola, Ignatius  Founder of the Society of Jesus and its first Superior General

Lucretius  Scientific theorist from ancient Rome, promoter of Epicureanism

Lyons, Gabe  Co-author of unChristian, What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity and Why It Matters


Madoff, Bernard  Highly respected investor convicted for operating one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history

Marshall, John  Chief Justice of the United States from 1801 to 1835

Martin, James  Editor-at-large of the Jesuit publication America

McCain, John  U.S. senator from Arizona, Republican candidate for president in 2008 election

McIntyre, Liz  Co-author of Spychips

Miller, Kenneth  Evolutionary biologist and prominent spokesman for Darwinist thought

Molina, Genaro  Photographer for the Los Angeles Times

Moore, Alan  Graphic novel writer of many works including Watchmen

Morse, Jennifer Roback  Founder of the Ruth Institute, a miinistry to those broken by the effects of the sexual revolution

Moyers, Bill  Television investigative journalist

Muhammad  Prophet of Islam

Mullarkey, Maureen  Artist and literary critic

Murdoch, Rupert  Head of the News Corporation media empire


Neff, David  Editor-in-Chief, Christianity Today

Newsboys  Christian popular music group

Newsom, Gavin  Mayor of San Francisco

Newton, Isaac  Physicist and alchemist

Nicolas, Adolfo  Superior General of the Society of Jesus


Obama, Barack  44th president of the United States

Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria  Bartender-turned-member of the U.S. Congress

O'Connor, Sinead  Singer and social activist

Oliphant, Pat  Editorial cartoonist

Ostrom, Elinor  Nobel prize winning economist


Parker, Annise  Mayor of Houston

Pascal, Blaise  16th century mathematician and theologian

Pascuale, Frank  Author of the book The Black Box Society

Paul, Ron  Texas Congressman and champion of libertarian causes

Paulson, Henry  Former chairman of Goldman Sachs and U.S. Treasury secretary

Paulson, John  Manager of his own hedge fund earning a record paycheck for any single individual in 2007

Pearlstein, Steven  Columnist for the Washington Post

Petruno, Tom  Financial columnist for the Los Angeles Times

Pinker, Steven  Author, Harvard professor

Plato  Classic Greek philosopher and writer

Poundstone, William  Author

Pufendorf, Samuel  17th century German jurist and statesman

Putnam, Robert D.  Sociologist and author


Raines, Franklin  Former CEO of mortgage broker Fannie Mae

Reeve, Christopher  Film actor who became a quadriplegic in a horse-riding accident

Rhodes, David  President of CBS News

Richards, Jay Wesley  Philosopher and writer about Christian issues

Ridenour, Fritz  Author of popular books about the Christian faith directed mostly at youth

Rieff, David  Author and investigative journalist

Robertson, Pat  Televangelist and political figure

Robinson, Walter  Pop culture sculptor and editor of

Rogers, Will  American humorist

Romero, Eddie Perez  Pastor of La Puente Hacienda Christian Fellowship near Los Angeles

Romney, Mitt  2012 Republican nominee for president

Rose, Larken  Tax protestor

Rosenberg, Tina  Journalist and author

Roubini, Nouriel  Economics professor and media commentator on financial issues

Rousseau, Jean Jacques  18th century French political theorist

Rushkoff, Douglass  Media theorist

Russert, Tim  Television news journalist who once hosted NBC's Meet the Press


Samuelson, Robert  Economics columnist for the Washington Post and Newsweek

Saussy, Tupper  Musician, teacher, marketer, and author (More...)

Savonarola, Girolamo  Renaissance moralist rabble-rouser

Scalia, Antonin  Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court

Scott, Stephen  Freelance web writer

Shiller, Robert  Economics professor at Yale and co-inventor of the Case-Shiller housing index

Shore, John  Blogger and author

Smith, Greg  Former Goldman Sachs executive who resigned in a publicized protest against his company

Snickets, Lemony (Daniel Handler)  Author of the A Series of Unfortunate Events series of books

Snow, Tony  Fox news interview host who later served as George W. Bush's press secretary

Sonne, James  Stanford law professor

Sosa, Arturo  Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Sutherland, Donald  Film actor

Stahl, Lesley  CBS News correspondent

Stalin, Joseph  Soviet Union political leader

Stanley, Jason  Yale professor and author

Starr, Edwin  Soul musical artist in the 1960's and 1970's

Stevens, John Paul  Long-serving United States Supreme Court justice retiring in 2010

Stewart, Matthew  Top business consultant who wrote the book The Management Myth

Stiglitz, Joseph  Nobel prize winning economist

Suarez, Francisco  17th century Jesuit priest and international law theorist (More...)

Sulzberger, Arthur  Publisher of the New York Times

Sunstein, Cass  Policy administrator and co-author of Nudge (More...)

Susskind, Ron  Author and investigative journalist

Swartz, Aaron  Open source advocate

Swonk, Diane  Financial analyst


Taibbi, Matt  Renowned muckraking journalist for Rolling Stone

Tarantino, Quentin  Major motion picture feature filmmaker

Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre  Jesuit priest, paleontologist, philosopher

Thaler, Richard  College professor and co-author of Nudge

Thompson, Mark  President and CEO of the New York Times Company

Toles, Tom  Editorial cartoonist

Tozer, A.W.  Author of classic books about the Christian faith

Truman, Harry  33rd president of the United States

Trump, Donald  Celebrity business tycoon

Tversky, Amos  Behavioral economist

Tyson, Neil deGrasse  Astrophysicist and television personality specializing in explaining science items


Virgil  Roman epic poet, writer of the classic The Aeneid

Voltaire  18th century French essayist and social critic


Wachowski brothers  Filmmakers best known for The Matrix trilogy

Walsh, Matt   Conservative web pundit

Warren, Rick  Pastor of Saddleback Church near Los Angeles

Washington, Denzel  Film actor

Weatherall, James Owen  Author

Wiesel, Elie  Author, college professor, political activist, and Holocaust survivor

Wessel, David  Author and economics editor at the Wall Street Journal

Whitney, Meredith  Financial analyst executive and media consultant

Williams, Brian  News anchor for NBC (More...)

Wolfman, Bernard  Harvard law professor


Younger, Stephen  Policy advisor and former physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory


Zakaria, Fareed  Author, media consultant, and columnist for Newsweek

Zimbardo, Philip  Psychology professor at Stanford

Zuckerberg, Mark  Founder of Facebook




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