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I have a bit of an interest in the 9/11 incident simply because it is such a profound example of what Tupper Saussy called "catastrophizing the imagination," a contemporary Sun-Tzuan technique designed to tightly coalesce the attention of a Catholicized populace in order to generate wider compliance with the agency of Cain's more dramatic prosecutorial activity.


The position of this author is far from the two most prominent. It seems folks are either all about (1) buying the official U.S. version of events—or really not paying much mind to it which is merely a milder form of this submission—or (2) railing against the government for its failure to come clean about what really happened, or even admit its complicity and allow for a full investigation so some will finally be held accountable, especially George Bush and Dick Cheney.


My position is much more rare but I humbly believe is the one that fits the truth about the way the world works. I say humbly because I graciously understand why most people do hold to either of the two typical views—it is extraordinarily difficult to fully detach oneself from the powerful enticements of World System engagement in its raging culture war.


That third position is that 9/11 is simply an outworking of the typical duties Cain must carry out by his charge to regulate the behavior of evildoers. Of course it is wholly evil, insidiously diabolical, and summarily effective to achieve ends designed to manage the sin of a people drawn away from God's Kingdom. To see things by Christ from the vantage point of the Kingdom allows one to gain the most insightful understanding, and from that to boldly step out in a genuinely self-sacrificial way to share with others the bounty of Christ's forgiveness, salvation, and liberation from this system of death.


With this in mind, I do want to include some links to sites that relate to 9/11. All are indeed related to the truth that the incident was an inside operation, but I include them to suggest that instead of screeching about things that only stir up the rebellion which feeds the passions of those legitimately authorized to do it, readers and viewers "investigate" to the point of secure comprehension for the purpose of turning 180 degrees from the World and into the embrace of the One Who Rules In The Kingdom.


"Loose Change" — The original link to what is now this page went to this video. It is the best known work on the questions about the official account.


9/11 Truth — A page with terrific information about what's being discovered. It is always updated.


The Corbett Report Video — A splendid version of the "conspiracy theory" in five minutes. It would be quite hilarious if it weren't so tragic.


"Abiding in Religious War"  — Tupper Saussy was asking those critical questions just a few weeks after the event. This is a phenomenal exposition of the World System's modi operandi with regards to these kinds of things. A page with more of Tupper's work is here.


"Catastrophizing the Imagination" — Some thoughts related to the graphic novel Watchmen.


The Fantasy World of 9/11 — A blog post I wrote that includes a photograph of the memorial built outside the Pentagon that looks suspiciously like a set of airport runway landing lights.


"Seven" — Some notes about a short film related to the science of building demolition. Forensic evidence is admissable in court. Here's another from the same webzine.


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This page was originally posted by David Beck at yourownjesus.net on May 4, 2012