The Catholicist Nation, The Book

Suppose this website were laid out as a traditionally bound book. This is a sample table of contents in order of chapters that proceeds in a reasonably sequential manner. You may move through successive chapters by simply looking at the bottom of each page, and there you may click to the next chapter.

Prologue - Like a Baguette in the Transmission

Chapter 1 - What is the Catholicist Nation?

Chapter 2 - The Key Questions

Chapter 3 - Epiphany at Walk-For-Life

Chapter 4 - The Distinctive Culture War

Chapter 5 - What an Acts 2 Church Looks Like

Chapter 6 - "In the World but Not Of..."

Chapter 7 - The Grafted Church  501c3 Q & A

Chapter 8 - Cobelligerency

Chapter 9 - The Jesuses

Chapter 10 - Becoming De-Catholicized

Chapter 11 - All the Bad Guys

Chapter 12 - Rough Sketch of Human Sacrifice

Chapter 13 - Irony

Chapter 14 - The Magisterium of Infanticide

Chapter 15 - A Picture of a Thousand Words

Epilogue - Why Jesus?  What's the Big Deal with Him?


Appendix A - Do You Fear Being Deceived?

Appendix B - The Contracts

Appendix C - The Law for the Follower of Christ

Appendix D - Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix E - Issues Considered




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