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       Recently I had some fun with Paste magazine's "" feature. You may upload any image and put it into that pop art style used for the distinctive 2008 Barack Obama campaign poster. The word "Change" frequently appeared below the iconic image of the erstwhile candidate.

       Thought I'd put together an poster using an image of Agent Smith from the film The Matrix. Smith is that wildly ubiquitous and invincible cyber-villain who generally makes life miserable for anyone who wants to enjoy "the real world."

       Many put their undying trust in Obama as the agent of change to make things in this world oh-so-better, and by World standards he'll probably jostle things around a bit. The fact is this agent will always be intractably oppressive yet cover it with freedom language frosting. His severely autocratic duties will be liberally sprinkled with talk of people empowerment.

       Furthermore, all revulsion and censure spewed his way simply subject detractors to his ruses. His agents are not even his own; they are sworn operatives beholden to a superior officer few care to identify much less acknowledge that his work subsumes them. Obama is merely thrust on the stage as a sweetly eloquent rhetorician for the arts of war used to administer the vast sin management program that a fully Catholicized populace wholeheartedly demands.

       There is only way to resolve the dilemma of sinful behavior infecting the fine things people would otherwise do to make the world a pretty nice place. That Way is Jesus Christ, and taking His hand to walk out of this body of death altogether.

       You may indeed join Him in His glorious Kingdom filled with people who love with the deepest, sacrificial, sowing love; or you can hook up with Agent Smith in whatever form he takes doing the World System's job of cracking heads.

       Jesus, He'll do change by completely transforming your heart and making you truly alive.

       Agent Obama? He'll do change by cheerfully lying to you about how much World agents are actually stuffing you in their Americanist vice and keeping you very dead.

       Doesn't sound like much changes with that.




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This page was originally posted by David Beck at on April 8, 2009