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     God's Word. Him talking to you. About what stuff is really about. A lot of that being how much He loves you. Enough to thoroughly wipe out all bad things. Except that, you decided to join up with the bad things. That's not good. And you did a lot of bad things yourself. That's really not good. But there's another except that: He made a major rescue attempt for you, and it was so major that it cost Him His life. All you have to do is say, "Yeah, I want to be rescued." It's all here. Really, this is the only book.

     Great quote (among thousands, of course): "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death."

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     By Gene Edwards, this is the most incredibly engaging drama of the impassioned love God has for His bride.

     Two other books of his are very good, too: The Prisoner in the Third Cell and A Tale of Three Kings.

     Great quote: "I did not require of you your wealth nor coins of gold. What need I have of these?... Once more a long, mournful groan arose from his breast. I have asked but this of you, that you love me... love me... love me."

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      By F. Tupper Saussy, the greatest exposé of the World System ever. Do you truly have a desire to know what's behind all the machinations of the World's power brokers? Are you willing to come face to face with the brutal truth about how brilliantly, deliberately, and systematically covert operatives have worked for millennia to exploit your faith in Christ? And are you prepared to have that faith tremendously strengthened in light of your new awareness of that World, indeed knowing that in the face of it you need nothing less than a steel-girded trust in Him and appreciation of His provision?

     Great quote: "The New World Order is a present reality to be identified, understood, and dealt with most pleasing to God. It was God, after all, who established the New World Order. We can read about it in the Bible."

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      The guidebook for a radically lived-out faith. Should be read in conjunction with another Tozer book, The Pursuit of Man. Just phenomenal works on who God is, who you are, and what the deal is with Him and you.

     Great quote: "Jesus' words are the essence of truth. He is not offering an opinion; Jesus never uttered opinions. He never guessed; He knew, and He knows. His words are not as Solomon's were, the sum of sound wisdom or the results of keen observation. He spoke out of the fullness of His Godhead, and His words are very Truth itself."

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      The brilliant author of Mere Christianity and Chronicles of Narnia reveals the inner emotional context for his unrelenting desire to know and love the One who made him and redeemed him.

     It contains short, poignant journal entries written shortly after his wife passed away, it is all about the beauty and power of spiritual and emotional formation that makes a relationship with Him so vibrant.

     Great quote: "I need Christ, not something that resembles Him. I want H., not something that is like her. A really good photograph might become in the end a snare, a horror, and an obstacle."

       The difference between resignation and acceptance, the egocentric life and God-centric life. A splendid description of the contrast between the lives of those who live by the World and those who live by the Kingdom.

     Oh yes, I do so well see, so many of us Christians are so inured to World living that our habitual behavior is perfectly understandable. This is a powerful guidebook to finding God and simply turning to Him for everything   everything. Out of that comes the richest blessed joy.

       By Fritz Ridenour, this was the primer for my high school Bible Study. Written for young adults, it is the essence of the gospel as laid out in the book of Romans. I still go back to it for those simple, timeless truths and remember how others my study mates and mentors touched my life.
       By Robert Hicks, this is a marvelous elaboration of what it means to be a Christian man. Significant because I grew up being taught what a World man was, and laid waste to everything I encountered to some degree or another out of that contaminated manhood.

Important note: No book replaces the flesh and bones that is a person.  Jesus insisted that whatever edification He gives us, we are to give that away in our interactions with others. He never wants us to merely read a book, He wants us to walk alongside another as His very word itself.

These books are not for sale from here, and no, I don't yet have any of my own books available. I've debated about putting in the time and energy to write and publish a book of my own, but am leaning against it at least at this point. There are a number of reasons why.

For one, "my" book is really the Bible. Anything I write here is merely designed to get people to find what I'm saying that's already in that book anyway. This does not by any means imply that the Bible augments this website, I would never be so presumptuous. Anything in this website is worth anything only if supported by Scripture. If you can see something here that isn't, please email me. I am wholly open to correction.

Two, in the not-so-distant future, virtually every book will be digitized anyway. Certainly there is a fine convenience to have the "brick-and-mortar" version of paper, cover, and binding to carry around with you. As it is, consider this website my "book" and feel free to print up the pages at your leisure. Again, my only desire is that in them you will find Him and the bountiful joy He is all about. As it is, if you prefer to read The Catholicist Nation more like a book, I've offered its contents in chapter segments here.

Three, I'd rather have God as my only publisher. Getting a publisher to print up books for sale means that in some way I'd have to compromise what I'm saying here, even if it's in the slightest implicit way. From this point my readers may offer their input, and because of the engagement available from information technology I may know exactly what a reader thinks about any one part by receiving emailed remarks.

Finally, this will never be a final draft. As I myself continue in the wonderful adventure of discovery God has laid out for us, I may augment whatever I've written here as appropriate. I'd love to include the results of vibrant interaction with others here, and in many places I already have. As I grow in knowing and understanding Him and what He's doing, it is my desire that this website reflect that.

I should add one more note [Dec 2010] about the fact that many may expect to see gobs of heretofore unknown reading recommendations regarding eye-popping conspiracies on this page. One such book I've recently read is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. I will say that I've read dozens of these books, many of them quite penetrating, yet none of them cut to the core of what's going on like Rulers of Evil does. Once you read the Bible really read it and grasp what God thinks and feels and then look at history and current events through God's eyes as Saussy does with ROE, you'll effectually understand what's behind all the conspiracy stuff, and books like Confessions turn out to be mere recreational reading. (Interestingly Perkins' book has more than a few brief passing remarks that the World System's standard exploitative practices are exactly like those of the Roman Catholic Church's through the ages.)

Regarding bound books, the above are the very best ones ever yes, at least in my humble opinion. Except, of course, for that first one. That's not exactly mere opinion. More books to come as I consider their inclusion here.

Please email me with your own recommendations. I'd love to know of them!



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