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The Catholicist Nation

Below is a list of websites I believe have at least some constructive information about the Catholicist Nation. I must state that none of the sites below are offered with unqualified recommendations except for the first one. It is really the only one with all the information.

The Bible. The most comprehensive exposition of reality there is, merely because it is the words of the One who put it all together to begin with.

Daily Bread. Radio Bible Class offers this solid daily devotional.

Tupper Saussy's works. You may access some of his web work through this page. Saussy wrote Rulers of Evil, the book that blows the lid off the deep covert machinations of the ones who run the World System. (At one time the site was made unavailable, but I've updated it so you may reach it at the web archive. Here is my page with updated links and other items of note related to Tupper.)

Cutting Edge News. They seem to be doing more to flood their site with ads for all the Christian books and videos they sell, but if you scroll past it all you can still get to some links of notable news stories. They update it every day.

Zero Hedge. A news and opinion site I frequent, it has some original pieces by "Tyler Durden" and several links to news stories that are quite meaningful. Most of them relate to financial conditions, the indices of which are most telling when looking at the benighted state of the World.

Off-Guardian. This site is an excellent alternative to the mainstream bilge, in this case to the UK's version of The New York Times.

Jerm Warfare. He's got podcast guests most of whom seem to want to get at the truth about things, and his cartoons are wonderful.

Rising Tide Foundation. Matthew Ehret and Cynthia Chung's site, one that does a terrific job at looking at history too many refuse to see. They still don't quite get at Rome, but they are almost there.

Radiance Foundation. Recently I found this site about an organization that brilliantly upholds the dignity of human life and courageously goes to the mat in beautifully graphic ways to cut through the ugliness of the pro-abortion and racialist idiocy.

9/11 Truth. This has frequent updates about stuff that's being said about what happened on September 11, 2001, in contrast to what really happened.

Raiders News Network. It does have that distinct survivalist sentiment, but this site does a terrific job of not only highlighting critical current events but elaborating on the possible supernatural features of what's going on.

The Federalist. While not quite comprehending the impact of Rome on the way the World works, it is still one of the very best in elucidating truths about what's going on.

News With Views. Sometimes you can learn quite penetrating things from this vast collection of writers. The problem again: too many of them foolishly believe that rebellion against the ordained powers-that-be is something that will be fruitful. While informative, this is mostly just a rabidly conservative, libertarian site.

Vance Havner's site. He was one of the best of those wise, earthy ministers who said it like it was.

Stand to Reason. In this fine apologetics site, Greg Koukl has solid takes on items that arise in clarifying the truth about God, the Bible, and many issues of the day. He too still doesn't quite grasp the breadth of the Agency of Cain, but when his ministry is no longer a 501c3 perhaps he will.

Reasons to Believe. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross and other scientists brilliantly elucidate the evidences for God's hand in creation.

Berean Call. A ministry led by Dave Hunt blows the lid off of many misconceptions about God, the Bible, and reality. Often radical, mostly very solidhis takes won't do anything less than get you to think deeply about important matters. (Even though Hunt passed away in 2013, the ministry continues in the hands of T.A. McMahon.)

Berit Kjos' site. While she doesn't quite see the World's operatives at their core level, she does a fantastic job of exposing much of the things they do to draw people from Christ. (While it appears she's given up adding new material, her archived items are still instructive.)

Marduk's Story. A phenomenal expository piece, "The Roman System," from The Underground Grammarian, a cult college e-newsletter from the late professor Richard Mitchell.

The Real Church. I really like this piece incisively describing the character of the rich, vibrant worship assembly.

Twelve Tribes. A site about a community of disciples who authentically worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth. This appears to be rustic, rural, austere, agrarian, and communal and often it is presumed to be as such, but by no means must it be.

Continuing Counter Reformation. I came across this blog a while ago. It is one of those sites that is somewhat all over the place with its posts, you know, different fonts and random images, but it is pretty solid with lots of details of what is going on in the highest levels of "New World Order" power. As of 2017 the writer seems to have abandoned the effort, but there is still a lot of fine information there.

No More Fake News. Jon Rappaport has some striking observations, but too often he feels rabid remonstrations against Caesar and some New Age diversions are the answer.

Vatican Assassins. Eric Jon Phelps' exposé of Jesuit activity. While it has some terrific stuff, Mr. Phelps concludes with the typical misconception that the Jesuits may be neutralized with standard condemnation. He is quite fooled into believing one may stop the prosecutors with their prosecution. I would also expressly state that while Mr. Phelps does insightfully crack open Roman machinations, his unfortunately racist perspective and his liberal use of gross ad hominem epithets goes a long way to discredit him as a viable source to gain deep understanding of what's really going on.

Real Clear Markets. This is the news/opinion aggregator I frequent, rich with the myriad ways World value assessors do human sacrifice.

Prison Planet. Yes, that's the World all right, one big prison. Alex Jones' site has all kinds of interesting stuff about the expanse of Cain's totalitarianism, even though I don't think he has a clue about The Way out of it. (Some critics claim he's even part of "conspiracy" itself, incisively moving people to foment more fiercely against that System. That he boldly says the Catholic Church has nothing to do with administering the World does lend strength to that consideration.)

Benjamin Bush's blog. He has an e-zine, Foundations, in which he builds on ROE principles. Very Christ-focused, it is great stuff to build your faith as you bop about in Babylon. He doesn't seem to add much there anymore, but he is on Facebook.

Iconbusters. Rand Winburn blisters the Catholic Church with a radical Calvinist take. Quite eye-opening, particularly his flash programs, but I wonder if he knows how much Calvin was influenced by the Grand Master Roman Catholic himself Augustine. He too isn't doing much here anymore, though the site contains items related to what Protestant ministers in the past have written about Rome.

Hush Money. This site has some very solid information about the incorporated church. It doesn't go far enough to identify the true nature of that entity, though it does speak boldly about how abandonment to Jesus Christ and Him alone does require being ungrafted to the World. This site seems to have been produced by Peter Kershaw, but unfortunately he hasn't maintained it. The link is now to the Amazon page with his book.

Understanding Jurisdiction. This is a web copy of a piece that brilliantly details the limits of government authority in the context of the Kingdom. It is conversationally written and does have some grammatical issues. The individual who published this particular page also has some remarks at the end related to factual issues, and while those things should be addressed, I don't believe they detract from the main thrust of the piece.

G.P. Nicolini's History of the Jesuits. Quite comprehensive account of Jesuit activity before the book was put to press in 1852. If you look for it on Amazon they actually do have a heavily abridged version, of course with all the more controversially unflattering parts going before the scissors.

America magazine. Take a peek at what the World ministers themselves are writing. Careful, you will need strong godly discernment here it is very much like getting hold of the Screwtape Letters. These guys know they're read by devotees of the World who have been inured to the standard deceptive arts they utilize. Check out Tests of Truth for review.

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