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You'll notice that I have absolutely no advertising in this webzine and I refuse to have any. I want to be beholden to only one source, and that is the Truth and Grace as expressed in Scripture.

The author's approach to this webzine can best be summarized in this parenthetical note originally added to "A Letter to a College Student":

For the particularly abrasive cynic, you'll note that this site has no request for or link to make any donation. There is no address or post office box to mail anything. There exists no organization in any building anywhere, though a gathering of individuals in a building is not a bad thing. Ample funding of a fine work is not a bad thing either, though Jesus was far more interested in people worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth, and out of that wholly caring for one another in a community in which all enjoy His bountiful provision. The true church should have no name except that which comes from the vibrant expression of His love through them in a World desperate for what is real. I will add that I do provide an email address for you to ask questions or add a comment if you'd like. I'd certainly like to know what you think.

With that in mind, I am always seeking fellowship with those who'd like to contribute to this work. It does not necessarily need to be monetary, but I certainly would like to have patrons helping with a work deserving of that support. As it is the entirety of this effort consists of my time and energy as God wills by His abundant grace to see this through. I experience tremendous joy from sharing these things no matter how it is supported.

If you would like to help with donations that is fine. I am particularly looking for fine people to help me with the technical aspects of this site, and I have an expansive vision for much more multimedia and interactive features. I would also love to work with someone who really knows much more about web design and web marketing than I do. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to email me, and that address once again is here. (Alternate email is here.)

I am also in prayer for help from those well-versed in accounting and law, but who also insightfully understand what it means to be ungrafted to the World. This is not because I want to find novel ways to contract with the law, betraying the very principles I elucidate in this site, but to know more about what it means to be fully ungrafted in the most truthful and gracious way. My own "wisdom as a serpent and innocence as a dove" with regards to the earthy business of ministry will be manifest only to the extent that I am well-versed in my own God-given gift.

This is why we are commanded to employ so many others to work with us in doing the business of the Kingdom. To have rich whole ministry work it requires the services of all seven of the motivational gifts Paul notes in the twelfth chapter of Romans. It is the givers (accounting) and organizers (law) who've been so thoroughly co-opted by the World System that you rarely see them working in Kingdom ministry, at least without making all the excuses they do to insist that a pure worship assembly must be grafted to the World.

I confess I am learning much myself, and long to be in a position of fully appropriating all that the Kingdom offers and seeing that sowed into the lives of everyone. One of my greatest desires is to see His beauty and glory manifest around us and to do that within that community of stakeholders joyfully coming together allowing God to work through them to make that happen.

Thank you,

David Beck, author of this webzine (more about)



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