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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hate Speech Laws


I usually do not attach titles to home page pieces, but I thought this would be an appropriate one. Inspired of course by Stanley Kubrick's wonderful film about the idiotic things that people can say, and then of course do. I don't think we realize how contemptibly destructive the very things that come out of our mouths can be. Doesn't matter if you're a megapowerful rich guy or a mild-mannered shopping cart pusher.

Because words do matter, nowadays you've got your trigger warning requirements and your safe speech zones and your microaggression classifications and your campus speech codes and your myriad righteously crusading organizations working valiantly to ensure offensive language is kept neatly in check by dutifully registering any and all officially recognized slights and offenses and feeding them into the World's megaphone for all to experience the requisite shame and guilt followed by the proper fealty to the brave, brave correction officers proudly on the job.

There is indeed ripe sarcasm there, yes, but I ahem hate to say it, but


I'm fully in favor of all that stuff.


Oh, trust me, I do see how idiotic much of it is. Trust me, any kind of politically correct speech prosecution by Caesar is a truly ruthless thing.

But that's exactly the point.

What exactly is coming out of the mouth of people that destroys another, even the listener's own soul?

I understand there are many things we hear that we must steel ourselves against and just cope, I got that. But I'm afraid there are dozens of speech violations Caesar prosecutes and we are all perfectly fine with them.

Say I stood outside your home there at the side of the street with a megaphone and spoke through it about what a rotten person you are, continuously, directed straight at your house while you were there. Would the police be justified in asking me to stop or I'd be dragged away? I think so. What if I did the same thing, but I said fine things about you, how terrific you were. Would that make a difference?

No, it wouldn't, my removal and likely arrest would still be wholly justified because it is improper to say anything in that setting. Sure it'd be different if I were a fire or police officer and I was warning you about some dangerous incendiary or criminal threat. That is different. But that's just it then, isn't it? It depends precisely on what is happening and why. This means that there are a variety of factors that go into this thing speech which sadly, so many don't take the time to examine.

I mean, for the duration of my amplified vocal vitriol, those in the house may employ closed shutters covered in fine sound-muffling material. I mean, they don't have to listen. The problem is that the words are still being heard in other places, where people are picking them up whether or not they choose to do so. I guess make sure everyone has earplugs?

I share what may be considered a preposterous example because I'd like now to ask you the following questions.

What if instead of me out there, there is a splendidly eloquent speaker, coiffed hair, suit and tie, authoritative delivery.

Instead of a megaphone, there is a microphone. Instead of the side of the street there is an eye-popping studio set in which the speaker is situated. Instead of my beat-up old Civic delivering me (and my message) to the curb, there is a multi-billion dollar broadcasting network to get the word out. Instead of the open window, there is a telecasting device through which the words (and appropriate images) may be gently transmitted for the most casual digestion.

And whereas it is just me bellowing things at one person (and a few others who happen to hear), this expansive network benefits from all those who are listening to hop out and repeat the established pronouncements to everyone else they encounter.


Especially when they are not counseled by God to know exactly what it is they are saying.


For you see, the things the World System blares through our eardrums destroy. This is not news by any means. Everyone is aware of the "spin", of the deceitful ways the System makes its regal pronouncements. In spite of this "awareness", the problem is people still leap right on board with embracing the insidiously evil things the System spews at them! Here is a sampling.


"It is best to endorse the behavior of people who do sexually untraditional things with one another in the name of celebrating our differences and embracing our individual liberties."

"It is best to be wary of American-English speaking, conservative, older, masculinity-oriented, white males because they are mostly angry racists."

"It is best to enlist government people to fix income inequality by rearranging wealth in the name of charity."


I understand the best intentions behind such statements. People without a conception of God grounded in reality have an instinctive need to make things better. But all they can do is perversely favor individuals or groups for whom they've adopted an affection either to make themselves feel more righteous or to wage a righteous crusade against some constructed evil. Either way, it is nonetheless hate speech.

As much as the sodomist will shout, "That's homophobic bigotry!", or the racialist, "That's patently racist!", or the socialist "That's institutionalized greed!", they are all just as guilty of hate speech and the law condemns it as such. The intractable humanist will rail vehemently against this assessment, particularly when those with a Christian mindset challenge them. Then the response from those speaking through the indoctrination broadcasting network is generally


"It is best to assert that the Bible is merely one of many books with words, having no more merit than any other such literary item."

"It is best to leave the concept 'God' to the realm of fairy tales because there are so many versions, even as it is best to politely humor those who hold to one of them."

"It is best to disregard anything labeled 'religious' because it is by definition not scientific and unworthy of serious consideration."


I understand the best intentions behind such statements. Those who've rejected God must grip robust rationalizations for their positions so they do not feel scorned by anyone. The network has done a magnificent job of bleating the essence of the naturalistic humanism reigning in the public square today, and ironically it is belched up by as many God-believers as anyone else.

The truth is, concepts like sin, justice, and mercy are scientific concepts. They apply to everyone in every circumstance, scientifically so. The Bible, Jesus, and His authority and work are evidences with overwhelming forensic and historical weight, and are just as valid as any scientific claim.

As such, in light of the fact that these statements are used in the name of fighting hate and upholding hate speech laws, the radical truth elucidated here:


All of the statements above are themselves hate speech crimes.


Thus, the law.

Yes, I too don't want people destroyed by the wicked behavior of others good thing there are hate speech laws. When I say, "Don't mistake me for a marriage pluralist, I'm a marriage upholder, and firmly believe that the endorsement of subjecting a same-sex couple to institutionalized immorality should be prosecuted with the law," I like it when they say "MICROAGGRESSION!" because I can then firmly stand on the truth that someone accusing me of such an act is indeed being just as aggressive with their speech and should be subject to the same hate speech laws.

"You're violating my safety zone!" "Well, you're violating mine" so I eagerly welcome the hate speech police to do its job to prosecute them.

"You didn't issue a trigger warning!" "Well, you didn't issue a trigger warning that my still truthful statement was going to disturb you! If you deal with it, great, accept the truth of things if you want to talk about it, that's fine too. But if you revile me openly by berating me verbally, then you're guilty of violating the law."

Thank goodness for hate speech laws.

The problem is now, in a sense, we're all guilty. But then, that's what the law does. If we were to be convicted for every hateful thought that came through our lips, we'd all be in prison. This is one of the main reason followers of Christ should be enthusiastically celebrating hate speech laws the law is very good...


For condemnation.


Um, then what?


See, that's the key. Without Christ, there is no escape from this body of death. All there is is condemnation all around. With Christ, speech becomes healing, spiritual refreshment, wholeness, salvation, graciousness. Yes, it is quite dogmatic, but I want the truth speech about Christ and His work to rescue sinners from the depths of their stupidity to be as boldly, firmly, loudly, and yes, dogmatically truthful as it can be.

What is that? What exactly is the antidote to hate speech? Yes, it is Christ, the embodiment of that antidote, but in a real what-actually-comes-out-of-our-mouths way, it is readily found it Proverbs. I've thought about scouring the book just to find at least a few examples to put here, but please. I won't needlessly belabor the point. You may read them for yourself, I graciously invite you to do so. There are dozens related to what comes out of our mouths. One I do want to include is this powerful one.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue, those who love it will eat its fruit.
   - Proverbs 18:21


Words are either death or life, evil or good, hate or love. Even the most benign "Take a left at the corner" means something. Words have an impact, they have consequences, right there in peoples' real lives. Acknowledging there's a law governing that is merely accepting the truth about that it's that simple.

How many people actually read Proverbs, regularly, and practice "health speech" if you will? I'm not saying there aren't a lot who do, there are, thank God for them. But a whole lot of people do just hypnotically heed the microphone-holding studio-enveloped broadcasting personality whose words plow through the massive dissemination network.

We can't neglect to call attention to another component in the network, a critical one, one that is mostly unseen and as such frequently disunderstood. The broadcasting personality is not alone.

There is a whole copywriting team behind him. For the most part he's just reading from the script. His handlers are brilliantly educated in what is truly a Jesuit-run university system, and most times the copyreading personalities aren't boorish newscasters but the delightfully charismatic actors and actresses working through the panoply of invigorating film and entertainment.

Thing is, who's providing the substance of that copy to them?

Are you willing to discover the brutal truth about who they are?

Because of their power, I accept that I will never be able to outrun their accusations of hate speech violations against me. Cain and his metamedium minions can never comprehend that I have nothing to do with law enforcement, I'm only about expressions of mercy and hope and forgiveness. Oh I know there is sin all about and the law as the power of that sin to make that meaningful, but "Mercy triumphs over judgment" as it says in the letter of James.

 Cain only knows the law and his favored rent-clamoring patrons, so when I say, "It is evil to brazenly favor sodomous behavior" and sodomists actually get itchy about the force of that statement, I understand it is me who will be prosecuted.

The fascinating thing is that Jesus said as much Himself.

I accept that. I understand it is getting to the point when I'll be dragged before the magistrate for saying truthfully healthy things but will be considered hate crimes for those who haven't a clue about the Kingdom, I understand. At the earliest moment of the wholesale spread of Kingdom truth and grace, Peter referenced a couple of phenomenal truths from the Old Testament.


You shall heed Him.
   - Deuteronomy 18:15, Acts 3:22

The nations are against Him.
   - Psalm 2:2, Acts 4:26


Jesus is Lord, listen to His words. Yet know this: the nations are against Him.

After a severe reprimand from the System's speech police for what they were saying, Peter and John, still considered woefully uneducated men, still expressed full commitment to openly sharing what they saw, heard, and knew.

For those who understand this and believe on Christ, they too are assaulted by the authoritative System personality. These hate speech items are much less addressed, yet just as abundantly allowed to poison the soul:


"It is best to keep yourself in a constant state of rebellion against the ordained potentates - they are your only salvation - even if you must rant and rage and holler at them in some form."

"It is best to consider the Roman Catholic Church a meaningless religious entity featuring nice people in fancy outfits who are only about helping the poor so they can't be bad at all."

"It is best to never insightfully look into the tribute payments you make to any and all System offices - government, bank, church - because if you do you'll be made to look like a fool."


Again, I do understand the best intentions behind such statements. Cain's legacy must labor industriously to keep his operation legitimatized it needs its clientele, its constituency, its debtors and parishioners and rent-gougers. Humanists and religionists alike are harrowingly fearful, and the personality's words come across as assuring and comforting.

But fearful people thrash about in hateful speech.

That's until they meet authentic love.

It's the World and it's the Kingdom.

Don't quite get it? That's okay.

It's all extraordinarily complex and multi-faceted, but it is not unfathomable or incomprehensible that's what the entirety of the webzine is about. And more. The more is the beautiful adventure of understanding and knowing Him, in vibrantly fellowshipping with those who are committed to immersing themselves in that, in breaking all of this down and getting it so we can actually love others.

Are you in?

Will you engage this?

Let's talk.

Let's say things that should be said.

Are you willing? Here's my email.

Let's go.

Because all of this is not just about speaking.

It is about acting.

People want to be around action people. People are desperate to be around people who actually care about them with words that are truth and grace. People want relationships with people who are willing to be honest about truthful things, but wear Christ's love all over them a love that is rich and open and meaningful and powerful and penetrating and giving...


That's the Kingdom in action. And action for the Kingdom is the only thing that matters.


Who else to listen to about how to do that than The Living Word.



If You say "Go" we will go

If You say "Wait" we will wait

If You say "Step out on the water"

And they say it can't be done

We'll fix our eyes on You and we will come

- "If You Say Go" by Diane Thiel




  • One of the most profound ways the most religiously Christianly people fear and share as much hate speech as the next guy is by linking up with Rome, and this page illustrates how that is.

  • Action by an individual to become de-Catholicized involves this, and living among others taking that action looks like this. Action by a worship community involves this. Action by a business or other such organization involves this. All these action items are fully biblical yet almost always summarily dismissed by supposedly devout Christians.

  • The term disunderstood is a deliberate one. It infers the willful refusal to understand something. This page has a bit more about disinformation.

  • So much can be said about the entire sodomy issue. It is pretty much a hate crime now even to refer to LGBT items as sodomy or sodomist. Unfortunately, the World conversation is light years away from the Kingdom conversation. For more on that, there is this page, and this one.

  • [July 30 note] I feel I must add some defition to my term "masculinity-oriented", but that's merely because the concept masculinity has been so abused and destroyed in today's society. It is fine for these purposes, but I do feel a better term might be masculinity-feminity respecting, incorporating not just the idea that a man knows how to be a man as God made him, but that he respects women righteously (not by virtue signalling) and he courageously supports sexual health, boundaries, and morals. A fine treatise on all of this is in Robert Hicks' book The Masculine Journey, and more about this is on my page of favorite books. (Virtue signalling, by the way, is making relatively hyperbolic remarks about things to try to appear intelligent and show how much one should be accepted in a discursive community. It is a form of politically correct expression and particularly prevalent in today's social media environment. Example for this note: "I extremely respect women!" is shared only for appearances.)

  • The Kubrick film, for those unfamiliar with it, is Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. The image above is that of the title character, played by Peter Sellers. [July 23 note:] I'd just watched the end of the film on TCM, and did not remember that the tune played over the closing barrage of nukes was "We'll Meet Again." I note this because it is the same tune Stephen Colbert and his legion of hate speech cohorts sang at the end of The Colbert Report's last show in December 2014. I wrote a bit about it here.

  • Who is "Cain"? Here's an FAQ answer. And here's a page with some information about the copy providers, just to sort of help with your discovery of that truth about who's really pumping our minds, or at least trying to for those who actually do care about filling their souls instead with Christ's words.

  • [July 7 note] Since I uploaded this I've been blogging with some further considerations related to this subject. That series starts here at my blog, Wonderful Matters.

  • For a bit more on the power of one's words, read the third chapter of James. The entire book of Acts is about Jesus' disciples sharing truthful spiritual health speech, and being confronted by the World's speech police officers.

  • Some thoughts on The Way to Share True Health Speech.


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