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January-February 2017

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The devil hath power t' assume a pleasing shape.

- Hamlet, Act II, Scene II

On the morning of Thursday, December 8, 2016, during the half-hour time period of 7:00 am to 7:30 am, radio talk show personality Doug McIntyre and his cohorts engaged in the second most significant conversation ever. The subject was




Now yes, much like Pilate, everyone is asking "What is truth?" It is an important question, and with the exception of all the inane epistemological naval-gazing among the gruesomely erudite, I think we all pretty much have a bead on most of it. Even the most rabid relativist will call the police when he gets socked.

McIntyre et al spoke deeply and sincerely about what a prominent dictionary company named the top new word of the year: post-truth. They'd even broached a related subject: post-facts with McIntyre bringing up one of his favorite and interminably belabored lines from a celebrated politician, "You're entitled to your own opinion but you're not entitled to your own facts."

At one point he conveyed that critically profound example that makes truth something we should really be paying more careful attention to no matter how much the humanist stridently preaches subjectivity regarding anyone who disagrees with him:

"When I drive on a bridge I want it built by a guy not with an opinion but a slide rule! I want him to know physics!"

It was a thoroughly engrossing discussion, and sorry, I don't have a link to it. You may be able to find it at the website of the radio station (KABC in Los Angeles for your edification).

The fact is we're all having this conversation anyway. Even when we're lying, we're giving great credibility to the truth because without it, the lies mean nothing. I've even been given over to the truth that there is actually no such thing as falsehood. Oh yes there are liars, the presence of whom prove the point.

But yeah, now it's the epistemology, yet again I don't think you need to be a certified scholar genius to grasp that there are limits to our knowing, and that yes, there are limits whether or not someone is lying.

Or doing a number of phenomenally sophisticated things to twist the truth to get you to feel, think, believe, or even behave a certain way.

This is why having and holding some trusted security regarding the truthful things we do know is paramount for insightful understanding and staying above the disinformation sewage. What is that security? Better, Who is that security?

The recent mainstream media hysteria over "fake news" is the latest example of this expansively employed sophistry, casuistry, and dissembling. So much has been said about what it is all about, I'm not getting into it here. In fact, this piece by Robert Tracinski over at The Federalist is about as good as any in print, and if you like video, check out Black Pigeon Speaks' insightful expose.

I'd merely like to add a few observations of mine, and of course get at what the first most significant conversation is. That a bit later.

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected US president, a New York Times editorial piece got a lot of attention from variously striped pundits and politicos. In "The End of Identity Liberalism" Columbia professor Mark Lilla wrote about liberals cooling down a bit with what I called in my last home page piece "The Hillary Agenda". Of course with Hillary Clinton now fully dispatched it could be called simply "The Agenda" because it doesn't matter who they prop up as its most politically and culturally visible standard-bearer, it will still plow its way through society.

Lilla was critiqued from several sides, but I'd bet very few objected to the poison pills strategically placed throughout. He urged all Agenda zealots to be more tolerant and conciliatory, and while that sounds good, it is mostly just another compartment in the Trojan horse.

He contaminates his entire treatise a mere few paragraphs in by enthusiastically insisting, essentially, that certain racialist groups have helped us all improve our sensibilities no, the truth is their racist hatred only stirs up bitterness and endangers many more lives. He considers Affirmative Action programs have helped minorities no, the truth is they only generate massive institutionalized condescension and so debilitates minority individuals that their lives are endangered. He added Hollywood is doing great service by getting us to be more respectful of LGBTQ+ things no, the truth is increased acceptance of sexual abuse crimes only breeds more emotional violence and, again, endangers lives.

As much as Agenda indoctrinairians like Mark Lilla urge us to go beyond identity politics, the truth is you can't. No one can. Lilla et al only want everyone to have the identity they want them to have.

Unless you live in a cave, you do identity politics. You have an identity (who you are), and it involves politics (how who you are is cashed out among others). The real question is are you doing that within the realm of the World (the only thing Agenda adherents know) or from the Kingdom (the place where genuine followers of Christ share truth boldly and extend grace abundantly).

Those who think Donald Trump is their valiant foil need a good dose of truth. They're convinced he'll save the conservative's day, that he'll push hard against the Agenda, that he'll bully his way through it now that he's president.

He won't. He will certainly enable it more, give it more enraged impetus if anything and he'll definitely further its reach by obsequiously empowering its Operatives to do their business as they must.

A few weeks after his election he held a "Trump Tech Talk" high above Manhattan in his posh penthouse boardroom, inviting the ten most eminent technology firm executives to lightly converse about things. The photo-op banter didn't go much beyond "Let's all get along and do splendid tech things together awright!" What was most telling was who had Donald Trump's ear, and in any empire you may always identify those with the most influence by noting who sits closest to the potentate. 

In the photograph to Trump's right is the vice-president-elect Mike Pence, someone who claims to be "a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican in that order." Thing is "Christian" to Mike Pence and most of the oblivious World devotees means Roman Catholic, and Pence is a devout life-long practitioner.

To Trump's left is Peter Thiel, an individual who wasn't even among the execs cited as attending but is nonetheless mega-rich and mega-powerful a highly visible and respected investor, activist, and homosexually-minded crusader on the front lines of promoting sodomism. Trump has already promised to be very LGBTQ+ friendly, and evangelical darling Mike Pence is right there to give sexual abuse the church's imprimatur.

Trump will lead the United States with the fully requisite amount of Devout Romanism and Radical Selfism poured into his soul... Hegelian synthesis on steroids. That'll be fun.

Then there's this individual: next to Pence is Sheryl Sandburg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, and what do you know voilà, there's the most virulently invigorating dissemination machine on the planet right now.

And we're right into Facebook's latest craze, providing fake news watchdogs to vet stories for their authenticity. A few squawkers are protesting on free speech or ideological grounds, and they have some good points. But the strongest case regards the System putting all this in place because they must keep a reprobate populace in check. It's their job. Indeed very few are asking this significantly penetrating question: How many "fake news" stories are put out by the Operatives themselves to provoke the opposition they seek to legitimize Caesar's grip?

The most pressing question then is one very few ask, and among the few who do ask it they almost always look in the wrong places for the answer. The question:

The visible puppets there in the boardroom and the deep politics operatives bilging the disinformation -- Where do these people get their world view, one that gets constantly, vibrantly streamed into the mainstream consciousness? From where, or from whom, does that come?

We lose sight of the truth that there have always been "watchdogs" in place to build and maintain our own proficiently robust bullshit detectors, namely schools and churches! But because schools have been completely co-opted by the System and churches have been thoroughly marginalized, the System is now setting up these situations in which we all must trust that they know best how to process truthfulness.

What I see when I look at those schools and churches are three kinds of people who are suffering the most from tremendous intellectual turmoil, and it is getting worse the endgame has always been total control of their hearts by Cain's legacy producing the rank spiritual dissolution that comes with it.

Teenagers, those aged 13-19, the youngest of today's Millennial generation, are woefully ill-equipped to discern truth from error. They are ripe for the most benighted World indoctrination, as it is many of them have already fallen into the sodomists' trap. They are the Agenda's most promising recruits, and have been so for years. Interestingly there are still a few who value sexual health among opposite-sex adults, but they are being muzzled by the viciousness of the rampant sodomist voice. For the most part, however, teenagers everywhere are taught and taught and taught the Agenda's curriculum.

Men are also being hammered. I believe there is a subtle, sophisticated, but very twisted modern-day Lysistrata movement going on, not by all women by any means but more and more women are joining the Agenda zealotry and demanding that men buckle to their ungodly requests that they be more like them. I fully agree that more men must understand what righteousness really is, but they may do that by being the men Christ made them to be. What we need is not more Promise Keepers type stuff which is just miserable Catholicized browbeating, but churches being more virile, abandoning the System, and establishing the Kingdom as Christ's rock to dying World devotees.

Evangelicals themselves are terribly unprepared to respond to the Agenda's evils. They should be challenging sodomism's arguments with articulate truths about its destruction of body and soul, but they don't. They should also be full-on charitable grace in those circumstances, but they aren't because they're too damn Catholicized. They worship in churches beholden to the World with its 501c3 contracts and are subject to either milquetoast messages with no Scriptural substance or they're pounded by do's and don't's that drive congregants into the arms of the World's alternative it sounds so much more sweet and caring!

When will this perfect storm of spiritual corruption reach critical mass? I could provide an illustrative exhibition of events happening right now that are leading to the implosion of civilization: birth rates are consistently down in most industrialized nations, last year drug abuse deaths in the US outnumbered auto deaths, gun related deaths in Chicago during the Obama term as president mostly black-on-black from gang violence have nearly matched the number of deaths in Iraq during the Bush term. And this is not even to touch on the destabilization from widespread sectarian migrant disruption as well as other developments we never see from our tunnel vision mass media.

Honestly, I think there aren't many who can't see the impact of all this, they know the truth. Most just think the reasons are not what they really are.


What is the reality?

That is in the first most significant conversation one could have.

Remember, when Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" he wasn't asking the question because he wanted to know truth. He only wanted to protect his temporal authority. Pilate didn't give a rat's nard about truth, he merely feared Jesus' presumed threat to Rome and his own comfortable place in ruling it. Essentially it was, "What is the real actual truth about this supposed threat to Rome?"

Most everyone is like Pilate.

"I don't care what truth is, just as long as it doesn't threaten my world, truthfully."


Rome is there because God put it there, that's true. It is also true that the US federal government, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Federal Reserve banking system is today all of what Rome was. An integral part of their duties is to authoritatively perpetuate the greatest fake news story of them all: the World System Jesus is the same one as the one written about in the Bible. The System has hundreds of them, and is quite rigorously comprehensive in its use of each one.

Do you know which one is which?

Are you familiar with each one's identity?

And do you know the identity of the Real One?

That is why the first most significant conversation anyone could ever have is the one he or she has with Jesus yes, the One who has Caesar's head under His foot. Oh Caesar is there because Jesus put him there, true, true. But Jesus let Caesar have his way with Him at that one point in history expressly so He could die in your place for your wrongdoing so you could live forever with The One Who Made You And Loves You With His Life.


One glimmer of brightness from that radio talk show conversation of the morning of December 8 was related to a crucial component of living by the Kingdom. In and around all the still very meaningful talk of truth, McIntyre made this remark.

"We should really start looking at things through the eyes of a small child."

Yes, very true.

Jesus even said that, right there in Scripture.

What does that look like, that childlike faith? I can think of no better example than pouring out these words from a modern hymn in worship to your Father:


Let all things rise and bless Your name

All things made right and new again

O Lord our God, Your goodness

Is free and boundless

Is reaching endless through it all


Can you see truth like that?

Can you see it, hear it, revel in it as a small child does?

Can you see, better live the Kingdom with the filthy sepulchers of deceit and dissipation, of pride and power, of sin and the System all around you?


The only way there is by The Word.



Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Anti-Christ is coming, even now many Anti-Christs have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.

- First letter of John, second chapter, 18th verse



  • In the photograph of the meeting at the top of Trump Tower, to the right of Sandberg is Larry Page of another extraordinarily powerful information dissemination company, Alphabet - better known by its web search division name, Google. Sitting to his right is Jeff Bezos of Amazon, another mega-important company gorging the hearts of World inhabitants. (January 11 note: Recently I learned the meeting itself was arranged largely because of Peter Thiel's efforts. This actually adds veracity to the expanse of Thiel's reach from his ivory tower.)

  • Doug McIntyre's remarks were paraphrased but shared with some accuracy, as best as I could remember but close enough to capture the precise meaning.

  • The number of American deaths in Iraq under Bush was about 4,300. The number of Chicago gun deaths under Obama is at about 3,900.

  • Another term I've decided is really the most accurate to use: Sodomism. This is the point of view that sexual immorality must be expressly embraced to the extent that those who refuse or even censure it are demonized or perhaps prosecuted by law enforcement. My last home page piece got into the nature of this hazardous phenomena.

  • It would certainly take volumes to describe the assault on men in today's society. I'd recommend Men on Strike by Helen Smith to get a feel for what's happening. Ironically it is about a sort-of Lysistrata movement among men. Lysistrata, by the way, was the title character from Greek literature who encouraged all wives to refuse sex to their husbands until they stopped their warring. (January 3 2017 note: A mere four days after posting this piece, this news story was published. Easily one of the most demonic developments in the contemptably destablizing "arranging a better society" efforts of The City's academia-media network.)

  • The hymn mentioned at the end of this piece is All Things Rise by Sam Yoder. The passage provided is the chorus.

  • Some thoughts about the culture war between the Radical Selfists and the Devout Romanists are here. A list of many of the Jesuses people worship is here. And how churches become Other Jesus Propagators is here.

  • This home page piece gets more into the institutionalized disinformation, this one the institutionalized deception, and this one the institutionalized seduction.

  • Jesus speaks of living life through the heart of a child at the very end of the eleventh chapter of Matthew, and seeing things through the eyes of a child at the beginning of the 18th chapter of Matthew. Read the entirety of both chapters to grasp the power of forgiveness, understanding, genuinely charitable agape coming out of a sense of sowing sacrificially for the Kingdom.

  • Also often appearing in the New Testament are the words from the sixth chapter of Isaiah: how much people do not want to see, hear, or understand, otherwise God would heal them. Check out the 52nd chapter in Isaiah, there in the very last verse where it mentions this applies even to potentates.

  • Some thoughts on the first most significant conversation anyone could ever have are here.


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