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September-October 2016

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"Friends, why are you doing this? We too are only human, just like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them."

- Paul, in the 14th chapter of Acts



I thought I'd make the showcase feature of this home page piece this terrific video from the Bible Project. I don't have to add much commentary to it, because really, not much needs to be added. The Gospel of the Kingdom is simple, clear, and extraordinarily powerful.

We learn from the fourth chapter of Genesis, however, that through the ages millions have followed Cain right out of God's presence, remaining in a state of abject oblivion regarding this matter. This truth is indeed prominently illustrated at the beginning of the video.

One of the places I see it is in the ever-raging culture war between what Augustine called "City of Man" and the "City of God". To Augustine, man's city was comprised of all the bad people doing bad things, while God's city had all the good wholesome religious people. This simplistic dichotomy is very appealing to Catholicists, because they may rally behind Augustine's call to embrace the Roman Catholic Church as the institution from which one may find refuge and solace in such conflagration.

The truth is the "City of God" is not the Kingdom.

Augustine's city is merely half of Cain's city, a place where those seduced by the World may dwell under the authority of a System established to mitigate the effects of man's human sacrifice practices. The most religious people on the planet reside there to generate rebellious activity against the legitimate duties of the "City of Man's" governing institutions, mostly to spawn justification for the seven-fold response to that rebellion.

I could see no better example of this dynamic today than in a state's proposed legislation which would require Christian college campuses to comply with requirements favoring LGBTQ+ abominations.

The legislation was written by a man whose personal history includes some substantial sexual abuse trauma, and out of the severe woundedness that results he has given full vent to extracting endorsement of those abominations from everyone. Constituents fearfully beholden to System precepts have urged their obsequious representatives in the state legislature to favor it as well.

For a moment I gave thought to making a bold, lucid case for the Kingdom with one of those universities. I actually went so far as to write a letter to the university president when I'd read that he and others had been pleading with interested parties to lobby the state government against the legislation.

That letter is here. I invite you to read it.

I ultimately did not send the letter after I humbly realized that I was spitting into a tidal wave. Yes, I am disappointed in myself for not doing it merely with the understanding that God does do miraculous things. But quite frankly, I don't know anyone who would understand what I share in that letter who would do exactly what I asked in it without wavering. I just don't, and I am extraordinarily sad about it.

Yes, perhaps I gave up too soon, with too much resignation. I own that. But I am still writing here. I am still praying people would be genuine persevering Kingdom-bringers understanding and then acting on these truths whether or not they get them from this webzine effort. And I am always eager to labor industriously with those who do want to do this.

Do I still want [CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT NAME] to read my letter, even if right here in my webzine, and actually do what it asks? Of course! I just don't think he or anyone involved with the university has the faintest idea what I'm saying. Some may, but I believe they've been so hypnotized by the System to believe the cost is too high.

This relates to another critical reason I didn't send the letter. In appealing to a wholly Catholicized university, very Christian-sounding and Christian-well-meaning but still under the thumb of Caesar through his ordained ecclesiastical personnel, I'm doing nothing different than that which the university president is doing.

Him and millions of Catholicists: "Pleeease Caesar don't make us uncomfortable with this pesky law."

Me to the university president: "Pleeease Caesar's servant don't refuse to consider fully abandoning you and your university to Jesus even though you can't fully comprehend who He really is."

So yeah, I'm no different. In a very real way I'm challenging Rome. Shame on me. World inhabitants look at all of us and only see as they very openly say themselves blindly hypocritical, fiercely judgmental, stridently political religionists.

The only way Christ is manifest so that we'd move mountains, like He said we would, is if we get out of these pusillanimous organizations and start new ones with people who actually do what Christ wants us to do. As it is, we have most "Protestant" or "evangelical" church people clueless bopping around in that "City of God" seething and stewing yet smiling a great big smile to convince everyone they are highfalutin do-good Christians, still signing up with The City through 501c3 incorporations and W-4 tax obligations and voter registration commitments that have them selecting their lords every couple years or so.

Isn't Jesus their Lord?

Hmm, I guess you can have a few lords if you keep everything looking nice enough and at least a few don't quite see the double, triple, quadruple-mindedness.

But you see, this is ultimately the critical issue with this.

That legislator who authored that bill?

He does see it.

Millions of others like him do too.

What they need desperately, as do all people who are lost in the LGBTQ+ swamp or any swamp that keeps them in the most horrific spiritual misery what they need are people outside The City who stretch out their hands and hold out


His mercy.

His grace.

His forgiveness.

His healing.

His wholeness.

His righteousness.

His salvation.


It doesn't come from the "City of God".

When will people get that?

I know, a bit of resignation, forgive me Lord.

But then I don't think I feel any differently than the Psalmist did.


"Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?"





  • The lead quote above is the 15th verse in that chapter. It follows an incident in which people interested in Paul's words were thinking him and his cohorts to be Roman gods and performing Roman sacrificial rituals. The last verse in the piece is from the 94th Psalm.

  • A home page piece about the idiocy of labeling to stigmatize people who truthfully consider LGBTQ+ demands to be wholly unacceptable is here. Another home page piece about the pathetically ineffective use of "religious liberty" to rationalize those objections is here. One that speaks about the ways people feel about the church is here.

  • While there are several biblically and theologically sound precepts in Augustine's The City of God, the emphasis here is how the culture war is waged. More about those distinctions is in this page.

  • Many of the most evangelically minded churches and colleges in the U.S. are beholden to Rome no matter how loving and caring they try to appear, and this page explains how that is. A page with a sketch of today's human sacrifice practices is here. Have a few fearfully held contracts with Caesar? They're listed here, and the difference between being "in the World" and "of the World" is here.

  • For those who see this assessment as far too cynical, far too dismissive of the faith of many Christians and the fine charitable things they do, I have a response to that. It is here. It is among other common objections addressed - I invite you to peruse them all.

  • This is a brief description of who is so successfully influencing followers of Christ today to be afraid of abjuring themselves from the World System.

  • Some thoughts on Who Jesus Actually Is.

  • (October 16 2016 news item: On October 3, Superior General Adolfo Nicolas stepped down from his position as head of the Jesuit Order. On October 14, Arturo Sosa Abascal was named his replacement.)



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