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November-December 2016

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You formerly walked according to the course of the this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience.

- from the second chapter of the letter to the budding church in Ephesus


I got guns in my head and they won't go / Spirits in my head and they won't go

- words from a popular and now quite common anthem of disaffection among millennials

The 2016 presidential election is just days away, this home page piece posted on October 29th with the election November 8th. Should a reader come across this at some time in the next couple months we'll already know who Americans have made president.

A brief article appeared in the New York Times yesterday revealing precisely what the powers-that-be want us to believe about who that should be. Timothy Egan made one last, final, desperate attempt to convince us that if you vote for Donald Trump you are a racist, sexist, xenophobic Klansman-type individual. It was all there, you can read it. Indeed it was nothing different than what the Times and all its subdivisions the major television networks and journalistic organizations have been told they're supposed to tell us for months and months now.

At the first presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, there was outside in the hall a placard informing attendees that counseling experts would share with them some encouragement should they be triggered you know, forced to get unduly emotional if they felt offended in some way you know, because Donald Trump is such a racist sexist greedy bastard he is very likely to do offend you.

I thought, huh, what if I felt triggered by what Hillary says?

I wonder if the conversation might go something like this.


Me: I felt very offended by what Hillary Clinton said tonight. May I have some counseling?

Them: Umm, and what did she say?

Me: She called me a sexist.

Them: Ahem, um, how exactly did she do that?

Me: It is because I support what Donald Trump says he wants to do regarding the full protection of unborn children, and Clinton thinks that's being sexist.

Them: Well, it is really about protecting women's reproductive health rights, and if someone isn't for that if he isn't for women in that regard then that person is certainly a sexist.

Me: Excuse me, but calling me that makes me emotionally distraught, and you didn't give me a trigger warning. How are you expected to counsel me against the very thing you are doing to me?

Them: I'm confused.


I'd venture to say if the "counselor" is honest in sharing what he or she truly believes, the exchange would probably not be much different than this. The point is all the talk of protecting people with trigger warnings and safe zones and speech protections and all the politically correct blather only goes one way.

Please know that I have no illusions about what Donald Trump will do to stop abortions it will be absolutely nothing. The point is those horrifically mystified as to why evangelicals can support Trump when he's such a brutish lout simply cannot understand that Trump represents the potentiality of some temporal power to push against what I will for these purposes call the Hillary Clinton agenda.

This agenda is hellbent on making sure something like abortion is made available at any cost, because those who revere it believe it is about women's rights protections and couch it in that language. The problem is that half the babies aborted are females, so are they truly doing what they say they'll do on behalf of all women? It goes without saying the other half are males, so is not this agenda a sexist one if women insist on murdering their unborn male children?

What about the men who get abortion-minded women pregnant? Because of the radical feminist track that runs through much of society today, men have been absolved of their responsibilities in this area, and as such is it not just as sexist to refuse to hold them accountable? To be honest, Donald Trump himself does not appear to be someone who would do much about that either.

Funny, those children. They have no safe zone, do they? Imagine, a mother's womb is one of the most hazardous places for someone to speak freely about their desire to live. Seems to me they have a pretty good case against the flourishing intolerance expressed against them. I'd say one could be considered "triggered" when attacked with a dose of acid and a pair of forceps.


Evangelicals are livid about dozens of items populating the Hillary agenda, and they are legitimately concerned about their safe zone.

If someone censures a person of color for something completely unrelated to their skin color he or she is still called a racist. Don't think this is hazardous? Just look at hate crimes laws more and more of them are being put in the books for more and more behaviors officially labeled "racist".

If someone watches the value of their productive labor unduly or excessively confiscated to support a massive influx of those who will destroy their communities and livelihoods the very things that generate the capital investment and charitable support for those where they are he or she is told they are a xenophobe.

If someone respects the truth that wealth redistribution at the point of a gun merely eviscerates the incentive for anyone to labor to produce the wealth so there is indeed enough for the most disadvantaged in society, he or she is told they are a greedy bastard.

If someone asserts that Darwinian descent through modification is a fantasy merely because it has been proven scientifically to be false (confirmed by hundreds of reputable Ph.D.'s bold enough to see the truth) thus demolishing the materialist world view that still thrives and drives much of the godless activity that devastates family, community, even nation, he or she is told they are a dangerous ignoramus.

If someone insists that sexual activity outside the marriage relationship between a mature adult man and a mature adult woman destroys the lives, bodies, and souls of those engaging in it (along with a quite few people around them), he or she is called a bigoted, homophobic, backwoods bucktoothed Neanderthal.

If someone firmly objects to rescuing people from the continuing rotten choices they make because they'd rather graciously teach them righteousness, and perhaps even the One from whom it comes, he or she is told they're cold and heartless when they refuse to join the Hillary Clinton fire brigade (and contribute a good portion of his/her income for the "privilege").


People in this country who respect righteousness, truthfulness, authentic justice, and plain common sense behavior are very nervous that they are going to prosecuted in some way for the crappy things other people do because the nation's mandarins consider those nervous "someones" didn't do enough to stop it.

 All of this nonsense is powered by a philosophy that breeds and thrives in the hearts and minds of devout humanists: postmodernism. It was born in the Jesuit-powered university where even its own scholars acknowledge its logical incoherence but still gleefully watch it produce a bountiful harvest.

Postmodernism is the idea that each of us have our tribes, and the most powerful ones (usually those occupied by older white males) use claims of truth to oppress everyone else. Thus no truth claim is valid all such assertions of truth are merely billy clubs used to pound others and must always be summarily dismissed. There are only "interpretive communities", places where you are hypnotically inculcated with "truths" that help you survive and as such, must be embraced by all other tribes unless they are implicitly oppressive, as most Eurocentric hegemonies dominated by white males have been.

The patent silliness of this idea can be seen in the answer to the questions, Which tribe has the truth that makes this world view claim valid? Why should this particular tribe (precisely the academia and media nexus) hold the cherished "metanarrative" that supersedes all the other ones and on what basis? And isn't that, according to this precept, merely a power ploy to oppress those who disagree with them, particularly when in their view nothing can be truthful?

You even see this incoherence in a proud claim from Hillary Clinton herself. She expressly extols the notion that the white power structure has an "implicit bias" and is responsible for "systemic racism" and that she is the one to fix it. How can that be when she herself is a white individual and a prominent member of the reigning hegemony? Either there really isn't this wonky-qualified racism she speaks of, or if there is then she isn't qualified by her own definition to address it. It cannot sustain itself logically, it commits suicide as a fine apologist once put it.

The reality is postmodernism is simply the predominant excuse for people to practice godlessness across the board. If Darwinism, as renowned atheist Richard Dawkins once said, makes it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, postmodernism makes it possible for an atheist to browbeat others with the proud boast that you shouldn't browbeat others.


This philosophy has been fully institutionalized, and while I'd say most don't even know what it is, they do know what its effects are. Look around. The heaping slough of racism, sexism, xenophobia and all the deceit, destruction, and death that results isn't there for any reason than it willfully festers in the hearts of evil people and because it is such low-hanging fruit the mandarins feed and nourish it then smile and spew how splendid they are at addressing it.

That's how Cain works. It is all about making things so abjectly wretched that people without God will actively rebel against the ordained potentates. It is proficiently accomplished by deep background World operatives legitimizing Caesar's work, and what is so heartbreaking is that so many Christians are in the mix of this rebellion.

Hey! It's a political reality show! Full of all the sneering and screeching and throwing of folding chairs at each other! In real reality! Why can't we be a part of it! I mean, if Hillary wins, we can all have a real-live revolution! Throw in the pitchforks, shotguns, and torches! Woo-hoo!

It is so enticing, it really is. This is why many Christians are what I've called Catholicists. Even if they dwell in the most evangelical sounding churches and worship communities, if they vote and campaign and rant and holler about the temporal political things that are merely Cain's duly authorized political activities, they are simply doing what Rome's System operatives want them to do.

The glories of the real, true, bountiful Kingdom of God cannot come through Caesar. As much as Donald Trump appears to be a savior for those who do desperately want to push against the Hillary agenda, he will do none of what you think he will do.

Please, it will be perfectly fine if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Yes she is gargantuously corrupt. Yes she is a complete lightweight with scant leadership ability. Yes she will do despicable things as Caesar's top executive of U.S. governance. The truth is even if shortly Clinton is forced to drop out in favor of someone like Elizabeth Warren or later gets impeached or something happens that takes Hillary out of the equation, the Hillary agenda will still be driven with break-neck force by its obsessive handlers.

The agenda's legion of Hillary voters and System rent-coveters are so seduced by the humanist materialist dogma that they will fight tooth and nail to protect it because they feel so threatened by the Catholicist version of churchianity that to them represents the worst of judgmentalism, hypocrisy, and mean-spiritedness. Never mind that they are just as much all over these things themselves, especially when their devotion to the Hillary agenda explicitly involves more of a commitment to "re-educate" those foolish religious folk.

The culture war now raging bigger and brighter and bolder, and it is so because it is made to be that way. The key is that from those things perhaps people would see how plainly harrowing it all is and seek out the only One who can save them.

What if you actually did come to Christ as He is? As the One who'd like to make His home your heart? Allow Him to bring healing and wholeness into your life? Allow Him to give you a life full of mercy, forgiveness, and peace? How about that?

Thing is, in this politically venomous environment, what will happen to you when you do share the Kingdom with grace and truth? When you do confess that you're a sinner saved by grace and want others to know that racism and racialism, sexism and sexualism, and any other sin may be taken out completely but only by Christ? What will happen when you extend His gentle hand to others with a glowing countenance and a joyful heart?

Jesus said people would drag you away and flog you. That they'd kill you and say they're doing it for their god. That they'd hate you simply because they hate Him. Ouch, sounds harsh.

But you'd rapturously abide in Him and abundantly dwell in the Kingdom.

Right now you're already being viciously marginalized, with the most extreme prejudice. If you believe Clinton and Trump are really going to save you, you're being played you can always see one of the most visible demonstrations of that at the Alfred E. Smith dinner held every year where the candidates for president yuck it up with the institutional celebrities who do Cain's ecclesiastical work. To them you're just a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nut accompanied by the commensurate uproarious laughter all around.

At least some people are happy.

I wonder about the truly marginalized, like the unborn child in an abortion clinic.


I'd like to close simply be referring you to a nice piece from a fine web endeavor, The Federalist. I don't agree with everything they write, and they are still infected by some Catholicist thinking it is rare to find anything that isn't but it is still one of the most sincere, thoughtful, articulate webzines I've found. I opened this home page piece with a reference to a frightening piece from a New York Times about how your devotion to Cain must involve doing what the writer (and his huge cohort of handlers) say or else.

This piece by Gracy Olmstead is a wonderfully lucid case for understanding about what happens when we give too much of our devotion to Caesar. Again, it isn't about remonstrating against Cain he does his job as he must. It is merely about making your devotion to God, truly, richly, fully and understanding that whatever happens in any given election will not matter if there are a good number of followers of Christ being Him to others.

I encourage you to read it, and my prayer is that these home page words and Olmstead's words will provide some measure of intellectual comfort and spiritual strength for you over the next several months.




Postscript November 11 2016: Since we now know who won the presidential election I should make note of it Donald Trump upset media-darling Hillary Clinton by taking the "blue wall" in the Great Lakes states, and by enjoying enough of "Middle America" mobilized to give the Hillary agenda the collective middle finger, for all the reasons listed above.

Once again, however, the culture war still rages as long as anyone tries to violently engage Cain's legacy. It is what it is, it does what it does Trump will immerse himself in its purposes no less zealously than a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama has.

The only way out is to abjure this realm, enter the Kingdom by the shed blood of the lamb, and find the authentic contentment every human was created to enjoy.







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